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Law Of Attraction For Kids

Winsome Coutts, a mother of two and a grandmother, has a teacher's certification in education and she has taught several schools in Australia and Canada. She has also written hundreds of articles concerning self-development. Winsome has a passion for the Law of attraction, meditation, Self-help of Personal development, goal setting, and the secret movie. She decided to engage in the pursuit of knowledge in the mentioned areas throughout her life. Winsome has considerable experience raising children following her studies in Child psychology at University, and as a past teacher, a parent, and a grandparent. She knows that when children learn how to plan for their future and how to achieve their goals, they have a skill that will last them a lifetime. Winsome personally studied with two popular teachers, John Demartini and Bob Proctor and both are featured in The Secret' movie. For several decades since the early 90s, she has been goal setting for kids, visualizing, and applying the law of attraction. The law of attraction for kids is the first book ever to describe the law of attraction and the term goal setting. The language employed is simple for your children to understand and it will answer any question about the life-changing topics in a more detailed parent's guide. Read more...

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Highly Recommended

The author has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

The Practical Value Of Astrology

To the medical man Astrology is invaluable in diagnosing diseases and prescribing a remedy, for it reveals the hidden cause of all ailments. If you are a parent the horoscope will aid you to detect the evil latent in your child and teach you how to apply the ounce of prevention. It will show you the good points also, that you may make the better man or woman of the soul entrusted to your care. It will reveal systemic weakness and enable you to guard the health of your child it will show what talents are there, and how the life may be lived to a maximum of usefulness. Therefore, the message of the marching orbs is most important, and as we have shown the great danger of giving birth data to anyone else, there remains only one course To study the science yourself.

Your Own Horoscope

The horoscope of one-self is most important, since it affords a checking medium, as none other. The slightest ill-feelings can be traced therein. Sometimes a person may not feel quite up to date one day, though n.ot sufficiently unwell to mention the fact even to wife or parents. But, the horoscope will usually show such a temporary weak condition. It will indicate at the same time that the weakness will flow off in a few days and all will be well once more. Horoscopes of family members are next in importance. They should be worked up and followed conscientiously., checking how they compare, how the aspects therein operate. Notes should be joined to each aspect, defining its effect as soon as something definite happened. Later on I shall show on hand of a Table how to arrange a daily horoscopicil calendar for a person, allowing sufficient space to make notations for each aspect. After three or four years have rolled by, you will have gacheced enough material for interpretation of...

Moon In The Fifth House

Your emotions are strong, whether you are expressing love for others or a desire for children. You are romantic and inclined to have many affairs in your constant search for pleasure, unless there are many planets in fixed signs in your chart. You have a great deal of charm and poetic imagination. Your creativity will surface according to the sign the Moon is in and the aspects the Moon makes. This placement promises a fruitful marriage. You are a good parent but are apt to bind your children to you. The Moon here can indicate early success, and it suggests a career in teaching, sports or the theater. Your, luck in speculation is subject to fluctuation. Filmmaker Federico Fellini, pediatrician Benjamin Spock, evangelist Billy Graham, Juan Carlos I of Spain.

Mercury In The Fourth House

You are determined, your memory is retentive, and your thinking is economical. Proud of your family and interested in your ancestry, you love antiques and might be a book, stamp or coin collector. Your parents were probably educated and cultured. This is a good position for real estate, agriculture, ecology, archeology, geology and other professions related to the earth. It is possible that you will work out of your home. You might change residence often, or there may be a lot of activity in your home. Perhaps a relative will live with you. With challenging aspects, you are easily irritated and quite high-strung.

Virgo in permanent relationships

Parenthood will be undertaken with careful timing and much study, and while the Virgo parent will be extremely eager to encourage their child to read and develop a good vocabulary, warm affection and cuddling is important too, and special care really is necessary to see that on all occasions praise is given, and that criticism is kept to a minimum.

The Part Of Fortune And Its Effects

The Part of Fortune shows the quality of life, the amount of inheritance, and the course of good and bad fortune. Also love and the affection of men toward women, the effects of child-care, and all desires. It shows the fatherland in an easy way. Abram called it the Place of the Moon.

