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On to the second six signs of the zodiac. They will be treated in essentially the same manner as the first six. You will be given an invaluable portrait of the signs. The basis of the interpretation of your client's horoscope is contained in this portrait. It is critical for you to proceed carefully and understand each sign completely before going to the next.

VII. LIBRA is the seventh sign of the zodiac, its symbol is known as the scales or the balance. It is the sign of friendliness and cooperation, it tends toward law and justice and is excellent for marriage and partnership. The Sun usually ingresses Libra on or about September 23rd.

In ancient Egypt, Astrologers held that the Constellation Libra represented a pair of scales; however, it was not until the time of Ptolemy that the Greeks and the Romans assented to this relationship. Up to then, they regarded this part of the celestial belt as an extended zone of the Constellation Virgo in which they saw Astraea, whom they regarded as their goddess of justice. This famous deity sat blindfolded with a shiny sword in one hand and a pair of scales in the other. Once formal recognition was accorded to the sign Libra by the Greeks and Romans, the symbol of "blind justice" was assigned to it. In explaining this zodiacal change, it is claimed that during the Golden Age mankind knew neither good or evil. After the "fall" of humanity from the state of innocence, mankind was granted the power of free will and self-government. The Sign Libra represents this selfhood and will power. Instead of being judged only by the gods, human beings agreed to accept the verdict of mortal judges. It is noteworthy to mention here that the word "liberty" is taken from the word Libra. Arbitrations and affiliations are ruled by the Sign Libra and it is significant that the emblem of "blind justice" has been adopted almost everywhere as being indicative of the compassion and justice meted out by those who are entrusted to grant or withhold freedom, according to the tenets of the law. Elaborate renderings of this sign in every media are found in attorneys offices all over the world.

Libra is of the Air element with a cardinal quality and reproductive trinity. Some keywords are intuition, justice and equilibrium. Please review all the characteristics of Libra on your chart in Lesson III before proceeding. In nature, this sign is masculine or positive, it is active and expressionable with a definite trait of dominance. Some of the favorable attributes of a Libra are: intuitive, refined, modest and affectionate. Some of the negative attributes are: worrisome and too demonstrative. A Libran is very social and enjoys civic and religious affairs. Libra has wonderful manners, they are well groomed and tactful. Librans hate unpleasantness so that even when strangers are the target of unjust complaints Librans are quick to say something placating to restore peace. You might say that they balance the scales. Ruled by Venus, Librans want harmony at any price. Libra personalities will provoke a quarrel, but are dismayed when rage is aroused. They rarely realize that they may have brought it about. For this reason they can honestly defend their employers. They cannot understand why their superiors should not be allowed the right to err. In employment they find basic success in affairs parallel to those of their birth sign, or to the interests of the house in which the Sun finds itself in their horoscope. In alliances, such as business, fraternal and marriage, they are compatible with those born under the same sign, or one that is trine to it, opposite or sextile; for example, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini and Leo. Libra can be the ambassador of good will for the policy of the company, sit in on the board meeting and re-interpret for the boss when the latter offends executives from his own or other companies. Their suave manner, good clothes and quiet voice, tones down all the anxiety caused by flustering Aries; the overbearing attitude of the Leo President; the overbiding of money wise Taurus; and the support given by the talkative advertising man. Libra calms them all down with assurance.

Research has proven that the Sun-Moon relationship is most successful in Marriage. Refer to explanation of Moon relationship in Lesson IV if still necessary.

Decanate division shows that those born when the Sun was in the first ten degrees of Libra have the quality of wisdom and good policy, subtlety in public relations and adventurous in human relations. Those in the second decan have a great deal of independence, strong individuality and are great exponents of liberty in thought and action. Those in the third decan a definite superiority in arts and letters, sometimes the mind is used to dominate or even enslave others which could end in serious trouble.

The dignities of Venus, planetary ruler of Libra, are that it governs Taurus and Libra and is exalted in Pisces. Its debilities are that it is in its detriment when in Scorpio or Aries and in its fall when in Virgo.

In mundane astrology, Libra rules the legal profession, all conciliatory offices and relations with foreign countries including the prospects of war. It also involves all councils on human relations seeking justice.

