In the previous Lesson (XX) you were introduced to the basic precepts of a transit. Now we expand that knowledge so that the word "transit" becomes an integral word in your vocabulary. In light of the preceding statement sit back relax, and read carefully this fascinating concept. Remember what was said in Lesson XX; "When we say that a planet is transiting we are merely defining its motion through the zodiac. When we talk about a progressed planet we simply are referring to a transiting planet whose motion we have halted for a specific progressed time and place." (It would benefit you immensely if you would refer back to and restudy the section in Lesson XX concerning transits so this material is made fresh in your mind.) Within our present sample charts, both the Radix Chart and the Progressed Chart, let us define exactly what we have accomplished. When we erected the natal chart we stopped the motion of the transiting planets for the exact time, date, and place in question. The influences within this Nativity are of paramount significance as they stamp an indelible astrological pattern on our client. However, the pattern is not absolute and is subject to the changing nature of the universe. The transit of the planets and the signs through the Zodiac does not cease with the erection of the nativity but it continues, expanding and developing that pattern within the scope of the nativity. The workings of this expansion and development are the subject of a Progression. For our sample client we have chosen his 24th year to stop the transit (motion) of the planets and signs once again. We have done this to depict any major astrological changes which our client may be experiencing. Remember that the three major evaluations, in our nativity delineation were, in order, a detailed consideration of the Natal Sun, Moon, and Ascendant Signs. Our essential methods of procedure in estimating the impact of a Progression is similar. We commence with an investigation of the Progressed Sun and then continue into Progressed Moon, Ascendant and the aspects. There are several differences, however, within the basically same approach, when investigating a Progression. The major difference is within our appraisal of the Progressed Aspects and the transiting nature of the Progressed Planets through the set arcs of influence for aspects with Natal Planets.

Remember that there are various methods of progressing a Birth Chart in order to discover the trends working in a life during future years. We use the "day for a year" method.

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