Pluto in the Fourth House

With a fourth-house Pluto, your soul is learning how to create internal emotional security without the need for others. You may have had emotional shocks early in your family life that forced you to learn the value of internal security or many experiences in which your emotional needs were not met. Your evolutionary intent is to learn to become responsible for your own well-being, develop your own authority or individuality, find the right career or work, and become emotionally mature. Once you do this, you can help others understand their emotional needs and blockages. Fourth-house Pluto people can be emotionally manipulative and even vindictive if they feel they've been wounded, but they also can be sympathetic and nurturing, as well as intensely loyal to those they care about.

Mars In The Third House keyword impatient

You are impulsive, argumentative, restless and forthright. Quick at repartee, you are a strong family defender. Proper thinking is very important to you. You are both curious and aggressive you may come on too strong and be tactless, impatient or too critical of others. You have an abundance of good ideas but are often inattentive to details because you are so active, nervous and restless. If Mars is in aspect to Uranus, you will be inventive. With difficult aspects, you may be an only child, or perhaps you have tremendous ups and downs in early life.

Mars In The Fifth House

You are athletic, impulsive and fickle. You love to compete but are a bad loser. You work well with children and can be an excellent disciplinarian. Sociable and a born promoter, you may tend to be self-indulgent and at times foolhardy. You are very sexual, romantic and idealistic. With challenging aspects, you should not gamble and must be very cautious in any speculative dealings. Your children could cause you some unhappiness, but this is usually a good house for Mars. Actress Hedy Lamarr, writer Pearl Buck, Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, actor Hal Holbrook.

2 S Jupiter In Cancer

Your grace, sympathy and poise indicate your ability for public relations. Because you enjoy contact with all sorts of people, you can also excel in sales work. Jupiter in Cancer indicates a good family background and a deep love of children you tend to establish a secure home and share it with friends and relatives. Take care not to become too sentimental or too involved with your family you also must watch a tendency to overeat. You handle money well, and you can profit from real estate.

Jupiter In The Fifth House

You have a love of grandeur and do things in a big way. Sports, children, creative activities and romance are only some of your varied interests. You are lucky in speculation and gambling, particularly if Jupiter is well-aspected. This placement can indicate a large family your children will be successful and beneficial to you. It is a good position for teaching, publishing and entertainment. When misused, you can be too daring, reckless and overly sensuous. Nazi leader Hermann Goering, philosopher Isaac Newton, aviator Amelia Earhart, singer Edith Piaf.

H Ee Saturn In Cancer

Inhibited in your show of love and emotions, you may feel isolated and shy. Your early family life could have lacked tenderness or been somehow troublesome perhaps this has left you scarred. In spite of this, you are clannish and feel responsible toward your family. In order to preserve an aura of dignity, you hide your inner thoughts and feelings. Although you cry a lot, you cry in private all people see is your melancholy. Although you need approval and love, your home life is often unstable. Your feelings are easily hurt, yet you lack understanding of others as much as you would like to help others, you often fail. To achieve material goals, you can be very shrewd and able. You are subject to nervous strain and should guard against gaining weight because of water retention. Challenging aspects can produce hypersensitivity, withdrawal from close involvements and a defensive attitude. Artist Marc Chagall, playwright William Shakespeare, General George Pat ton, actress Mia Farrow,...

Saturn In The Fourth House

Anxious about old age, you have many responsibilities in your home this could even include taking care of elderly relatives. There is a possibility of the early loss of a parent or difficulties with one of them. You are very attached to your family, and may cling too much to the past. Although you seem independent, you are afraid of leaving your parents yet you will be much happier once you are away from your place of birth. You feel inadequate and insecure, but these feelings make you try doubly hard at anything you do this can lead to great achievements. You take great pride in your family ancestry, love antiques and are successful in dealing with land or real estate. Poor aspects can lead to digestive problems due to excessive worry and emotionalism. A good spiritual attitude can help you overcome many of these restricting feelings. Actress Judy Garland, physicist Albert Einstein, writer Ernest Hemingway, singer Peggy Lee.

