The Scale Of Unity

In the Exemplary World,


One Divine Essence, the fountain of all virtues and power whose name is expressed with one most simple letter.

In the Intellectual World,

The Soul of the World

One Su preme Intelligence, the first creature, the fountain of life.

In the Celestial World,

The Sun.

One King of Stars, the fountain of life.

In the Elemental World,

The Philosophers' Stone.

One subject, and instrument of all virtues, natural and supernatural.

In the Lesser World,

The Heart.

One first living and last dying.

In the Infernal World,


One Prince of Rebellion, of Angels, and Darkness.

THE first number is two, because it is the first multitude; it can be measured by no number besides unity alone, the common measure of all numbers; it is not compounded of numbers, but of one unity only; neither is it called a number uncompounded, but more properly not compounded. The number three, is called the first number uncompounded. But the number two is the first branch of unity, and the first procreation; and it is called the number of science, and memory, and of light, and the number of man, who is called another, and the lesser world: it is also called the number of charity, and of mutual love; of marriage, and society: as it is said by the Lord--"Two shall be one flesh."--And Solomon saith, "It is better that two be together than one, for they have a benefit by their mutual society: if one shall fall, he shall be supported by the other. Woe to him that is alone; because, when he falls, he hath not another to help him. And if two sleep together, they shall warm one another; how shall one be hot alone?--And if any prevail against him, two resist him." And it is called the number of wedlock, and sex; for there are two sexes--masculine and feminine. And two doves bring forth two eggs; out of the first of which is hatched the male, out of the second the female, It is also called the middle, that is capable, that is good and bad, partaking; an d the beginning of division, of multitude, and distinction; and signifies matter. This is also, sometimes, the number of discord, of confusion, of misfortune, and uncleanness; whence St. Hierom, against Jovianus, saith--"that therefore it was not spoken in the second day of the creation of the world."--"And God said, that it was good;"--because the number of two is evil. Hence also it was, that God commanded that all unclean animals should go into the ark by couples; because, as I said, the number of two is a number of uncleanness. Pythagorus, as Eusebius reports, said, that unity was God, and a good intellect; but that duality was a devil, and an evil intellect, in which is a material multitude: wh erefore the Pythagorians say, that two is not a number, but a certain confusion of unities. And Plutarch writes, that the Pythagorians called unity, Apollo; and two, strife and boldn ess; and three, justice, which is the highest perfection, and is not without many mysteries. Hence there were two tables of the law in Sinai--two cherubims looking to the propitiatory in Moses--two olives dropping oil, in Zachariah--two natures in Christ, divine and human: hence Moses saw two appearances of God, viz. his face, and back parts;--also two Testaments--two commands of love--two first dignities--two first people--two kinds of spirits, good and bad--two intellectual creatures, an angel and soul--two great lights--two solstitia--two equinoctials--two poles-two elements, producing a living soul, viz. earth and water.

In the Exemplary World,

?? Jah ?? El

The names of God, expressed with two Letters.

In the Intellectual World,

An Angel,

The Soul;

Two Intelligible Substances.

In the Celestial World,

The Sun,

The Moon;

Two great Lights.

In the Elementary World,

The Earth,

The Water;

Two Elements producing a living Soul.

In the Lesser World,

The Heart,

The Brain;

Two principal Seats of the Soul.

In the Infernal World,

Beemoth, weeping,

Leviathan, gnashing of teeth;

Two Chiefs of the Devils. Two things Christ threatens to the damned.

