The Conjuration of Thursday

I CO NJ U RE and confirm upon you, ye strong and holy angels, by the names Cados, Cados, Cados, Eschercie, Escherei, Eschercie, Hatim, Ya, strong founder of the worlds; Cantine, Jaym, Janic, Anic, Calbot, Sabbac, Berisay, Alnaym; and by the name Adonai, who created fishes and creeping things in the waters, and birds upon the face of the earth, flying towards heaven, in the fifth day; and by the names of the angels serving in the sixth host before Pastor, a holy angel, and a great and powerful prince and by the name of his star, which is Jupiter, and by the name of his seal, and by the name of Adonai, the great God, Creator of all things, and by the name of all the stars, and by their power and virtue, and by all the names aforesaid, I conjure thee, Sachiel, a great Angel, who art chief ruler of Thursday, that for me thou labour, &c.

The spirits of the air of Thursday are subject to the south wind; their nature is to procure the love of women, to cause men to be merry and joyful, to pacify strifes and contentions, to appease, enemies, to heal the diseased, and to disease the whole, and procure losses, or restore things lost.

The familiar Forms of the SPIRITS of JUPITER.

They appear with a body sanguine and choleric, of a middle stature, with a horrible, fearful motion, but with a mild countenance, and a gentle speech, and of the colour of iron: the motion of them is flashings of lightning, and thunder. For their sign there will appear about the circle men who shall seem to be devoured by lions. Their forms are,

A king, with a sword drawn, riding on a stag.

A man, wearing a mitre, with long raiment.

A maid, with a laurel crown, adorned with flowers.

An azure garment; a sword; a box-tree,

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