Conformist Glamorizes the Past and Tradition

She is highly appreciative of family values and is usually more knowledgeable about the family tree than are her parents. She may try to inculcate old-fashioned manners and morals in her baby brothers and sisters. She has been known to get heavy-handed and to invoke her right of seniority, in which she firmly believes.

Uranus In The Fourth House

You may experience changes in residence and ups and downs in your home life. Perhaps your mother was quite original, or maybe one of your parents misunderstood you. Anyway, your background is unusual you may have been separated from your family at an early age, or lived under unusual circumstances. Unless Uranus is in a fixed sign, you don't like a settled life for yourself, and you prefer to change jobs, homes and partners frequently yet you also fear being alone. In your later years, you may become interested in astrology and the occult.

Neptune In The Fifth House keyword creative

Romantic, speculative and rich in creative potential, you tend to over-dramatize situations and over-idealize your loved ones. This is a great position for actors, musicians and painters. Your approach to life is youthful, even childlike, and romances or affairs are important to you. You may love someone who is not free. With difficult aspects you may make sacrifices for your children or may experience an unwanted pregnancy and give a child up for adoption or have an abortion. Because you do not see your children clearly, it is easy for them to take advantage of you.

Mars through the zodiac

To all spheres of life, especially the career and parenthood. Sensuality and caring qualities will be very much part of these individuals' attitude towards their partners, but a tendency to create a somewhat claustrophobic atmosphere can have a negative effect. It is important that encouragement is given to get them to talk through their problems.

Venus In The Fifth House

Your love affairs should be happy, your speculations should be successful, and your children will bring you contentment. Artistic and creative, you have a natural flair for acting and writing and can also excel in sports. The opposite sex finds you very attractive, so you will probably have many love affairs. This is a good placement for work with children and

Uranus In The Fifth House

Romantic and attracted to the unusual, you will have many strange love affairs. Although you are fond of speculation and gambling, this is not the best placement for these activities. Your children may be unusual, you may have an illegitimate child or give a child up for adoption. Your excellent physical coordination is good for sports, and you are also very creative. You can be reckless, even foolhardy and may flaunt convention and disdain anything trite and ordinary. You always want to be the chief, never the indian.

Understanding Conflicting Parts of Ourselves through the Birth Chart

The other person with Mars square Neptune may have been brought up in a terribly competitive and even combative home (an effect of Mars) where family members ridiculed compassion and spirituality (traits related to Neptune). Such an individual may resolve the conflict by making a religion of patriotism, racism, or some other militant Ism. (Isms of various ilks can be laid at the doorstep of Neptune or Uranus.)

Using Pluto WellA Rebirth is Possible

Many astrology books and magazines define the houses according to external circumstances. For instance, they might say that the second house shows how you will fare in money matters, the fifth your children, the seventh your marriage partner, and so on. These descriptions sound as though everything in your life is determined by something outside your control Fate, people in authority, the economy, or heredity. If you have Jupiter in the second, they might assure you that luck will just keep coming your way in money matters, leaving the impression that you need only sit back and wait for it.

The Moon in the Eleventh House

The Moon in the Eleventh House is emotionally intuitive when it comes to people, and its charm can attract many admirers. These people may use their home for group meetings or activities, and often join up with a variety of causes, which may change over time. These are primarily people who need to develop their goals and future through a constantly growing and changing social sphere. There is also an emotional need for friendships or an association with others. These people may have many female friends and associates, or they may meet other people primarily through their family members.

Moon Uranus Interchanges

A very interesting study could be based on these aspects, especially the challenging ones, with regard to the person's attitudes and emotions about parents and parenting. I have seen numerous people who have Moon conjunct or opposite Pluto who have a compulsion to mother people, but yet feel turmoil about it and often a deep fear of parenthood. In some cases, there has been a complete rejection of parenthood as an option (in both men and women), even when the person was comfortably married. There is sometimes a compulsive need for security but also a profound fear of dependency and loss. Sometimes there is a feeling of rejection by a parent (usually the mother) very early in life.

Chinese Love Signs Karmic Connections

From these examples, and countless others, it is evident that physical appearance, professional aspirations, and social circumstances are not responsible for the surprising attraction that exists between certain souls. This attraction is not based on sexuality alone. These deep and unseen connections underlie close family members, best friends, special bonds with specific pets, as well as love and sexual relationships. They are spiritual rendezvous, if you will, between kindred and familiar souls.