VIII. SCORPIO is the eighth sign of the zodiac and its symbol is known as the Scorpion, a small animal from the spider family with a deadly poisonous sting in its tail. Its symbol implies a serpent also a lethal animal. It is said that in ancient times this sign was symbolized as an eagle, (it is the sign of generation, the human ability to produce new life.) Mankind, however, abused its high responsibility and brought the generative act down to the earthy level of sex alone. The symbol was then changed to a scorpion with the emphasis on its sting. Thus Scorpio came to be known as the sign of sex. This does not necessarily mean that Scorpio natives are more prone to sex troubles than the other signs, for everybody has Scorpio in his horoscope. In fact Scorpio natives are usually better equipped to deal with sex in an honorable manner. The sun's ingress of this sign is usually about October 23.

The history behind the symbol for Scorpio is important for a concise picture of Scorpio. The star Antares was considered, by the Persians, to be one of the four cornerstones of the temple of heaven. Its position in the sign Scorpio has given the eloquent everywhere, an excellent opportunity to delineate descriptive words of its appearance.

All of these, once translated into English, refer to the heart of the Scorpion. The formation of the sign indicates the form of the Scorpion sent from the heavens to sting Orion, a mighty hunter convinced of his invulnerability. The sting was fatal but, in spite of his boastfulness, Orion was given consideration after his death. Because he was the son of Neptune and Queen Euryale, Orion had great influence. Therefore, he was placed in that part of the Zodiac which is in direct opposition to the sign Scorpio. As a result, when one constellation rises in the east, the other sinks in the west. In ancient civilization, both the Phoenix and the snake symbolized the Scorpion because both implied the notion of regeneration or rebirth. The phoenix was the mythical bird which was consumated by a fire of its own nest only to be reincarnated from its own ashes. The snake was also associated with regeneration because of its habit of shedding skin after moulting. This is why, in modern astrology, the eagle and the Scorpion are co-symbol of the sign Scorpio. However the Scorpion is generally used.

Scorpio is of the water element. Fixed in quality and reproductive in trinity. Some keywords are creativity, originality and desire. (Before continuing please review your chart of basic characteristics for Scorpio in Lesson III.) In nature, this sign is negative, feminine, powerful but dormant and silent. Some favorable attributes are strong-willed and unbegrudging. Some unfavorable attributes are restless, jealous and hot-tempered. He is secretive, dignified, persistent, exacting and magnetic. Scorpio seeks the power to put the world in its place, as he sees it. Ideas that are unknown to Scorpio are scoffed at. He takes the position that he is a realist and if something is not real or practical then it is wrong. He likes to use sweeping, final forms of expression that leave no doubt that he does not believe in an idea mainly because he did not think of it. He becomes very irritated if a subject is under discussion which he did not think of. He will argue with you, not so much because the premise of the idea is wrong but because you thought of it first. Scorpios do not like this, it is an attack on their personal power. This anger is deep and abiding, bothering them until they find a way to top you. The underlying reason, in one word, is jealousy. Scorpio is the most jealous of all the signs. What you have, if he does not have it, amasses more power for you. Anything that adds to your personality, position or knowledge is clearly a thing that might have been useful to him. It angers him that it did not occur to him first.

In the business world Scorpio has most success with those affairs paralleling the affairs of his birth sign. Things such as, occult endeavors, affairs of the dead, surgery, criminology and finance are among the things he can expect to succeed in. It is the partner sign to Taurus, the money sign. He also succeeds working along the lines suggested by the house in which the sun finds itself in his horoscope. In alliances such as business, fraternal or marriage, he gets along well with those born under his own sign or one that is opposite, trine or sextile to it. The Sun Moon relationship has been found to be excellent for marriage. (If necessary refer back to your explanation of the Sun-Moon relationship in Lesson IV.)

Decanate division shows that those born when the sun was in the first decanate of Scorpio have resourcefulness, an excess of causative energy that always goads to action, a creative imagination and a tremendous absence of repressions. Those of the second decan are noted for responsibility, restrictions in expression, strength of character for either good or bad and vivid passions. Those of the third decan are noted for attainment, intense intuition, vivid ideals, the potency of sex sublimated to stimulate ideals and ambitions.

The dignities of Pluto, the planetary ruler of Scorpio are it governs Scorpio and is exalted in Aries. Its debilities are: it is in its detriment when in Taurus and in its fall when in Libra.

