Seventh House

Sun in the Seventh House

When the Sun is located in the Seventh House it is an excellent position for the emotional development of the native and it invariably suggests benefit through marriage. The native, however, must become aware of any social or ethnic differences which may interfere with his involvement with others. Sometimes this position discloses that the native's partner (Whenever there is reference to the native's "partner" this refers to either his marital or business partner.) will be of a higher social position, in which case the success of the relationship will depend strictly on the aspects of the Sun. The partners or friends of the native tend to be extremely proud people deeply concerned about social status. The Sun here, however, affords the native the potential to rise to a higher social position than the one into which he or she is born. The native must learn to be patient and accept his partner as she or he is and not how he would like them to be.

Moon in the Seventh House

The Moon occupying the Seventh House invariably designates that the domestic side of the native's life will be peaceful. It suggests a partner who is extremely talented for domestic arrangements and well able to assist in the general handling of family life. However, if the Moon is badly aspected, the reverse effect will occur and cause the native constant turmoil in his domestic life.

This position of the Moon signifies successful partnerships and cooperation in matters concerning business and finance. Again, we must consider the aspect, to determine the actual influence involved.

Mercury in the Seventh House

Mercury located in the Seventh House implies that the mental capabilities of the partner will be intensified. It is a favorable position for harmonious relationships with the in-laws or relatives of business partner. There is an indication that the native's marriage partner will be involved in substantial short distance business travel.

This position of Mercury provides the native with a cheerful disposition. It indicates an inclination towards literary pursuits. The native has an inherent talent to utilize the art of suggestion and thereby persuade people to do things which they normally would never consider.

Venus in the Seventh House

This is an excellent position of Venus as far as marriage is concerned. It intensifies the power of love-making and indicates that the native will maintain his sex drives for the duration of his marriage. The native of this position of Venus is well equipped to cooperate for the interest of others.

Social and public success is indicated. The native is able to adapt socially and politically to the norms of the day. It is an excellent influence for business partnerships and it signifies success in financial endeavors.

Venus posited here means that the native will realize considerable gain through his associations with women.

Mars in the Seventh House

Mars posited in the Seventh House signifies a questionable infl uence on the native. The native must learn to adapt to the strength of his partner's character without letting himself be used by it. The partner will have a bad disposition and a quick temper. Some interference by the relatives of the partner is also indicated, which would complicate things.

Mars in the Seventh House more than likely attracts the native into contact with public and social affairs. The basic drive of the native will cause him many problems here. Thus, the native will have to use discretion in all that is said and done.

Jupiter in the Seventh House

This is an excellent position for Jupiter and it provides many benefits through the marriage relationship. Sometimes Jupiter in the Seventh House indicates a marriage to a person of a different race. Generally, it precipitates gains through the actions of the business or marriage partner. In connection with public and social affairs, it signifies that the native will hold a position of authority. The partner, even if he is really not interested, will show just concern and interest for the position the native assumes here.

Saturn in the Seventh House

When Saturn is posited in the Seventh House there is a strong indication that the native may marry someone who is considerably older. It also signifies some delay in the consummation of marriage. The marriage partner will be extremely frugal, to the point where he or she is over-cautious concerning financial matters and if this is carried to an extreme unhappiness will result.

In certain instances the health of the partner causes considerable anxiety and the partner soon becomes a burden. The nature of this problem, as always, will depend upon sign position and aspects.

Uranus in the Seventh House

When Uranus is posited in the Seventh House it provides a romantic nature for the native. Sometimes, because of the strong inclination to romance, the native marries either very early or very suddenly in life. He must be careful here to employ a certain amount of discrimination otherwise he may make the wrong choice. He generally succombs to infatuations and will often follow temporary fascinations rather than true love. He must learn to be cautious with his emotions. He has a tendency to drop one association for another without carefully weighing the outcome.

Neptune in the Seventh House

The native of this position of the planet Neptune has a tremendous desire for the ideal marriage. Unfortunately, he seldom finds this ideal state. Neptune posited here invariably implies conditions of disillusion, deception and trickery. Marriage often is to a partner prone to drunkeness, sexual perversion and other undesirable habits. Therefore, care in choice of a marriage partner should be paramount.

If Neptune is well aspected and there is concrete understanding between the two people concerning their problems, ultimate happiness is achieved.

Pluto in the Seventh House

When Pluto occupies the Seventh House, there are negative indications as far as marriage goes. Peculiar conditions will undoubtedly surround the marital state of the native. There is a likelihood that the partner may walk out when problems arise. Yet, when the problems are small, the partner is capable of inducing happiness into the marriage.

There is an indication of more than one marriage and there is a chance the native may never find happiness in marriage.

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