Considerations c of MONDAY

(For the angel of Monday, his sigil, planet, sign of the planet, and name of the first heaven, see the Plate.)

THE angels of Monday--Gabriel, Michael, Samael.

The angels of the air ruling Monday, Arcan, king;--his ministers, Bilet, Missabu, Abuhaza. The wind which these are subject to is the west wind.

The angels of the first heaven, ruling on Monday, to be called from the four parts of the world. From the east, Gabriel, Madiel, Deamiel, Janak;--from the west, Sachiel, Zaniel, Habiel, Bachanw, Corobael;--from the north, Mael, Uvael, Valnum, Baliel, Balay, Humastraw;--from the south,--Curaniel, Dabriel, Darquiel, Hanun, Vetuel.

The perfume of Monday--Aloes.

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