When The Planets Are Of Most Powerful Influence

NOW we shall have the planets powerful when they are ruling in a house, or in exaltation, or triplicity, or term, or face, without combustion of what is direct in the figure of the heavens, viz. when they are in angles, especially of the rising, or tenth, or in houses presently succeeding, or in their delights; but we must take heed that they are not in the bounds or under the dominion of Saturn or Mars, lest they be in dark degrees, in pits, or vacuities. You shall observe that the angles of the ascendant, and tenth, and seventh be fortunate; as also the lord of the ascendant, and place of the Sun and Moon, and place of the part of fortune, and the lord thereof, the lord of the foregoing conjunction and prevention. But that they of the malignant planet fall unfortunate; unless happily they be significators of thy work, or can be of any advantage to thee, or in thy revolution or birth they had the predominance, for then they are not at all to be depressed. Now we shall have the Moon powerful if she be in her house, or exaltation, or triplicity, or face, or in degree convenient for the desired work; and if it hath a mansion of these twenty-eight, suitable to itself and the work, let her not in the way be burnt up, nor slow in course--let her not be in the eclipse, or burnt by the Sun, unless she be in unity with the Sun--let her not descend in the southern latitude, when she goeth out of the burning—neither let her be opposite to the Sun, nor deprived of light--let her not be hindered by Mars or Saturn.


149:1 Via Combusta.


THERE is the like consideration to be had in all things concerning the fixed stars. Know this, that all the fixed stars are of the signification and nature of the seven planets; but some are of the nature of one planet, and som e of two. Hence, as often as any planet is joined with any of the fixed stars of its own nature, the signification of that star is made more powerful, and the nature of the planet augmented; but if it be a star of two natures, the nature of that which shall be the stronger with it, shall overcome in signification: as for example, if it be of the nature of Mars and Venus, if Mars shall be the stronger to with it, the nature of Mars shall overcome; but if Venus, the nature of Venus shall overcome. Now the natures of fixed stars are discovered by their colours, as they agree with certain planets, and are ascribed to them. Now the colours of the planets are these:--of Saturn, blue, and leaden, and shining with this; of Jup iter, citrine, near to a paleness, and clear with this; of Mars, red and fiery; of the Sun, yellow, and when it rises red, afterwards glittering; of Venus, white and shining--white in the morning, and reddish in the evening; of Mercury, glittering; of the Moon, fair. Know, also, that of the fixed stars, by how much the greater, and brighter, and apparent they ar e, so much the greater and stronger is the signification: such are those stars called by the astrologers of the first and second magnitude. I will tell thee some of these which are more potent to this faculty, viz. the navel of Andromeda, in the twenty-second degree of Aries of the nature of Venus and Mercury--some call it jovial and saturnine; the head of Algol, in the eighteenth degree of Taurus, of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter; th e Pleiades are also in the twenty-second degree, a lunary star by nature, and complexion martial; also Aldeboram, in the third degree of Gemini, is of the nature of Mars, an d complexion of Venus--but Hermes places this in the twenty-fifth degree of Aries; the Goat star, in the thirteenth degree of Gemini, is of the nature of Jupiter and Saturn; the Great Dog star is in the seventh degree of Cancer and Venereal; the Little Dog star is in the seventeenth degree of the same, and is of the nature of Mercury, and complexion of Mars; the King star, which is called the Heart of the Lion, is in the twenty-first degree of Leo, and of the nature of Jupiter and Mars; the tail of the Great Bear is in the nineteenth degree of Virgo, and is venereal and lunary. The star which is called the Right Wing of the Crow, is in the seventh degree of Libra; and in the thirteenth degree of the same, is the left wing of the same, and both of the nature of Saturn and Mars. The star called Spica, is in the sixteenth degree of the same, and is venereal and mercurial. In the seventeenth degree of the same is Alcameth, of the nature of Mars and Jupiter; but of this, when the Sun's aspect is full towards it--of that, when on the contrary. Elepheia, in the fourth degree of Scorpio, of the nature of Venus and Mars. The heart of the Scorpion is in the third degree of Sagittarius, of the nature of Mars and Jupiter. The falling Vulture is in the seventh degree of Capricorn, temperate, mercurial, and venereal. The tail of Capricorn is in the sixteenth degree of Aquarius, of the nature of Saturn and Mercury. The star called the Shoulder of the Horse, is in the third degree of Pisces, of the nature of Jupiter and Mars.--And it shall be a general rule for you to expect the proper gifts of the stars, whilst they rule--to be prevented of them, they being unfortunate, as is above shewed; for celestial bodies, inasmuch as they are affected fortunately or unfortunately, so much do they affect us, our works, and those things which we use, fortunately or unhappily. And although many effects proceed from the fixed stars, yet they are attributed to the planets as because being more near to us, and more distinct and known, so because they execute whatever the superior stars communicate to them.


