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Asser Eheie,

God with seven letters.

In the Intelligible World,

?????? Zaphiel,

?????? Zadkiel,

???? Camael,

???? Rapha el,

?????? Haniel,

????? Michael,

?????? Gabriel;

Seven angels which stand ii the presence of God.

In the Celestial World,

????? Saturn,

??? Jupiter,

????? Mars,

??? The Sun

???? Venus,

???? Mercury,

???? The Moon;

Seven planets

In the Elementary World,

The lapwing,

The cuttle fish,

The mole,

Lead, The onyx,

The eagle, The dolphin, The hart, Tin, The saphire,

The vulture, The pike, The wolf, Iron, The diamond,

The swan, The sea calf, The lion, Gold, The carbuncle,

The dove,

Thimallus, The goat, Copper, The emerald,

The stork, The mullet,

The ape, Quicksilver, The achates,

The owl; The sea cat; Cat; Silver; Chrystal;

Seven birds of the planets. Seven fish of the planets. Seven animal; of the planets. Seven metals of the planets. Seven stones of the planets.

In the Lesser World,

The right foot, The right ear,

The head, The left ear.

The right hand, The right nostril,

The heart, The right eye,

The privy members, The left nostril,

The left hand, The mouth,

The left foot; The left eye;

Seven integral members distributed to the planets. Seven holes of the head distributed to the planets.


The gates of death, ??????

The shadow of death, ???????

The pit of destruction,


The Clay of death, ???????

Perdition, ????

The depth of the earth, ????

Seven habitations of infernals, which Rabbi

Joseph of Castilia, the

Cabalist, describes in the garden of nuts.

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