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Royal Numerology is a program that offers custom reading following one's date of birth and full name. But what is numerology? Simply put, it is the study of number's symbolism. The program was structured by Aiden Powers and through numbers' symbolism, individuals' personality, talents, strengths, inner needs, obstacles, ways of relating with others along with emotional interactions are determined. Even though numerology itself appears hard, it is quite simple for the individual receiving the report. The first thing you need to do is to visit the Royal Numerology Website. You will then be required to key in your full name, starting with the first one, the middle one and then the last one. You will also provide your full date of birth, not forgetting the year. Thereafter, you will present the number that has been surfacing in your life lately. The last thing you will have to do is to let Aiden know of anything in your life that you may wish to be assisted in handling. This may be with regards to the choices you need to make in the near future, a prevailing condition you are not certain about or anything else. It has a 60-day money back guarantee and that means your deposit is safeguarded. Thousands of individuals from different parts of the world are successfully using it. Why not you? Read more here...

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This is one of the best e-books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

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Your Numerology Chart Cannot Tell A Lie

If you are looking for some kind of direction in life or want to be steered in the right direction, a Numerology reading from would be one of the most helpful things in doing so. How To Change Your Life With Numerology Followed by a personalized Numerology Reading and ongoing Numerology Tutorials and related promotions. This is a completely free service, and you may unsubscribe at any time with a single click. See Why The Shocking Truth In Your Numerology Chart Cannot Tell A Lie. Find out how women and men from all walks of life, and from around the world, have changed their lives for the better, once they started working with the information they received from a complete Custom Numerology Report. Read more here...

Your Numerology Chart Cannot Tell A Lie Summary

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On Being A Numerologist

Many of you reading this hook will undoubtedly enjoy giving readings to relatives and friends. A few of you may be interested enough to become numerologists. Clients often empower a numerologist with far more power than he actually possesses. No matter how skeptical they may appear, I've found that most people are looking for some understandings and insights from other than a scientific or practical viewpoint. If the numerologist can establish a sense of confidence by mentioning a few characteristics which ring true, the client may assume that everything the numerologist says has validity, that any advice the numerologist gives must be of special valtie I mention this, not to puff up the importance of numerology, but rather to raise a red caution flag. Be extremely careful how you disseminate the information you receive through the numbers I don't see numerology as an entertainment, but rather as a very serious and vital endeavor. I think it can be misleading or even harmful to feed...

Numerology and Astrology

Like astrology, numerology interprets character and predicts future conditions. Following the Kabbalah (also spelled Kaballahala, Kabalah, Kabbala, Qabbalah, and other variations), which is a system of Jewish mysticism popular in occult circles, the letters of the alphabet are assigned numerical values. When the letters of a person's name are added together, the resulting number indicates her or his basic character the numerological equivalent of an astrological sun sign. The numbers making up one's birth date are also added together, providing a second number, which is interpreted in a like manner. Although modern numerology has been mediated to the contemporary world through the Kabbalahalistic tradition, it is rooted in the number mysticism of Pythago In numerology, the planets, including the luminaries (the Sun and the Moon) are used to represent the principles of the different numbers. Different systems of numerology utilize different correlations. In the Kabbalahalistic system,...

Numerology and Astrology Maps for Life

Numerology and astrology are connected in a number of ways. First of all, numerolo-gists and astrologers have observed the energies of the planets and numbers and the way these energies are manifested in people's behavior. Numerologists have assigned meaning to the numbers just as astrologers have assigned meaning to the signs. When we look at these numbers we'll see that they make astrological sense as well. Numerology is the study of the meanings of numbers, especially as they relate to one's birth date and birth name. Similarly, if you take the simple numbers that numerology uses and begin to rearrange them in different ways, you'll soon notice that the possible combinations are quite literally astronomical. Your numerolog-ical profile reflects a unique combination of numbers, just like your astrological chart, and the result is yet another map of your life. If you're interested in learning more about numerology, we'd suggest The Complete Idiot's Guide to Numerology, written by Kay...