Saturn In The Tenth House

You like, need and accept responsibility. Ambitious, demanding respect and determined to succeed, you have excellent business ability. You are also self-reliant, organized and persevering. Perhaps you lack a father image in your life, or maybe you had problems with one of your parents. You feel responsible toward your family and take on obligations unflinchingly. With difficult aspects, you may be arrogant and ruthless in achieving your aims. You may even suffer from a napoleonic complex or lose your position through scandal. Dictator Adolf Hitler, artist Pablo Picasso, actor Sir Lawrence Olivier, TV personality Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Libra in permanent relationships

Perhaps the most central decision for couples is whether and when they want to start a family. Librans are more than likely to say We needn't decide right now - let's wait and see - we'll cope when and if. All well and good, but it must be remembered that a Libran who has a child without feeling a strong need for one is likely to find parenthood an irksome and stressful business. when their desire for children is strong, Librans make good parents - though they tend to spoil their children in order

Cancer in permanent relationships

But of course reality kicks in, and it may well be that the Cancerian will be caring for an extended family, whose members come and go as they please, in freedom and independence. If this is a probability they should give extremely careful thought to the situation, for there is potential for a considerable build up of stress and worry, which will not be conducive to the serene family life of their dreams. If Cancerians have children of their own to add to the extended family, it seems unlikely that quite as much love and attention will be given to them as to the original family members jealousy and resentment could soon begin to boil up.

Gemini in permanent relationships

Geminians find the challenge of parenthood exciting. They must be prepared for a certain amount of boredom during the early years, when their toddler's conversation is limited. However, once the children grow up and begin to respond adequately, they will always stimulate them and keep them busy. Most importantly, Gemini parents will always answer their children's questions to the best of their abilities. Moreover, they will even encourage them to refer to books or the Internet if they themselves are unable to come up with the answer.

Compassionate Humanistic Nurturing

She nurtures her children overprotectively, supports her husband (whether he is the first, second, or third) wholeheartedly, and never forgets a needy neighbor or friend. The Piscean is nutrition-conscious she is not physically robust naturally, but she works at it and in addition is concerned with raising healthy children.

D nf Moon In Scorpio

Since you are so jealous, proud and possessive, this position of the Moon doesn't promise a harmonious marriage. The wish to dominate is often reflected in your relationship with your children it can be the result of a parent's domination or of your over-idealization of a parent, usually the mother. With this lunar placement, a mother can be overly possessive, and she may have trouble freeing a child, especially if male.

Ha Saturn In Leo

You have a tremendous drive for personal recognition and control and seek leadership at all costs. You require attention and respect from others, and you are stubborn. As a parent you will be a strict disciplinarian. You should develop better attitudes in dealing with love, romance, children and matters of creative expression. At times, you may lack humor, but you have mental vitality and excellent ability for fields such as education, management and entertainment. Sometimes you are so cautious and reserved that you forget to enjoy life, especially if the aspects to Saturn are difficult. This could lead to disappointments in your love life, problems with your children, losses through speculation or back problems. Dictator Adolf Hitler, actor Charlie Chaplin, Prime Minister Indira Gandi, pianist Liberace, musician Greg Allman.

S Uranus In Cancer

You seek your freedom by adoptihg a different attitude toward home and marriage. You acept your parents as peers rather than authority figures, or you may disregard them totally. You may not like the lifestyle your family has established and feel more at home in communal living or you could go on a back-to-nature kick. If you do choose a traditional home, you will fill it with gadgets and electronic items, or you may do most of the building with your own hands. You love to travel and roam and you have a different concept of what patriotism means. Sensitive and intutive, you are able to accept the metaphysical and occult. Challenging aspects may bring emotional ups and downs your feelings may be erratic, and your temperament irrational. Uranus was last in Cancer from 1949 to 1956, and previously from 1865 to 1872. Writer Andre Gide, heiress revolutionary Patty Hearst, would-be assassin Arthur Bremer, tennis player Chris Evert, rock star Peter Frampton.

