The Conjuration for SUNDAY

I CONJURE and confirm upon you, ye strong and holy angels of God, in the name Adonai, Eye, Eye, Eya, which is he who was, and is, and is to come, Eye, Abray; and in the name Saday, Cados, Cados, sitting on high upon the cherubim; and by the great name of God himself, strong and powerful, who is exalted above all the heavens; Eye, Saraye, who created the world, the heavens, the earth, the sea, and all that in them is, in the first day, and scaled them with his holy name Phaa; and by the name of the angels who rule in the fourth heaven, and serve before the most mighty Salamia, an angel great and honourable; and by the name of his star, which is Sol, and by his sign, and by the immense name of the living God, and by all the names aforesaid, I conjure thee, Michael,

0 great angel! who art chief ruler of this day; and by the name Adonai, the God of Israel,

1 conjure thee, O Michael! that thou labour for me, and fulfil all my petitions according to my will and desire in my cause and business.

The spirits of the air of the Lord's day are und er the north wind; their nature is to procure gold, gems, carbuncles, diamonds, and rubies, and to cause one to obtain favour and benevolence, to dissolve enmities amongst men, to raise to honours, and to take away infirmities. They appear, for the most part, in a large, full and great body, sanguine and cross, in a gold colour, with the tincture of blood. Their motion is like the lighting of heaven; the sign of their becoming visible is that they move the person to sweat that calls them; but their particular forms are as follows; viz.

A king, having a scepter, riding on a lion. A king crowned; a queen with a scepter. A bird; a lion; a cock. A yellow garment. A scepter.

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