Having cleared the ground by a general consideration of the principles involved in the science of numerology, we may now proceed to an exposition of the subject both from a traditional and empirical point of view. I trust I have made it clear that no claim is made for any occult power or mystic virtue inhering in numbers as such. If they possess any such power, it is solely by reason of associated ideas in the human mind. I regard numbers only in the light of symbols, and in this light I conceive it quite possible, nay, even probable, that the higher Intelligences who guide the destinies of mankind may employ them as an universal language in order to signal to our minds something concerning the trend of things which is essential to our welfare. If minds may be instructed by visions, dreams, and oracles, they may also, and more generally, be so by means of the mute language - I might say indeed the mute eloquence - of numbers. If, as Pythagoras said The world is built upon the power of...

Learn The Benefits Of Independence Learn To

The major number in a numerology chart is called the Life Path, and your major number, Tapwa, is a 1. There's a lesson for each Life Path that lesson is likely to be an important focus in your life. The lesson of the number 1 is simply this learn the benefits of independence. This is a two-part lesson first, learn to stand on your own two feet, learn not to lean on or depend on others. Second, go on to be a leader or creator with a life of accomplishment. Some people with this Life Path spend most of their life on the first part and have little time left for accomplishment. Others with this Path, like Martin Luther King, spend little time on the first part and most of the life in a period of superior attainment.

The Early Hebrews Were Great Astrologers

About 4,000 years ago, Babylonian astrologers formulated the fundamentals of astrology from which modern traditional astrology is derived. We should clarify right away that whenever we speak about the Babylonian astrologers and use that term, the people we are referring to include the Hebrews from their very beginnings until about the birth of Christ. Babylonia as a land was really ancient Mesopotamia, which was literally the land between two rivers. These two rivers were the Tigris and the Euphrates. And it was there in Babylonia that Abraham, the patriarch of the Hebrews, was born and raised. In Babylonia during Abraham's time, every single person learned astrology. As a result, there are literally dozens of references to the Hebrews' use and respect for astrology in the Old Testament. For these reasons and many others, the Magi Society is convinced that all the Hebrew prophets of the ancient era were astrologers. If you are skeptical about this, we suggest you study the Kabbala,...

Synthesis Of The Core Elements

In numerology terms, the relative power is expressed in relation to the position of the number. A number is most powerful in the Life Path position, less powerful in the Expression position, and weaker yet in the Soul Urge position. The position of the number, therefore, determines how strong an influence it represents in the core. The relative power is expressed in a core . delineation by devoting an amount of writing (or speaking) to each element proportional to the power of that element. I rarely think of best or worst in the context of numerology. Each life is developed from its own potentials and each of us can deal only with the potentials we possess. You can only express, at best, the highest level of your own potentials. It will not benefit you to compare yourself (or anyone else) with others. People have their own potentials and are operating only within those contexts.

Their Baries Helping People Change Their Names

Numerology assumes the existence of reincarnation. The Numerology soul, in a physical body, comes back to the earth plane many and times to learn the varied lessons which can only be learned on reincarnation this plane. When all of the lessons are learned, the soul no longer returns to earth, ascends instead to a higher level for advanced tutelage. I don't think that a soul purposely chooses a difficult life here on earth, but sometimes the numerology reading shows much in the way of difficulty. Why does this happen The baby will always receive the name the soul needs, but the most direct path to that name is through the baby's parents. The name should be chosen by the parents (or by the adoptive parents when the baby is adopted shortly after birth). If a nu-merologist is consulted, it should be in an advisory capacity only. If the parents have several names under discussion, the numerologist can be helpful in distinguishing the characteristics and impediments related to each name....

The Numbers and the Signs 1 Through

To which planet or sign, we have decided to give a brief look at the qualities of each number and the similar qualities in astrological signs. The numerology sign is not meant to equal the astrological sign rather, the astrological sign helps us recognize the qualities the numbers described. But enough explaining. Here's our rendition. Nine is the number of endings, finishing, and completion. It is the end of a cycle and considered the last number in numerology (1 to 9). The number 9 has the properties of all the numbers inherent in its power. It is intuitive, emotional, capable of deep empathy, and has come to learn compassion. Number 9s must learn to feel deep concern while remaining detached. This number also is associated with the ability to rise from the ashes of despair and begin again.

