The Conjurati On of FRIDAY

I CONJURE and confirm upon you, ye strong and holy angels, by the names On, Hey, Heya, Ja, Je, Saday, Adonai, and in the name Sadai, who created four-footed beasts, and creeping things, and man, in the sixth day, and gave to Adam. power over all creatures; wherefore blessed be the name of the Creator in his place; and by the name of the angels serving in the third host, before Dagiel, a great angel, and a strong and powerful prince, and by the name of his star, which is Venus, and by his seal which is holy; and by all the names aforesaid, I conjure upon thee, Anael, who art the chief ruler this day, that thou labour for me, &c.

The spirits of the air on Friday are subject to the west wind: their nature is to give silver, to incite men, and incline them to luxury, to cause marriages, to allure men to love women, to cause or take away infirmities, and to do all things which have motion.

Their familiar Shapes.

They appear with a fair body, of middle stature, with an amiable and pleasant countenance, of colour white or green, their upper parts golden; the motion of them is like a clear star. For their sign there will appear naked virgins round the circle, which will strive to allure the invocator to dalliance with them: but

Their particular Shapes are,

A king, with a scepter, riding on a camel.

A naked girl; a she-goat.

A white or green garment.

Flowers; the herb savine.

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