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Before we can calculate a horoscope, we need to understand the various kinds of time. LOCAL MEAN TIME gives us exactly noon when the Sun is directly overhead, or rather, at its highest place in the heavens. Since the Sun apparently moves in relationship to the Earth, it stands to reason that the actual time of noon will vary as we happen to live in various places, for example, when it is 7:00 A.M. in Philadelphia, it is noon in London.

The Sun moves approximately sixty miles every four minutes. This average sixty miles forms one degree of longitude, hence the Sun travels one degree of longitude in four minutes of time, or 15 degrees to the hour. Suppose a certain city is sixty miles or so west of your birthplace, the Sun will not reach this other city for four minutes. In the past, each city or country place maintained its own time, but as people moved more frequently, they argued about the correctness of their watches so much, that Standard time was introduced. Before we can set up the angles of the horoscope, we first need true Local Mean Time. Therefore, when the birth time is given, it is given in Standard time, and it is necessary for us to convert it to Local Mean Time. This procedure is very simple and should cause you no trouble. Remember that this correction is simply to find the true local mean time. More computation is necessary before we can erect the chart but this is our beginning.

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