Self Knowledge

Most people, although they do not want to admit it, do not know as much about themselves as they would really want to. This is an area where astrology can be of incredible significance for everyday people. Astrology can accurately reveal, through a careful analysis of the transits, the days when someone may be feeling strangely impatient or those peculiar days when their temper may be snappy. So too the easy days when someone will feel particularly relaxed are readily evident in your careful analysis of their horoscope.

In short, (once you have completed our prescribed course of study and attained our standard levels of competency) you will then assume the position of an astrologer and place yourself among that select group of people who dedicate their lives to guiding other people through the most delicate periods of their lives. If you are not interested in practicing professionally you can simply employ your knowledge to further your self-wisdom and to help your close ones, family and friends. You may also want to practice just for a hobby. The possibilities are endless. The knowledge you will gain from your practice is a more complete understanding of why the world is the way it is and the reasons for all the incredibly different types of people. You will know the whys to all the questions which perplex you.

We will now, in the next lesson, turn to the specifics of Astrology. You will often be called upon to defend astrology and/or why you believe in it. The first 2 lessons give you the answers for this type question. You don't have to memorize those 2 lessons, but you should have the knowledge contained therein at your fingertips. In this way no one will be able to ridicule or attack your belief in Astrology.

The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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