Your Life Path or Birth Path Number

We have worked with this number before. Remember, the life path, or birth path, number is one of the two main foundations for numerology. This number (the sum of the month, day, and year you were born) indicates what inherent talents and gifts you've got to make your way in the world.

Refranation Astrology

Nadir X The Nakshatras The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology X Natal Astrology X Natal Chart (Birth Chart Nativity) X National Council for Geo-cosmic Research X Native X Nativity X Natural Astrology X Natural House (Natural Chart Natural Ruler) X Negus, Ken X Nelson, John X Nemesis X Neopagan Spirituality and Astrology X Neptune X Nerthus X New Planets X Newspaper Astrology X Newton, Sir Isaac X Night Horoscope X Nike X Niobe X Nocturnal X Nodes of the Planets X Nonplanets X Northern Signs X Nostradamus X Novile X Numerology and Astrology X Nymphe

What You Should Do

We'll say it again Practice, practice, practice All of the metaphysical mediums, including astrology, Tarot, palmistry, and numerology, take years of patient effort, study, and practice to gain proficiency and accuracy. You'll want to consult Appendix C, Resources for the Starry-Eyed If You Want to Find Out More, at the back of this book for a selection of excellent reference books that are wonderful tools for a self-study of Tarot. Read up, reflect, and remember A picture speaks a thousand words Enjoy your exploration of Tarot.

Its in the Numbers Again

Let's go back to Lisa again for an example of how to figure your name, or destiny, number. Even though Lisa's never before revealed her middle name to the world, for the sake of numerological science, Lisa will now do so. So, Lisa's name is an 11, one of the master numbers. And this brings us to Numerology Rule 2. Numerology Rule 2 Do not reduce master numbers. The master numbers 11, 22, 33, and so on are not reduced to single digits because they have special significance. It is thought that those with master numbers are reincarnated souls who have volunteered to come back to help the human race evolve. Numerology Rule 2 Do not reduce master numbers. The master numbers 11, 22, 33, and so on are not reduced to single digits because they have special significance. It is thought that those with master numbers are reincarnated souls who have volunteered to come back to help the human race evolve.

Old Walter Gorn Sepharial

Sepharial retained a strong interest in Kabbalah and numerology along with his astrological interests. He was a significant, widely influential astrologer. His reflections on prenatal astrology inspired E. H. Bailey's theorizing on the prenatal epoch. He died on December 23, 1919, in Hove, East Sussex.

Number Form Colour Sound

Us not an influence in a natural or causative sense, but a significance in a symbolical sense. They learned to interpret the language of nature, and hence arose their systems of astrology and numerology, which latter they afterwards used to hide their secrets from the uninitiated. Hence arose kabalism. Some mystics consider that Uranus falls into the system of numerology by regarding it as the first of a new gamut, corresponding to the Sun, then 1 + 9 10 Uranus, while Neptune, the superior Venus , will have to wait realisation until we have evolved up to 6 + 9 15, which is a deific height to which, for the moment, we need not aspire, contenting ourselves by filling up the spaces in between .

Christian Attitudes Towards Astrology

The Marcionites assigned numbers to all such entities, and engaged in numerological speculation.40 The Gnostic Basileides, who taught in Alexandria in 120-40 CE, adheres to the doctrines of astrological geography, according to which different stars influence the physique and mores of different zones of the world, and to that of melothesia, according to which different parts of the body are controlled by different astrological elements.

What Are Your Numbers and Do They Add Up

There are five important numbers in numerology. All of them come from your birth name and your birthday. These five important numbers are There are secondary numbers that can reveal insightful information about you, too. But first, let's take a look at these five important numerological numbers and relate them to Lisa's numbers. In addition to determining personal numbers, numerologists also study the numbers of places, events, names of countries, and even houses. Your address has a number that can indicate the qualities and energy of your house. For instance, if your house address is 2959 it adds up to a 7 (2 + 9 + 5 + 9 25 2 + 5 7). This 7 house represents a place where people come to rest, retreat, and rejuvenate. People who live in a 7 house will want privacy, quiet, and solitude. This would not be a house for parties or families, but one for research, study, and reflection.

