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My Ultimate Abundance Attract More Love Wealth & Success Review

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Sun In The Seventh House

This is a very political placement you are able to attract the support of other people. You may have an inheritance, a legacy, or perhaps you manage other people's money. You are very creative, and sex is important to you. Intent on self-improvement, you can be interested in occult fields and in issues of life after death. You might have difficulties in your early life, linked somehow to your father. With challenging aspects, you could have financial trouble either through

Cerebral of Two Minds Inquisitive

Her restless mental state often leads to insecurity, for she doubts that anything can be known for certain. There are so many variables and possibilities that can color what is so. The Gemini Woman constantiy seeks self-improvement. She will sign up for night classes, start working on her real-estate license, or buy a set of self-help cassettes in short, she is open to anything she thinks will improve her lot, sharpen her intellect, or bring in more money (a constant problem). She is an intellectual creature and is fascinated by puzzles, word games, anything written by Dorothy Parker. If she must sit still mentally, she is likely to explode emotionally.

Capricorn and careers

A sense of continuity is something that is appreciated by this zodiac group. If the experiences and qualifications gained at university can be put to good use from the outset of the career, it will make good sense to young Capricorns on the brink of their life in the adult world. They have a driving ambition, but lack of self-confidence often seriously hampers fulfilment, and so getting to the top remains a far-off dream for many. Self-belief comes hard, and in extreme cases personal development courses will be of great benefit.

Virgo the Virgin August 23September

The mind of a Virgo is a wondrous thing. Thanks to Mercury, the planet named after the quick-witted god of communication, you're observant, insightful, capable, and articulate. You're also discriminating and critical, especially of yourself. Constantly in search of self-improvement, you consider yourself a work in progress.

The Sun O in the Eighth House

People with an eighth-house Sun constantly seek self-improvement, or regeneration, and they do so by applying their willpower. Because these people are both intensely interested in deep mysteries and magnetic, they can often attract the support of others to their causes. This placement also can indicate an inheritance, or the managing of other people's money, and, while there may have been early life difficulties, there may be late fame or

Virgins and Their Money

Mutable Virgo is concerned with service and self-improvement. The signs of spring and summer represent personal development, and with the start of fall, we move into the signs of external development Libra 7, the seeker of harmony Scorpio 8, the transformer and Sagittarius 9, the explorer.

The Authors

In order to make a better use of this book, the readers are suggested to study the subject along with another publication namely .-1 Study in Astrological Occultism by one of us. which opens the subject to cosmic perspective while indicating various suggestions to make the entire subject extremely personal specially in order to use astrological knowledge for self improvement.

The Ninth House

The cadent fire house, the ninth, represents LEARNING on the level of IDENTITY in other words, learning who one really is. From this essential principle flow all the religious and philosophical attitudes, travels, searchings, and activities with which this house is usually associated. People with an emphasis on this house are drawn to activities which widen their horizons of self-awareness, enlarge the scope of their understanding, and help them to gain a perspective on human nature and the broadest possible overview of the universe. Those with a strong ninth house need a sense of personal development and a feeling of space and vast possibilities.

The Art Of Allowing And Surrender

The Art Of Allowing And Surrender

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