The Scale Of The Number Eight

The name of

God with eight letters,

Eloa Vadaath ???? ???? Jehova Vedaath ???? ????

In the original world.

Eight rewards )f the blessed,






A kingdom,


In the intelligible world.

Eight visible heavens,

The starry heaven,

The heaven of Saturn,

The heaven of Jupiter,

The heaven of Mars,

The heaven of the Sun,

The heaven of Venus,

The heaven of Mercury,

The heaven of the Moon;

In the celestia world.

Eight particular qualities,

The dryness of the earth,

The coldness of water,

The moisture of air,

The heat of fire,

The heat of air,

The moisture of water,

The dryness of fire,

The coldness of earth

In the elementary world.

Eight kinds of blessed men,

The peace makers,

They that hunger and thirst after righteousness,

The meek,

They which are persecuted for righteousness sake,

Pure in heart,


Poor in spirit,


In the lesser world.

Eight punishments of the damned.








In the infernal world.

THERE are nine orders of blessed angels, viz. Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominations, Powers, Virtues, Principalities, Archangels, and Angels, which Ezekiel figures out by nine stones, which are the sapp hire, emerald, carbuncle, beryl, onyx, chrysolite, jasper, topaz, and sardis. This number hath also a great and occult mystery of the cross; for the ninth hour our Lord Jesus Christ breathed out his spirit. The astrologers also take notice of the number nine in the age s of men, no otherwise than they do of seven, which they call climacterical years, which are eminent for some remarkable change. Yet sometimes it signifies imperfecta ess and incompleteness, because it does not attain to the perfection of the number ten, but; is less by one, without which it is deficient, as Austin interprets it of the ten lepers. Neither is the longitude of nine cubits of Og, King of Basan, who is a type of the devil without a mystery.

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