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119:1 There have been some exceptions to this affirmation, one of which fell under my notice of late years: Doctor Edward Spry, of P lymouth Dock, Philosopher, Cabalist, and Physician, lived upwards of two years upon a gooseberry a day in summer, and an oat cake and three glasses of white wine the rest of the season, per day: this gentleman was particularly abstemious in his diet.

THE Pythagorians call Eight the number of justice, and fulness: first, because it is first of all divided into numbers equally even, viz. into four; and that division is, by the same reason, made into twice two, viz. twice two twice; and by reason of this equality of division it took to itself the name of justice. But the other received the name of fulness, by reason of the contexture of the corporeal solidity, since the first makes a solid body. Hence that custom of Orpheus swearing by the eight deities, if at any time he would beseech Divine justice, whose names are these:--Fire, Water, Earth, the Heaven, Moon, Sun, Phanes, and the Night. There are only eight visible spheres of the heavens. Also, by it the property of corporeal nature is signified, which Orpheus comprehends in eight of his sea songs: this is also called the. covenant, or circumcision, which was commanded to be done by the Jews the eighth day.

There were also, in the old law, eight ornaments of the priest, viz. a breastplate, a coat, a girdle, a mitre, a robe, an ephod, a girdle of the ephod, and a golden plate. Hither belongs the number to eternity, and the end of the world, because it follows the number seven, which is the mystery of time. Hence, also, the number of blessedness, as you may see in Matthew. It is also called the number of safety, and conservation; for there were so many souls of the sons of Jesse, from which David was the eighth.

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