Forms of the Spirits of Mercury

THE spirits of Mercury appear in a body of a middle stature, cold, liquid and moist, fair and of an affable speech in a human shape and form, like a knight armed, of colour clear and bright. The motion of them is like silver c oloured' clouds: for their sign they cause horror and fear to him that calls them.

Their particular shapes are, a king riding upo,,n a bear.

A fair youth; a woman holding a distaff.

A garment of various changeable colours.

A rod, a little staff.

CONSIDERATION S of THURSDAY. (For the angel of Thursday, his sigil, &c. see the Plate.) THE angels of Thursday--Sachiel, Cassiel, Asasiel.

The angels of the air of Thursday, Suth, king; Ministers, Maguth, Gutrix.

The angels of the air are under the south-wind.--(But because there are no angels of the air to be found above the fifth heaven, therefore, on Thursday, say the prayers following in the four parts of the world: )

At the east--O Deus magne et excelse et honorate, per infinita secula; or, O great and most high God, honoured be thy name, world without end.

At the west--O wise, pure, and just God, of divine clemency, I beseech thee, most holy Father, that this day I may perfectly understand and accomplish my petition, work, and labour; for the honour and glory of thy holy name, who livest and reignest, world without end. Amen.

At the north-- O God, strong, mighty, and wonderfuly from everlasting to everlasting, grant that this day I bring to effect that which I desire, through our blessed Lord. Amen.

At the south--O mighty and most merciful God, hear my prayers and grant my petition.

The perfume of Thursday--Saffron.

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