THE Sun and Moon have obtained the administration of ruling the heavens, and all bodies under the heavens. The Sun is the lord of all elementary virtues; and the Moon, by virtue of the Sun, is mistress of generation, in crease or decrease. Albumsar says, that by the Sun and Moon, life is infused into all things; which Orpheus calls the enlivening eyes of Heaven. The Sun giveth light to all thingsof itself, and gives it plentifully, not only to all things in heaven and air, but earth and deep. Whatever good we have, Jamblicus says, we have it from the Sun alone; or from it through other things. Heraclitus calls the Sun, the fountain of celestial light; and many of the Platonists placed the soul of the world chiefly in the Sun, as that which, filling the whole globe of the Sun, doth send forth its rays on all sides, as it were a spirit through all things, distributing life, sense, and motion to the universe. Hence the antient naturalists called the Sun the very heart of Heaven; and the Chaldeans put it as the middle of the Planets. The Egyptians also placed it in the middle of the world, viz. between the two fives of the world; i. e. above the Sun they place five planets, and under him, the Moon and four elements. For it is, amongst the other stars, the image and statue of the great Prince of both worlds, viz. terrestrial and celestial; the true light, and the most exact im age of God himself: whose essence resembles the Father--light, the Son--heat, the Holy Ghost. So that the Platonists have nothing to hold forth the divine essence more manifestly by than this. The Sun disposes even the very spirit and mind of man, which Homer says, and is approved by Aristotle, that there are in the mind such like motions as the Sun, the prince and moderator of the planets, brings to us every day; but the Moon, the nearest to the earth, the receptacle of all the heavenly influences, by the swiftness of her course, is joined to the Sun, and the other planets and stars, every month; and receiving the beams and influences of all the other planets and stars, as a conception, bringing th em forth to the inferior world, as being next to itself; for all the stars have influence on it, being the last receiver, which afterwards communicates the influence of all the superiors to these inferiors, and pours them forth on the earth; and it more manifestly disposes these inferiors than others. Therefore her motion is to be observed before the others, as the parent of all conceptions, which it diversely issues forth in these inferiors, accor,,ding to the diverse complexion, motion, situation, and different aspects to the planets and other stars; and though it receives powers from all the stars, yet especially from the Sun, as oft as it is in conjunction with the same, it is replenished with vivifying virtu, e; and, according to the aspect thereof, it borrows its complexion. From it the heavenly bodies begin that series of things which Plato calls the golden chain; by which every thing and cause, being linked one to another, do depend on the superior, even until it may lb e brought unto the supreme cause of all, from which all things depend; hence it is, tha,t, without the Moon intermediating, we cannot at any time attract the power of the superiors; therefore, to obtain the virtue of any star, take the stone and herb of that planet, wh en the Moon fortunately comes under, or has a good aspect on, that star.