THE number Three, is an uncompounded num; ber, a holy number, a number of perfection, a most powerful number:--for there are three persons in God; there are three theological virtues in religion. Hence it is that this number conduceth to the ceremonies of God and religion, that by the solemnity of which, prayers and sacrifices are thrice repeated; for corporeal and spiritual things consist of three things, viz. beginning, middle, and end. By three, as Trismegistus saith, the world is perfected--harmony, necessity, and order, i. e. concurrence of causes (which many call fate), and the execution of them to the fruit, or increase, or a due distribution of the increase. The whole measure of time is concluded in three, viz. past, present, and to come;--all magnitude is contained in three-line, superfices, and body;--every body consists of three intervals,--length, breadth, and thickness. Harmony contains three consents in time--diapason, hemiolion, diatesseron. There are also three kinds of souls--vegetative, sensitive, and intellectual. And as such, saith the Prophet, God orders the world by nu;mber, weight, and measure; and the number three is deputed to the ideal forms thereof, as;the number two is the procreating matter, and unity to God the maker of it.--Magicians do constitute three Princes of the world--Oromasis, Mithris, Araminis; i. e. God, the mind, and the spirit. By the three-square or solid, the three numbers of nine, of things produced, are distributed, viz. of the supercelestial into nine orders of intelligences; of celestial, into nine orbs; of inferiors, into nine kinds of generable and corruptible things. Lastly, into this eternal orb, viz. twenty-seven, all musical proportions are incl uded., as Plato and Proclus do at large discourse; and the number three hath, in a harmony of five, the grace of the first voice. Also, in intelligences, there are three hierarch ies of angelical spirits. There are three powers of intellectual creatures--memory, mind, and will. There are three orders of the blessed, viz. martyrs, confessors, and innocents. There are three quaternions of celestial signs, viz. of fixed, moveable, and common; as also of houses, viz. centres, succeeding, and falling. There are, also, three faces and heads in every sign, and three Lords of each triplicity. There are three fortunes amongst the planets. In the infernal crew, three judges, three furies, three-headed Cerberus: we read, also, of a thrice-double Hecate. Three months of the Virgin Diana. Three persons in the super-substantial Divinity. Three times--of nature, law, and grace. Three theological virtues--faith, hope, and charity. Jonah was three days in the whale's belly; and so many w; as Christ in the grave.

In the Original World,

The Father,

Adai, The Son,

The Holy Ghost;

The Name of God with three Letters

In the Intellectual World,

Supreme Innocents,

Middle Martyrs,

Lowest of all Confessors;

Three hierarchies of

Angels. Three degrees of the Blessed.

In the Celestial World,

Moveable, Corners, Of the Day,

Fixed, Succeeding, Nocturnal,

Common; Falling; Partaking;

Three quaternions of

Signs. Three quaternions of houses. Three Lords of triplicities.

In the Elementary World,



Thrice compounded;

Three degrees of elements.

In the Lesser World,

The head, in which the intellect grows, answering to the intellectual world,

The breast, where is the heart, the seat of life, answering to the celestial world,

The belly, where the faculty of generation is, and the genital members, answering the elemental world;

Three parts, answering to the threefold world.

In the Infernal World,

Alecto, Minos, Wicked,

Megera, Acacus, Apostates,

Ctesiphone; Rhadamantus; Infidels;

Three infernal Furies. Three infernal Judges. Three degrees of the damned.