In mundane astrology Scorpio rules banking, morals of the people and serious epidemics that may cause many deaths.

IX. SAGITTARIUS is the ninth sign of the zodiac and its symbol is the archer, aiming his arrow. We often see the emblem as a centaur, half man, half horse, also with his bow and arrow. A compelling desire for the truth is implied in its upward pointed symbol. The symbol is a bow and arrow. It is the sign of higher rulership, of religion, philosophy and decisions of the Supreme Court. It also indicates long travels and the knowledge gained therewith. Thus it includes book publishing and the spreading of knowledge far and wide. The sun's ingress of this sign is usually on November 23.

According to an old fable, the wise and learned teacher Chiron became a centaur, half horse and half man to elude the insane jealousies of his temper crazed wife. She wished him to spend more time with her and not dedicate his entire life to the education profession. He now possessed the head of a man and the body of a horse. Therefore, he had a human brain for thinking and the swiftness of a horse for mobility. He was an excellent tutor and the divinities on Mt. Olympus retained him to instruct their youth. They were completely dependent on his wisdom in many of their temperamental or emotional problems. His advice was widely acclaimed because of its applicability.

Chiron taught Aesculapeius the secrets of anatomy and medicine. The training was so remarkably concise that Aesculapeius eventually became the deity of the healing arts. Chiron instructed Hercules in the delicacies of astronomy and science. He was also responsible for young Apollo's mastery of music and the graphic arts. Hercules, despite his praise-worthy attributes, had an inflammable temper. Enraged one day at being chided by Chiron for making a mistake, Hercules hurled a poison arrow into the unguarded back of the old centaur. Mortally wounded Chiron sought assistance from the great deity Jupiter. Overcome with sympathy Jupiter transformed Chiron into the star cluster that can be seen in the constellation Sagittarius which, as will become second knowledge to you, has jurisdiction over higher learning and hunting. When the old centaur speeds after knowledge, none can hold him back. He is the mighty hunter of the Zodiac who always pursues truth and happiness.

Sagittarius is one of the fire signs, it has a mutable quality and a reproductive trinity. Some of its keywords are insight, reason and intellection. Review your chart of basic characteristics in Lesson III for Sagittarius.

In nature this sign is masculine, positive, active, expressionable and dominant. Some of Sagittarius' favorable attributes are: sympathetic, just, deep-thinking, independent and unbegrudging. Some of its unfavorable are: impulsive, hot-tempered, brusque and misunderstood. It is honorable, free, sincere and often prophetic.

Sagittarius is the truth seeker of the Zodiac. His life is one big adventure and he never stops searching for answers. His sign is associated with the higher mind, and his purpose is to formulate ideas or ideals based on the intellectual rather than the material level.

He abhors the phony or the hypocritical and is not afraid to speak his mind. He possesses an uncanny ability to add two and two and always get four, regardless of how others choose to distort the fact. However, he can be too honest, and he often puts his foot in his mouth because he hasn't recognized the value of an occasional little white lie. When he does not live up to his finest qualities, he becomes, at worst, tactless or insulting, and insensitive to the feelings of others. Or he becomes a drifter, going from place to place, person to person, trying to find his niche in the world. He sees life as a big joke, and he often plays the buffon - laughing on the outside even though he may be crying on the inside.

Sagittarians think in terms of the future. They make good lawyers and understand how the law may secure your future forever. So in employment they tend to find the most success in areas that concern law, the law of man or the law of God. Hence, they make good politicians, psychiatrists & clergymen. Indecision presents the greatest problem to Sagittarius in his quest for financial success. Those born under the same sign as Sagittarius or under one which is opposite, trine to it or sextile are the most successful for alliances such as business, fraternal or marriage. Once again the Sun-Moon relationship looms as the most successful for marriage.

Decanate division shows that those born when the sun was in the first 1 0 decans of Sagittarius express devotion, cosmic consciousness, and will operate from instinct rather than advice. Those of the second decan indicate expiation, a restless search for new fields to conquer and a great demand for work of definite importance. Those of the third decan imply illumination and a driving desire to clarify the illusions of certain matters.

The dignities of Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius are that it governs Sagittarius and is exalted in Cancer. Its debilities are that it is in its detriment when in Gemini and in its fall when in Capricorn.