AND seeing the Moon measures the whole space of the Zodiac in the time of twenty-eight days, hence it is that the wise men of the Indians, and most of the antient astrologers have granted twenty-eight mansions to the Moon, which, being fixed in the eighth sphere, do enjoy (as Alpharus says) divers names and properties, from the various signs and stars which are contained in them; through which, while the Moon wanders, it obtains many other powers and virtues; but every one of these mansions, according to the opinion of Abraham, contained twelve degrees, and fifty-one minutes, and almost twenty six seconds, whose names, and also their beginnings in the Zodiac, of the eighth sphere, are these:--The first is called Alnath; that is, the horns of Aries: his beginning is from the head of Aries, of the eighth sphere: it causes discords and journies. The second is called Allothaim, or Albochan; that is, the belly of Aries; and his beginning is from the twelfth degree of the same sign, fifty-one minutes, twenty-two seconds complete: it conduces to the finding of treasures, and to the retaining captives. The third is called, Achaomazon, or Athoray; that is, showering, or Pleiades: his beginning is from the twenty-fifth degree of Aries complete, forty-two minutes, and fifty-one seconds; it is profitable to sailors, huntsmen, and alchymists. The fourth mansion is called Aldebaram, or Aldelamen; that is, the eye or head of Taurus: his beginning is from the eighth degree of Taurus, thirty-four minutes and seventeen seconds of the same, Taurus being excluded: it causes the destruction and hindrances of buildings, fountains, wells, gold mines, the flight of creeping things, and begets discord. The fifth is called Alchatay, or Albachay; the beginning of it is after the twenty-first degree of Taurus, twenty-five minutes, forty seconds: it helps to the return from a journey, to the instruction of scholars; it confirms edifices, it gives health and good-will. The sixth is called Athanna, or Alchaya; that is, the little star of great light: his beginning is after the fourth degree of Gemini, seventeen minutes, and nine seconds; it conduces to hunting and besieging towns, and revenge of princes: it destroys harvest and fruits, and hinders the operation of the physician. The seventh is called Aldimiach, or Alarzach; that is, the arm of Gemini, and begins from the seventeenth degree of Gemini, eight minutes, and thirty-four seconds, and lasts even to the end of the sign; it confirms gain and friendship; it is profitable to lovers, and destroys magistracies: and so is one quarter of the heaven completed in these seven mansions, and in the like order and number of degrees, minutes, and seconds the remaining mansions, in every quarter, have their several beginnings namely, so that in the first sign of this quarter three mansions take their beginnings; in the other two signs, two mansions in each; therefore the seven following mansions begin with Cancer, whose names are Alnaza Anatrachya; that is, misty or cloudy, viz. the eighth mansion; it causes love, friendship, and society of fellow travellers: it drives away mice, and afflicts captives, confirming their imprisonment. After this is the ninth, called Archaam, or Arcaph; that is, the eye of the Lion: it hinders harvest and travellers, and puts discord between men. The tenth is called Algelioche, or Albgebh; that is, the neck or forehead of Leo: it strengthens buildings, promotes love, benevolence, and help against enemies. The eleventh is called Azobra, or Ardaf; that is, the hair of the lion's head: it is good for voyages, and gain by merchandise, and for redemption of captives. The twelfth is called Alzarpha, or Azarpha; that is the tail of Leo: it gives prosperity to harvest and plantations, but hinders seamen; and is good for the bettering of servants, captives, and companions. The thirteenth is named Alhaire; that is, Dog stars, or the wings of Virgo: it is prevalent for benevolence, gain, voyages, harvests, and freedom of captives. The fourteenth is called Achureth, or Arimet; by others, Azimeth, or Athumech, or Alcheymech; that is, the spike of Virgo, or flying spike: it causes the love of married folks; it cures the sick, is profitable to sailors, but hinders journies by land; and in these the second quarter of the heaven is completed. The other seven follow: the first of which begins in the head of Libra, viz. the fifteenth mansion, and its name is Agrapha, or Algrapha; that is, covered, or covered flying: it is profitable for extracting treasures, for digging of pits, it assists divorce, discord, and destruction of houses and enemies, and hinders travellers. The sixteenth is called Azubene, or Ahubene; that is, the horns of Scorpio: it hinders journies and wedlock, harvest and merchandise; it prevails for redemption of captives. The seventeenth is called Alchil; that is, the crown of Scorpio: it betters a bad fortune, makes love durable, strengthens buildings, and helps seamen. The eighteenth is called Alchas, or Altob; that is, the heart of Scorpio: it causes, discord, sedition, conspiracy against princes and mighty ones, and revenge from enemies; but it frees captives, and helps edifices. The nineteenth is called Allatha, or Achala; by others, Hycula, or Axala, that is, the tail of Scorpio: it helps in besieging of cities, and taking of towns, and in the driving of m. en from their places, and for the destruction of seamen and perdition of captives. The twentieth is called Abnahaya; that is, a beam: it helps for the taming of wild beasts, for strengthening of prisons; it destroys the wealth of societies; it compels a man to come to a certain place. The twenty-first is called Abeda, or Albeldach, which is a desert: it is good for harvest, gain, buildings, .and travellers, and causes divorce; and in this is the third quarter of heaven completed. There rem.ains the seven last mansions completing the last quarter of Heaven: the first of which, being in ord. er to the twenty-second, beginning from the head of Capricorn, called Sadahacha, or Zodeboluch, or Zandeldena; that is, a pastor: it promotes the flight of servants and captives, that they may .escape; and helps the curing of diseases. The twenty-third is called Zabadola, or Zobrach; that is, swallowing: it is for divorce, liberty of captives and health to the sick. The twenty-fourth is called Sadabath, or Chadezoad; that is, the star of fortune: it is prevalent for the benevolence. of married people, for the victory of soldiers; it hurts the execution of government, and prevents its being exercised. The twenty-fifth is called Sadalabra, or Sadalachia; that is, a butterfly, or a. spreading forth: it favours besieging and revenge; it destroys enemies, and causes divorce; confirms prisons and buildings, hastens messengers; it conduces to spells against copulati.on, and so binds every member of man that it cannot perform its duty. The twenty-sixth is called Alpharg, or Phragal Mocaden; that is, the first drawing: it causes union, health of captives, destr.oys building and prisons. The twenty-seventh is called Alchara Alyhalgalmoad, or the second drawing: it increases harvests, revenues, gain, and heals infirmities, but hinders buildings, prolongs .prisons, causes danger to seamen, and helps to infer mischiefs on whom you shall please. The twenty-eighth and last is called Albotham, or Atchalcy; that is, Pisces: it increases harvest and m. erchandise; it secures travellers through dangerous places; it makes for the joy of married people; but it strengthens prisons, and causes loss of treasures. And in these twenty-eight mansions lie hid many secrets of the wisdom of the antients, by which they wrought wonders on all th. ings which are under the circle of the Moon; and they attributed to every mansion his resembla.nces, images, and seals, and his president intelligences, and worked by the virtue of them after different manners.


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