General Fumes Of The Planets

To Saturn are appropriated for fumes, odoriferous roots: as pepper-wort root, &c., and the frankincense tree. To Jupiter, all odoriferous fruits: as nutmegs, cloves, &c. To Mars, all odoriferous woods: as sanders, Cyprus, lignum balsam, and lignum aloes. To the Sun, all gums: as frankincense, mastich benjamin, storax, laudanum, ambergris, and musk. To Venus, flowers: as roses, violets, saffron, and the like. To Mercury, all the parings of wood or fruit: as cinnamon, lignum cassia, mface, citron peel, and bayberries, and whatever seeds are odoriferous. To the Moon, the leaves of all vegetables: as the leaf indum, the leaf of the myrtle, and bay tree. Know, also, that according to the opinion of all magicians, in every good matter (as love, good-will, &c.), there must be a good perfume, odoriferous and precious;--and in evil matters (as hatred, anger, misery, and the like), there must be a stinking fume that is of no worth.

The twelves Signs of the Zodiac also have their proper suffumigations, viz., Aries, myrrh; Taurus, pepper-wort; Gemini, mastich; Cancer, camphire; Leo, frankincense; Virgo, sanders; Libra, galbanum; Scorpio, oppoponax; Sagittarius, lignum aloes; Capricorn, benjamin; Aquarius, euphorbium; Pisces, red storax. But Hermes describes the most powerful fume to be, that which is compounded of the seven aromatics, according to the powers of the seven planets: for it receives from Saturn, pepper-wort; from Jupiter, nutmeg; from Mars, lignum-aloes; from the Sun, mastich; from Venus, saffron; from Mercury, cinnamon; and from the Moon, myrtle.

By a close observation of the above order of suffumigations, conjoined with other things, of which we shall speak hereafter (necessary to the full accomplishment of Talismanic Magic), many wonderful effects may be caused, especially if we keep in eye what was delivered in the first part of our Magic, viz. th at the soul of the operator must go along with this; otherwise, in vain is suffumigation, seal, ring, image, picture, glass, or any other instrument of magic: seeing that it is not merely the disposition, but the act of the disposition, and firm and powerful intent or imagination that gives the effect.--We shall now hasten to speak, generally, of the constru ction of rings magical, and their wonderful and potent virtues and operations.

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