In mundane astrology Sagittarius rules churches, courts, the book publishing business, travel agencies and everything pertaining to them.

X. CAPRICORN is the tenth sign of the Zodiac and its symbol is known as the mountain or sea goat and it signifies authority. It is the mountain climber of the zodiac. This is appropriate for Capricorn is at the top of the zodiacal chart. The mountain goat represents the heights on land and the whale represents superiority on the sea. A goat's head and beard are suggested by the symbol. The sun's entry date is usually December 22.

When the sun is about to embark on its zodiacal journey north it is in the sign Capricorn. This is at about the same time as the winter solstice. Literally the word solstice means standing still, e.g. The sun is standing still. This happens at the summer solstice when the sun enters the sign Cancer and at the winter solstice when the sun enters the sign Capricorn. During these periods it appears that the sun stands still a brief moment to change its course from up to down and then from down to up. These moments mark the beginning of summer and the beginning of winter. In ancient civilizations the mountain goat was the most revealing symbol of the upward climbing of the sun. However, the symbolic goat had to be just as competent in achieving the descent. This was accomplished by making its lower appendages in the form of a fish. The result was the composite sea goat.

Its deified counterpart was the god Pan, son of Hermes and Dryope. Pan possessed the thighs and legs of a goat but had human head and torso. A horn, in the shape of a cornucopia, grew on his head and through this horn wishes became reality giving credence to the belief in the blessings that could be derived from the horn of plenty.

Pan carried a musical woodwind instrument called the syrinx. It was comprised of seven resonant tubes, each, attended to a note of the octave. His love of music, and mischief, prompted him to challenge the music god Apollo to a contest of skill. Though Pan played well, he was defeated when it came to rendering sweet lyrics. He had other accomplishments, among which was a Capricious sense of humor. This probably came to his rescue in his romantic entanglement with the fair echo. He loved her but she loved Satyr who, in turn, was in love with Lyde. In the end they are all disappointed because of the lack of responsiveness. According to the legend on silent cold wintry nights when you hear the wind sighing through the leafless trees it is Pan playing on his syrinx, in memory of his lost love.

Capricorn is of the earth element, cardinal in quality and serving in trinity. Some of its keywords are discrimination, prudence and understanding. Review your basic characteristics chart in Lesson III for Capricorn before reading any further.

In nature, this sign is feminine or negative making it silent, dormant and receptive. Some favorable attributes are: self reliant, deep-thinking, refined, rhetorical, self-respecting and magnetic. Some of unfavorable ones are: proud, often too independent and selfish. It is practical, calm and desirous of learning. On any line of work this native likes to be in authority and if knowledgeable could make a splendid supervisor. Good at compromising and organizing. Rather ambitious but will cooperate to achieve his own goals yet he may be too ambitious for his own good.

As we pointed out earlier, Capricorn is the mountain climber of the zodiac even in early childhood he sets out to conquer life and he never gives up until he achieves a secure position in society. Capricorn is associated with the tenth house of success and prestige and his purpose is fulfillment of ambitions through hard work and persistent efforts, despite any obstacles he may encounter along the way. If he lives up to his potential, he is a true worker with a goal in life. He will patiently play by the rules to ensure performance at the top. He will always proceed with a doubting caution, constantly applying previous knowledge before taking the next step ensuring a slow but sure climb. His reputation is extremely important to him and his word is his honor. However, he is often disappointed when others don't come through because he has measured them by his own high standards. In fact, his biggest problem can be that of taking himself too seriously. Often, this is the cause of the numerous frustrations he seems to encounter.

When he fails to express his finer attributes he becomes the social climber or user. He expects life to hand him his due on a silver platter, while he refuses to extend himself in any way. Or he is always right and others are always wrong, because they haven't recognized his superiority as such.

In employment, the sons and daughters of Capricorn generally find success in any line paralleling the affairs of their birth sign or the interests of the house in which the sun finds itself in the horoscope. For alliances such as business, fraternal or marriage those born under the same sign as Capricorn or one opposite, trine or sextile to it are the most conducive for a smooth relationship. The Sun-Moon relationship once again has been found to be excellent for marriage. Please review explanation of Sun-Moon relationship in Lesson IV if you cannot readily recall it.