Names Numbers And Incidents

Thus history reveals to us this correlated successiveness or law of numerical sequence which we find to have representation also in the lives of individuals. Those who diligently apply themselves to the study of numerology will continually find confirmation of this law, which is observed by nature in cosmic relations, as in the common expression of Kepler's law, by which we know that a projectile force varies inversely as the square of the distance, the application of which to the solar system gave rise to Bode's law, which is thus represented -

Introduction To Progressed Delineation

At any particular time in your life, there are specific energies and influences in operation which are not directly related to your basic characteristics. These energies and influences can be mapped by numerology. You can determine in advance the times of greatest opportunity. You can foresee problems and the areas in which they're likely to occur. Or, you can look back and get a clear picture of why some past experiences were so satisfying while others were so uncomfortable.

The Basics

The study of numerology is the study of the symbolism ot numbers. Each number represents one large area of human awareness and experience all the numbers together cover all possible awarenesses, experiences, talents and characteristics. Only the single digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 and the Master Numbers 11 and 22 are used. The Master Numbers, the only numbers not reduced to a single digit, represent a special higher level of potential than the other numbers.

The Procedure

Advanced delineations follow the same general principles discussed in Parts II and III of Volume 1. The principles are followed just as rigorously as before, but the delineation format is looser and the reading is assembled with an eye to the individual numerologist's creative input. The increased depth of the advanced reading derives from the numerologist's experience and ther expanding ability to describe each subject's characteristics in the manner most meaningful to that subject.

6 Third Period

For Hal, as for most of us, the ability to pursue the lesson of his Life Path in his First Period will strongly affect his dealings in the Second Period. And, similarly, his mastery (or lack of mastery) of the lesson in the first and middle Periods will certainly mark his last. The numerologist has no way of knowing when (or even if) the lesson is learned, so the Period delineation must be rendered broadly to cover the many possibilities.

Dur Mik Death Spot

Mewa means mole or birth mark, and the nine mewas stem from a system of numerology used for centuries by the Chinese. It indicates a karmic relation from life to life. There are nine mewas, and they are often arranged in a so-called magic square that gives totals of 15, whichever way they are totaled up.


I give the reading partly on the qualities of the sign, partly on numerology and partly on cold reading. If you have considered learning card reading (and it is a very useful skill) this is a wonderful way to begin as you need learn the meanings of only fifteen cards. Ron Cain wrote an excellent book on this subject called The Secret to Reading Cards and Clients (published by Flora and Company, P.O. Box 8263, Albuquerque, NM 87198).

Christino Karen

Christino is certified Level IV by the NCGR, has a B.A. in English from Colgate University, and took graduate classes at Columbia University. She studied traditional astrology with Zoltan Mason and Robert Zoller and modern techniques with Al H. Morrison. She practices yoga and meditation and has also studied zen, Reiki, and numerology.

The Master Numbers

Numerologists have actually determined meanings for the numbers 1 through 99, with special significance given to master numbers. The symbolism of numbers was developed and explored in the time of ancient Greece, by Plato, Pythagoras (actually thought to be the father of mathematics and numerology), the Hebrews, the Gnostics, the Kabbalists, and the Egyptians. The symbology of numbers is like astrology in that it is meant to reflect universal truths about the nature of mankind.

Your Power Center

In an astrological chart there's nothing placed in the center, yet there is a center-force energy there. In numerology, we place the power number at the center as the number of integration and wholeness the driving force. As you can see, numerology, like astrology, is an ancient system for divining knowledge about your own mystery. It is a guide and heaven knows in this hurry-up, do-more, be-more life, it helps to have a map If you want to learn more about this fascinating field, be sure to check out Appendix C, Resources for the Starry-Eyed If You Want to Find Out More, in the back of this book for good books on numerology.


Numerology is the study of the occult significance of numbers. It's probably the simplest of the occult fields to learn and master. Using numerology, you can discover a person's strengths and weaknesses, deep inner needs, emotional reactions, ways of dealing with others, talents. You can help yourself by becoming aware of your own character and learning to understand and deal with others family, friends, lovers, employers, employees. You can find out what kind of potential energy and what type of stress are currently existing in your life and in the lives of those about you. You can determine the best times to marry., change jobs, move, speculate, take a trip. ' How is all this information derived In all the occult fields, observers have found correlations between certain clearly observable physical phenomena and the inner workings of people. In other words, the universe seems to have provided many keys which, when understood, provide superb tools for the understanding of human...

