Sun In Cancer

This position indicates the reception of money or property from parents or relatives. This location also causes the native to be resourceful, active and creative and will give you a gift of intuitive understanding and of real human sympathy.

Tell your client that he possesses an innate ability to know when to speak and when to keep silent. Further tell him that if he can employ this ability in his daily domestic life he will be able to smooth over some of the uglier situations and promote a general air of understanding.

Warn him that if this quality is compromised it may cause him some problems. His will power may weaken and he could be regarded as untrustworthy by some of his associates.

The location indicates the stronger qualities of the Sun. It affords the native an instinctive sense of power, self-confidence and optimism but it also signifies a basic need for exercising tolerance and for maintaining patience with others when they seem to lag behind. He is ambitious, aspiring, and capable of filling positions of authority and responsibility. Although he is fond of exercising his authority and standing on his dignity he can be very generous, magnanimous, affectionate and sympathetic. It is difficult for this person to find serenity in a subordinate position.

Tell him to be very prudent about his egotism and pride for if he lets it reach out of proportion the results will be disastrous. He should be instructed to maintain his basic warmheartedness and to be very affectionate for this will afford him his greatest amount of happiness and satisfaction.

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