When we finally approach our outer-most planet we are now thirty times as far from the sun as is earth, and the solar energy falling on each square mile is a thousandth of that for earth. Arid, frigid, and dark, Pluto numbs the mind with its remoteness and hostility. Icy hummocks and a sprawling crater glimmers in the wan light of a tiny sun (bright star) nearly four billion miles away.

The symbol of Pluto is composed of the sun, moon, and the cross of matter, or spirit, soul, and body. Pluto defines the epochal periods when we can sense abrupt changes in our lives that have been unknown for some time. The caterpillar changes into the butterfly. We can perceive this phenomena the instant the butterfly arrives yet it takes long and calculated observation on the nature of caterpillars to realize that this radical change is part of its destiny. We can give scientific explanation for what has happened, but we really don't know. All we know is that the change has taken place. This change is innate within the caterpillar and we attribute this to Pluto. The suddenness lies in our consciousness, which realizes that the caterpillar has become something we did not expect. The pattern is innate, but we find it hard to conceive that a creeping thing can be suddenly able to fly.

Pluto defines the stages in our lives when action or activities, which have been happening in our subconscious become a concrete reality, a basis for consideration. We awake to facts, and our reflections upon these facts becomes a turning point in our lives, for better or worse. With certain people, a Pluto aspect leads to a fuller, more constructive life, and to a mature consciousness. With other people, it marks a period when laziness, resentment, loose morals, evils, and even crime, can become the order of the day.

Pluto marks the transformations which took place at various points of our lives that have made us what we are today. How often do we hear people say, "If 1 had acted differently at such-and-such a period of my life, how different, for the better or worse, my life would be today." If we progressed a person's chart, we will undoubtedly find that the change could be accrued to a strong transit of Pluto at such a time.

Pluto then will direct us to the time when the mind comprehends events which have previously stood fixed in our subconscious.

Pluto rules atomic energy. In the world of philosophy and religion Pluto rules the factory that causes radical transformation in human lives, such as those that have completely changed certain people, notable for laziness, selfishness, or drunkenness, into happy, radiant, constructive forces for righteousness. Under Pluto the change is real. In Neptune such a change may be only a temporary appearance yet the vision of Neptune may have to appear before Pluto can step in to make the final change.

Pluto rules the ending that leads to new beginnings - the end of the caterpillar and the start of the butterfly. For precisely this reason, Pluto exerts exact influence over Scorpio and also over Aries, the sign of new beginnings. It is a fire planet and, therefore, masculine.

* Conclusion *

We have now covered our solar system and our long voyage to its planets is over. We are beginning to comprehend the continuity of the celestial bodies, and indeed, their implicit influence on each and every one of us. As you continue your development as an astrologer the planets, just as the signs, will become very personal to you. Eventually they will become your best friends as you master the art of delineating their influence in a chart (your own, a friend, or a client's). Always keep in mind that the light you see coming from them is a reflection of the Sun's (our solar systems one star) radiation. This reflection of the Sun's radiation varies, depending upon many things, e.g. distance from earth at a given time; arrival of the radiation at the same time as other radiation from other planets reaches earth; natal horoscope of the person now being affected, and there are others. This is what makes each person different and the astrologer analyzes these varying effects by erecting the horoscope, progressing it and delineating. The chart on page 35, illustration A, is designed so that you can have this important information readily available at any time. It is something which you should commit to memory as early as possible.

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