A Neptune In Leo

If you were born during this transit, your basic inclinations are romantic, idealistic and artistic. You have an aptitude for entertainment, a flair for the dramatic, a tendency to exaggerate and a willingness to try anything once. Speculation is right up your alley. You idealize love and enjoy courtship you desire power but don't like to accept authority. If Neptune is afflicted, you could be dictatorial, subversive, and extravagant in your pursuit of pleasure. You could suffer through love affairs or your children.


Demeter, asteroid 1,108 (the 1,108th asteroid to be discovered, on May 31, 1929), is approximately 21 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 3.8 years. Demeter, whom the Romans equated with Ceres, was one of the 12 great Olympian deities of the Greek pantheon. She was the goddess of agriculture and the guardian of the institution of marriage. Jacob Schwartz gives the astrological significance of this asteroid as fertility, mother-child relationships and agriculture. According to


On the other hand, if the answer is no, an investigation should be launched into the charts of close family members to see which one may fall ill. All that is normally done to determine the potential illness of a member is to use the 90-degree dial and progress the planets via solar arc. A progressed medical planet conjuncting a natal planet will normally point to the target. As to the question of whether or not the illness will strike a man or woman, Saturn and Kronos might indicate a man and the Moon or Venus, a woman.

Expressing Anger

If a construction worker whistles at you, you can get angry, or you can smile. If your mother tells you you don't raise your kids right, you can get angry, you can try to meet her for lunch and explain your point of view, or you can detach yourself from her perspective. Any time you can control your reaction, you are in charge.


December 30, 1977 ' 'There are two reasons that I am especially glad that I had Todd's chart done at the same time of the physical. First, as a good mother it is easy to feel guilt when your child has a physical problem. Knowing that, somehow, these problems are influenced by the planets relieves me of the feeling of responsibility. Next, it helped me evaluate the prescribed treatment. This doctor prescribed two hormones. I have omitted these All other nutrients are being taken. I have added a little of some of the allergic foods as a matter of necessity. He has to eat something

The Houses

I Mercury in the fourth house Strongly influenced by your parents, you turn your home into a center of activity and intellectual stimulation. You may even work at home. Your family heritage is probably complicated in one way or another, and you must eventually deal with its repercussions head-on. At your worst, you can be narrow-minded and priggish. At your best, you're tuned in and acutely aware. i Mercury in the fifth house A fun-loving person with a variety of interests, you're a creative thinker with a weakness for speculation and a romantic history worth writing about. In love, you look for someone who gets you going mentally. As a parent, you derive enormous pleasure from your children (and you talk about them endlessly).

Leo as ascendant

Because they have special powers from the Sun - the source of creation -there is an element of creativity in this zodiac type. This does not mean that they are all actors or performers (although an element of ''performing'' does show up somewhere along the line). Their creativity is expressed in a great many ways - from a clever use of colour in a simple flower arrangement, right up to the practice of the fine arts. Many Leos will express their creativity in the joy of parenthood.

Pluto Ascend ant

Inherent genetic disorders may occur with a conjunction between Pluto and the Ascendant, or a person may tend to inherit the health problems of his or her mother, father or grandparents. For instance, if there is a strong family history of cancer, the individual should get checkups and maintain a careful, well-balanced diet to prevent this potential disease. Cellular disturbance, disintegration, tumors, cysts, fibrous tissue or any other kind of replicative activity may manifest.

The Fourth House

The fourth house is the area of direct ACTION on the EMOTIONAL and SOUL level. All action at this level of experience is necessarily conditioned by factors beyond our control. Traditionally the fourth house is related to, among other things, the home and family. In what area of life do we act so much on the basis of habit and emotion as when dealing with our family members This house also symbolizes the home as a source of renewal and nurturing (or the lack of it).

Single Parenting Becoming the Best Parent For Your Child

Single Parenting Becoming the Best Parent For Your Child

Parenting is a challenging task. As a single parent, how can you juggle work, parenting, and possibly college studies single handedly and still manage to be an ideal parent for your child? Read the 65-page eBook Single Parenting Becoming The Best Parent For Your Child to find out how. Loaded with tips, it can inspire, empower, and instruct you to successfully face the challenges of parenthood.

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