The Conjuration of Tuesday

I CONJURE and call upon you, ye strong and good angels, in the names Ya, Ya, Ya; He, He, He; Va, Hy, Hy, Ha, Ha, Ha; Va, Va, Va; An, An, An; Aia, Aia, Aia; El, Ay, Elibra,

Elohim, Elohim; and by the names of the high God, who hath made the sea and dry land, and by his word hath made the earth, and produced trees, and hath set his seal upon the planets, with his precious, honoured, revered and holy name; and by the name of the angels governing in the fifth house, who are subservient to the great angel Acimoy, who is strong, powerful, and honoured, and by the name of his star which is called Mars, I call upon thee, Samael, by the names above mentioned, thou great angel! who presides over the day of Mars, and by the name Adonai, the living and true God, that you assist me in accomplishing my labours, &c. (as in the conjuration of Sunday).

The spirits of the air on Tuesday are under the east wind; their nature is to bring or cause war, mortality, death, combustions, and to give two-thousand soldiers at a time; to bring death, infirmity or health.

Familiar Forms of the SPIRITS of MARS.

THEY appear in a tall body and choleric, a filthy countenance, of colour brown, swarthy, or red, having horns like harts, and griffins claws, and bellowing like wild bulls. Their motion is like fire burning: their sign thunder and lightning round about the circle.

Their particular shapes are, a king armed, riding on a wolf; a man armed.

A woman with a buckler on her thigh.

A red garment; a piece of wool; a cowslip.

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