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SEEING that the being and operation of all tilings depend on the Most High God, Creator of all things, and from thence on the other div ine powers, to whom also is granted a power of fashioning and creating, not principally indeed, but instrumentally, by virtue of the First Great Creator, (for the beginning of every thing is the first cause; but what is produced by the second cause, is much more ' produced by the first, which is the producer of the second cause, which therefore we call s econdaries.) It is necessary, therefore, that every magician should know that very God, which is the first cause and creator of all things, and likewise the other divine powers, (which we call the second causes,) and not to be ignorant of them, and likewise what holy rites, ceremonies, &c. are conformable to them; but, above all, we are to worship in spirit and truth, and place our firm dependance upon that one only God who is the author and promoter of all good things, the Father of all, most bountiful and wise; the sacred light of justice, and the absolute and sole perfection of all nature, and the contriver and wisdom thereof.


GOD himself, although he is trinity in persons, yet he is but one only simple essence; yet we doubt not but that there are in him many divine powers, which emanate or flow from him.

The Cabalists most learned in divine things have received the ten principal names of God, as certain divine powers, Or, as it were, members of God; which, by ten numerations, which we call Sephiroth, as it were vestiments, instruments, or exemplars of the Archetype, have an influence upon all created things, from the highest to the lowest; yet by a certain order: for first and immediately they have influence upon the nine orders of angels and quire of blessed souls, and by them into the celestial spheres, planets and men; by the which Sephiroth every thing receiveth power and virtue.

The first of these is the name Eheia, the name of the divine essence; his numeration is called Cether, which is interpreted a crown or diadem, and signifies the most simple essence of the divinity; and it is called that which the eye seeth not; and is attributed to God the Father, and hath its influence by the order of seraphims, or Hajoth Hakados, that is, creatures of holiness; and then by theprimum mobile, it bestows the gift of being upon all things, and filleth the whole universe, both through the circumference and center; whose particular intelligence is called Merattron, that is the prince of faces, whose duty it is to bring others to the face of the Prince; and by him the Lord spake to Moses.

The second name is Jod, or Tetragrammaton joined with Jod; his numeration is Hochma, that is, wisdom, and signifies the divinity full of ideas, and the First Begotten; and is attributed to the Son, and has its influence by the order of cherubins, or that the Hebrews call Orphanim, i. e. forms or wheels; and from thence into the starry heavens, where he frames so many figures as he hath ideas in himself, and distinguishes the very chaos of the creatures, by a particular intelligence called Raziel, who was the ruler of Adam.

The third name is called Tetragrammaton Elohim; his numeration is named Prina, viz. providence and understanding; and signifies remissness, quietness, the jubilee, penitential conversion, a great trumpet, redemption of the world, and the life of the world to come: it is attributed to the Holy Spirit, and hath his influence by the order of thrones, or which the Hebrews call Abalim, that is great angels, mighty and strong; and from thence, by the sphere of Saturn, administers form to the unsettled matter, whose particular intelligence is Zaphkiel, the ruler of Noah, and another intelligence named Jophiel, the ruler of Sem; and these are the three supreme and highest numerations, as it were, seats of the divine persons, by whose command all things are made; but are executed by the other seven, which are therefore called numerations framing.

The fourth name is El, whose numeration is Hesed, which signifies clemency or goodness; likewise grace, mercy, piety, magnificence, the scepter, and right-hand; and hath its influx by the order of dominations, which the Hebrews called Hasmalim; and so through the sphere of Jupiter fashions the ima; ges of bodies, bestowing clemency and pacifying justice on all: his particular intelligence is Zadkiel, the ruler of Abraham.

The fifth name is Elohim Gibor, that is, the mighty God, punishing the sins of the wicked; and his numeration is called Gebusac; h, which is to say, power, gravity, fortitude, security, judgment, punishing by slaughter and war; and it is applied to the tribunal of God, the girdle, the sword, the left hand of Go; d: it is also called Pachad, which is fear; and hath his influence through the order of powers, which the Hebrews call Seraphim, and from thence through the sphere of Mars, ;to whom belongs fortitude, war, and affliction. It draweth forth the elements; and his particular intelligence is Camael, the ruler of Samson.

The sixth name is Eloha, or a name of four letters joined with Vaudahat; his numeration is Tiphereth, that is, apparel, beauty, glory, pleasure, and signifies the tree of life, and hath his influence through the order of virtues; , which the Hebrews call Malachim, that is, angels, into the sphere of the sun, giving brightness and life to it, and from thence producing metals; his particular intelligence i;s Raphael, who was the ruler of Isaac and Toby the younger, and the angel Peliel, the Ruler of Jacob.

The seventh name is Tetragrammaton Sabaoth, or Adonai Sabaoth, that is, the God of Hosts; and his numeration is Nezah, that is, triumph and victory: the right column is applied to it, and it signifies the justice and et;ernity of a revenging God; it hath its influence through the orders of principalities,;; whom the Hebrews call Elohim, i. e. Gods, into the sphere of Venus, gives zeal and love of righteousness, and produces vegetables; his intelligence is Haniel, and the angel Cerviel, the ruler of David.

The eighth is called also Elohim Sabaoth, which is likewise the God of Hosts, not of war and justice, but of piety and agreement, for this name signifies both, and precedeth his army; the numeration of this is called Hod, which is, praise, confession, honour and fame; the left column is attributed to it; it hath his in; fluence through the order of the archangels, which the Hebrews call Ben Elohim, that is, the sons of God, into the sphere of Mercury, and gives elegancy, and consonancy of speec;h, and produces living creatures; his intelligence is Michael, who was the ruler of Solomon.

The ninth name is called Sadai, that is, Omni;potent, satisfying all, and Elhai, which is the Living God; his numeration is Jesod, that is, f; oundation, and signifies a good understanding, a covenant, redemption and re st; and hath his influence through the order of angels, whom the Hebrews name Cherubim;; , into the sphere of the moon causing the increase and decrease of all things, and provid; eth for the genii and keepers of men, and distributeth them; his intelligence is Gabriel, who was the keeper of Joseph, Joshua, and Daniel. ;

The tenth name is Adonai Melech, that is, lord and king; his numeration is Malchuth, that is, kingdom and empire, and signifies a churc;h, the temple of God, and a gate; and hath his influence through the order of Animastic, viz. of blessed souls, which, by the

Hebrews, is called Issim, that is, nobles, lords, and princes; they are inferior to the hierarchies, and have their influences on the sons of men, and give knowledge and the wonderful under standing of things, also industry and prophecy; and the soul of the Messiah is president amongst them, or the intelligence Merattron, which is called the first creature, or the soul of the world, who was the ruler of Moses.

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