Chance Events

The question now arises, what connection have planetary periods with numerology In a general sense they tend to establish the physiognomy of Nature as a scientific study. If the powers that be elect to signal us by means of celestial phenomena, why not by numerical figures If by planetary periods we may trace the periodicity of events, why not by numerical sequences In one day the Sun completes its apparent circuit of the heavens, and advances 1 degree, making 361 degrees. This quantity is 19 x 19, and Ptolemy gives the period of the Sun as 19 years. It is also to be observed that the Sun and Moon are conjoined in the same point of the zodiac every 19 years. Thus we see that there is a connection between periodicity and the symbolism of the heavens, and between symbolism and numerology.

The World Soul

Certain evening, I was suddenly surprised to see my visa-vis at the dinner-table put her hand to her throat with an expression of alarm. I gave her instant attention, and was relieved in some measure when she exclaimed I have lost my coral necklace, with all my keepsake pendants on it I immediately undertook to trace the lost article, and having got a number from her, I announced that the article would be found near an iron railing or partition, and close to where a horse was standing. So much I learned from the number given to me. What followed was merely diplomatic resource, or, as a dramatic artist would say, business . I knew that the lady had just been walking by the riverside, and I also knew that kine and horses were at grass in the fields beyond the hawthorn hedge which ran along one side of the tow-path. I did not, however, recollect any iron gate or railing. The suggestion of a hunt was quickly followed up, and I led the way, keeping an eye open in the gathering gloom for...

Cosmic Analogies

Viewed from the point of view of numerology, we exhaust our gamut at the number 7, and Uranus will therefore be 8 and Neptune 9. But these quantities will have to be applied to the planets Mercury 5 and Venus 6, to which they are octaves, and thus we have for Uranus 8+5 13 4, and for Neptune 9+6 15 6. This comes into line with the statement in the Secret Doctrine that Uranus is the same as the Sun, for which the latter is a substitute and we have already seen that 4 is a number directly related to the Sun in the kabalistic system of numerology. Also we have seen that Mercury is the alternate of the Sun, which answers to the number 4, while here we have Uranus in terms of Mercury represented by 13 4 vide Cosmic Symbolism, chap. xiv).

Vocational Guidance

Numerology is useful in determining the vocations which would be most satisfying and most growth producing. The determination of the one best job isn't possible the determination of a desirable direction and the subject's talents and adaptability for specific vocational areas is comparatively easy. Some numerology charts indicate a direction by virtue of the large number of core elements and sub-elements which belong in one of the groups described in Chapter 20

The Gore

There are approximately twenty numerology components which are derived from a person's birthdate and birthname. A complete character delineation evolves from the synthesis of these many pieces. The core of a reading involves only four of these elements. The core expresses the essence of a person his direction, his strengths and weaknesses, his potential for change and development. If we think of a complete character delineation as comparable to a full-color portrait, the core would be equivalent to a slightly fuzzy black-and-white reproduction of the portrait. The core would be as rough and incomplete as the reproduction but it would be accurate, and it would give us the major characteristics just as the reproduction does. The reproduction might show that the person has large almond-shaped eyes, but until the color is added, you wouldn't know if they're black or blue or brown, arid until the focus is sharpened, you can't really know if there's an especially lively glint in the eye....

Cycle Of The Squares

In numerology, that is the number of money. So, whatever it is you are going to start will take time and hard work, but will ultimately pay off in financial terms. From all of this, I sense that you must have been born on the 13 th of the month. Is that correct It is Fantastic Numerology is wonderful. You see, if you add up all the circled numbers, 1, 4 and 8, you end up with 13 - your day of birth Rather than simply say, This is your day of birth , I give a little reading based on the numerological values of the circled numbers. Numerologically, one means independence, attainment and new beginnings. Two means close relationship, intuition and tactfulness. Four stands for organisation and hard work. Eight means money, finance and large-scale ventures. Sixteen reduces to a seven numerologically (as 1+6 7). Seven stands for spirituality, and knowledge and wisdom.

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