The discovery of Pluto was announced March 13, 1930. Its effect in the twelve signs is still being studied and recorded and because this study is not as yet complete it would be futile to dogmatize upon its effects in the twelve signs.

As Pluto is the most distant known planet from the Sun its radiation must necessarily effect the long term range of the native's life. In whatever sign Pluto is posited it causes gradual changes to occur so that new methods can be established to meet all modern requirements. Of course the House position must be considered in relationship to the Sign.

It takes Pluto, on the average, 28 years approximately to pass through one Sign of the Zodiac from its initial entry to its final exit. As far as House position goes, however, it will pass through the whole of the twelve Houses in the 24 hours of the day. The actual House in which it is posited at a person's birth, of course, is dependent upon the time and place of that particular birth.

Pluto rules the atomic power of force. In human character or destiny it rules the unknown or the unseen, the X factor. It demonstrates the capacity to release into action the unrealized latent powers for good or for ill which reside within the human physical and spiritual form. The effects of Pluto are far-reaching. When you drop a stone in the water of a pond the ripples caused by the stone slowly reach all points of the pond. The ripples, as with the radiations from Pluto, will touch things far beyond the original point of contact and produce results entirely undreamed of.


You should reread this lesson until the meaning of each Planet in each sign becomes part of your very nature. It is important to keep in your mind that the concept of aspects will determine if a planet's influence will be harmonious or not harmonious.

We have covered Planets and Houses. There is considerable talk of a tenth Planet larger then Saturn which is so far away as to reflect very little light. Any new developments such as this will be brought to your attention through our Alumni Society. This is also true of further developments as to the planet Pluto and all other occurrences in Astrology throughout the World.

The truth of the characteristics of the Houses and Planets is based on thousands of years of observation, research and recordings by Astrologers throughout the World. Their accuracy has been proven many many times over. It is very rare that an exception is encountered. However, when this does occur, careful study and analysis will usually reveal some explanation.

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