Progressed Chart Rulership Analysis

The next step in our sample Progression Delineation is an evaluation of the Progressed Chart Ruler. Our sample clients Natal chart is ruled by Mercury and notably his Progressed Chart also falls under Mercury's domain. However, it is important to understand that the 3rd decan of Virgo now ruling furnishes a subrulership of Venus. Venus' inherent impact is doubly augmented when we realize that Libra is nearing ascendancy bringing with a Venus supremacy. However, Virgo is continues to occupy the Ascendant cusp. Hence we delineate Mercury as the ruler of the Progression with a corresponding mention of Venus' impending supremacy. In order to competently estimate the astrological potential of Progressed Mercury it is first necessary to recall the nature of the Radix position.

Radix Mercury is in its position of dignification in Gemini and the overall positional impact of Radix Mercury is excellent. So we have a strong Radix Mercury transiting through the Zodiac and retaining its chart rulership for the time of the Progression. To decipher the nature and impact of Progressed Mercury we must evaluate the Progressed Aspects. If you do not automatically recall that we put the weight of our investigation into the Progressed to Natal Aspects then you should refer back to Lesson XXI and reread that section. It is of paramount significance that you comprehend this principle. Remember this does not imply that aspects between Progressed Planets are meaningless or insignificant. It merely suggests that Progressed to Natal Aspects are more illuminating and relevant to the essential nature of our present study. Aspects between Progressed Planets are highly significant when evaluating mundane or political affairs.

As we have previously ascertained, the position of Mercury in the Radix is excellent. Progressed Mercury forms one major aspect with a Radix Planet. It forms a trine aspect with Radix Neptune in 13 degrees of Libra in the 1 st House. The aspect can be written in the following manner: P 18o R 13o . The applied application of our Aspect Interpretation Chart provides the basis for a delineation of this Aspect.

ASPECT INTERPRETATION CHART A. Nature of Aspecting Planets

Mercury is the planet of mind, reason and intellect. Mercury implies intellectual movement and progress. It distinguishes the progressive from the unprogressive, who can only do what he has been trained to do in youth.

The effects of Neptune are the most eccentric of all the planets. Neptune represents the phenomenon of beauty and inclines towards the dreamer. Neptune provides second insight, mediumistic power and the knowledge of the past and the future.

B. Elemental & Sign Position of the Aspecting Planets

Progressed Mercury occupies the 18th degree of Gemini in the 9th House, whereas Radix Neptune occupies the 13th degree of Libra in the 2nd House. Gemini is a Sign of the Air element while Libra is also from the Air triplicity. Cosmically, Signs of the same element mix and therefore the Aspect produces essential harmony. However we must venture a little deeper to absorb the true nature of the aspect.

Mercury posited in Gemini bestows a keen and alert mentality. It is dignified in Gemini and provides our client a natural capacity to follow a variety of interests. This locality of Mercury also denotes a latent wit and humor, a love of detail, and a fondness for travel and knowledge of the different areas of the world.

Neptune in Libra indicates a flirtatious nature implying that our client is prone to innumerable infatuations with the opposite sex. If passing fancies are not evaluated for their actual worth, they can cause an immeasurable amount of agony for existing relationships.

C. The Nature of the Aspect

The aspect creates elemental harmony under the Air triplicity. The aspect is further strengthened by the dignification of Mercury.

D. House Influence

Progressed Mercury is posited in the 9th House of Religion and Long-distance Travel. Mercury, here, accentuates the potentialities of thought and inspiration. The mental outlook is mostly optimistic but there is an intellectual restlessness and changeability which can cause some confusion.

Radix Neptune occupies the 2nd Zodiacal House. Neptune, here, signifies that our client has a strong driving urge to make money easily and quickly, and as a result he must be very careful that this urge does not interfere with his sense of discrimination between right and wrong. The prospect of easy money will always be attractive and can be responsible for numerous problems.

E. Other Aspects

Progressed Mercury forms one other aspect with the Radix and that is a minor sextile aspect with Radix Pluto in 14 degrees of Leo in the 12th House. The aspect creates additional elemental harmony within the major aspect under consideration. Remember though that the aspect is minor and hence its impact is slight. It simply provides some additional strength for the aspect being investigated.

F. Duration of Aspect

The transit of Mercury through the Zodiac is so swift that the duration of this aspect is short. These transits last only a day or two sometimes falling into groups during the year. Frequently several transits can occur in a month, encouraging a lively social round.

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