THE Pythagorians call the number Four, Tectractis, and prefer it before all the virtues of numbers, because it is the foundation and root of all other numbers; Whence, also, all foundations, as well in artificial things, as natfural and divine, are four square, as we shall shew afterwards; and it signifies solidity, which also is demonstrated by a four-square figure; for the number four, is the first four-square plane, which consists of two proportions, whereof the first is of one to two, the latter of two to four; and it proceeds by a double procession and proportion, viz. of one to one, and of two to two—beginning at a unity, and ending at a quaternity: which proportions differ in this, that, according to Arithmetic, they are unequal to one another, but according to Geometry, are equal. Therefore a four-square is ascribed to God thffe Father; and also contains the mystery of the whole Trinity: for by its single proportion, viz. by the first of one to one, the unity of the paternal substance is signified, from which proceeds one Son, equal to Him;--by the next procession, also simple, viz. of two to two, is signified (by the second procession) the Holy Ghost; from both--that the Son be eqfual to the Father, by the first procession; and the Holy Ghost be equal to both, by the second procession. Hence that superexcellent and great name of the Divine Trinity in God is written with four letters, viz. Jod, He, and Vau. He, where it is the aspiration He, signifies the proceeding of the Spirit from both; for He, being duplicated, terminates both syllables, and the whole name, but is pronounced Jova, as some will whence that Jove of the heathen, which the antients did picture with four cars; whence the number four, is the fountain and head of the whole, Divinity. And the Pythagorians call it the perpetual fountain of Nature: for there are four degrees in the scale of Nature, viz. to be, to live, to be sensible, to understand. There are four motions in Nature, viz. ascendant, descendant, going forward, circular. There are four corners in Heaven, viz. rising, falling, the middle of the Heaven, the bottom of it. There are four elements under Heaven, viz. fire, air, water, and earth; according to these there are four triplicities in Heaven. There are four first qualities under Heaven, viz. cold, heat, dryness, and moisture; from these are the four humours--blood, phlegm, choler, melancholy. Also, the year is divided into four parts, which are the spring, summer, autumn, and winter:--also the wind is divided into eastern, western, northern, and southern. There are, also, four rivers in Paradise; and so many infernal. Also, the number four makes up all knowledge: first, it fills up every simple progress of numbers with four terms, viz. with one, two, three, and four, constituting the number ten. It fills up every difference of numbers: the first even, and containing the first odd in it. It hath in music, diatesseron--the grace of the fourth voice; also it contains the instrument of four strings; and a Pythagorian diagram, whereby are found out first of all musical tunes, and all harmony of music: for double, treble, four tin; es double, one and a half, one and a third part, a concord of all, a double concord of all, of five, of four, and all consonancy is limited within the bounds of the number four. It doth also contain the whole of Mathematics in four terms, viz. point, line, superfices, and profundity. It comprehends all Nature in four terms, viz. substance, quality, qfuantity, and motion; also all natural philosophy, in which are the seminary virtues of Nature, the natural springing, the growing form, and the compositum. Also metaphysics is comprehended in four bounds, viz. being, essence, virtue, and action. Moral philosophy is comprehended with four virtues, viz. prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance. It hath also the power ofjustice: hence a four-fold law--ofprovidence, from God; fatal, from the soul of the world; of Nature, from Heaven; of prudence, from man. There are also four judiciary powers in all things being, viz. the intellect, discipline, opinion, and sense. Also, there are four rivers of Paradise. Four Gospels, received from four Evangelists, throughout the whole Church. The Hebrews received the chiefest name of God written with four letters. Also the Egyptians, Arabians, Persians, Magicians, Mahometans, Grecians, Tuscans, and Latins, write the name of God with four letters, viz. thus--Thet, Alla, Sire, Orsi, Abdi, ?e??, Esar, Deus. Hence the Lacedemonians were wont to paint Jupiter with four wings. Hence, also, in Orpheus's Divinity, it is said that Neptune's chariots are drawn with four horses. There are also four kinds of divine furies proceeding from several deities, viz. from the Muses, Dionysius, Apollo, and Venus. Also, the Prophet Ezekiel saw four beasts by the river Chobar, and four cherubims in four wheels. Also, in Daniel, four great beasts did ascend from the sea; and four winds did fight. And in the Revelations, four beasts were full of eyes, before and behind, standing round about the throne of God and for angels, to whom was given power to hurt the earth and the sea, did stand upon the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds, that they should not blow upon the earth, nor upon the sea, nor upon any tree.

The name of God with four letters,


In the original world, whence the law of Providence.

Four triplicities, or intelligible hierarchies,

Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones,

Dominations, Powers, Virtues,

Principalities, Archangels, Angels,

Innocents, Martyrs, Confessors.

In the intellectual world, whence the fatal law.

Four angels ruling over the four corners of the world,

????? Michael,

???? Raphael,

?????? Gabriel,

?????? Uriel.

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