Decanate division shows that those born when the sun was in the first ten degrees (decan) of Capricorn are good at organization, coordination a forerunner of better things and an excellent conciliator of disputing factions. Those of the second decan are dauntless, again and again they come back for more, sometimes they must suffer martyrdom of their ideals, but by indefatigable effort they can scale the heights of success. Those located in the third decan possess, an inherent idealism, a basic natural ability to grasp high ideals and to express them in concrete form, a powerful imagination joined to intensive labor, a knowledge of the infinite and a trace of psychic.

The dignities of Saturn, ruler of Capricorn are that it governs Capricorn and is exalted in Libra. Its debilities are that it is in its detriment when in Cancer and in its fall when in Aries.

In mundane astrology Capricorn rules all government work and workers, elective, appointive or civil services.

XI. AQUARIUS is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and its symbol is known as the waterman, or water bearer. The symbol for Aquarius depicts two parallel lines of force, pictured as waves of water or electricity. The symbol implies Aquarius to be the servant of mankind pouring out his water to quench the thirst in the world for knowledge. The sun usually ingresses Aquarius on January 19.

The water carrier legend concerns the symbol for the sign Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus. The picture connoted from the formation of stars in the constellation Aquarius is that of an elderly man pouring water from an urn. However the effect produced by this gesture is electrifying rather than dampening. This is why in astrology the two wavy lines, used to indicate the sign Aquarius, are intended to signify the wavelengths of electricity. The parallel lines are not of recent origin. They were used centuries before the world had acknowledged electrical frequencies. This fact alone suffices to corroborate astrological traditions.

Back in the ancient times of mythology the deities suddenly discovered they had no cupbearer since Hebe had resigned to marry Hercules. The origin of the water carrier dates back to this ancient part of mythology. Again Jupiter, disguised as an eagle (Aquila) went to the rescue. Flying high and fast, the transformed chief of the Gods saw a fair youth playing with jubilant companions in a park. It happened to be Ganymede, son of King Tros of Troy. Aquila clutched Ganymede with his talons, and transported him to the halls of the Gods where the boy was immediately decreed the new cup-bearer. To insure the permanence of the job the form of the water carrier was fashioned into that of an elderly man. Together with his urn he was placed forevermore in the constellation Aquarius. The water which pours from it quenches the thirst for knowledge. It fulfills the wish for freedom and the seed for tolerance. Wherever the water carrier pours his precious fluid, there the seeds of truth and liberty can flourish.

Aquarius is of the air element, he is fixed in quality and serving in trinity. Some of its keywords are loyalty, intercession and fellowship. Please review your basic characteristic chart for Aquarius in Lesson III.

In nature, Aquarius is masculine or positive, active expressionable and dominant. Some of the favorable attributes you can expect Aquarius to demonstrate are: helpful, altruistic, clever, intuitive, refined, modest and affectionate. Some of the unfavorable ones are: too bold, often too affectionate and very apt to go to extremes especially when it is clearly unnecessary. Aquarius is demonstrative and inately thoughtful, however, Aquarius can become extremely reckless when he becomes thoughtless. Very quick to judge others but when he is careless and makes a mistake he does not like to admit that maybe he was at fault. Aquarius can be very enthusiastic about goals but also very discouraged by the obstacles he must conquer on the road to the goals.

He is the humanitarian of the Zodiac. He loves mankind and holds the integrity and dignity of the individual in high esteem. His sign is associated with the eleventh house of universal friendship and attainment of wishes. His purpose is to unite humanity into the true brotherhood of man, with each individual free to follow the dictates of his own conscience.

Freedom is his battle cry and he prizes his own independence and individuality above almost anything else. He is probably the most aware of all the signs, throughout his life he will never stop searching for new answers. Most of all, he is always interested in other people. His circle of friends is composed of all kinds of individuals, because he can accept other people for what they are and enjoy them.

When he fails to live up to the great expectations of his sign, he becomes the black sheep (or at least the oddball) of society.

He rebels for the pure pleasure of challenging authority and he will say or do anything just to be different. Or he will pretend tolerance for another's beliefs or way of life, while inwardly deciding that his answers are the only ones. He demands complete freedom without responsibility.

In Aquarius, humanity achieves the highest form of universal love and the personality has reached the peak in its worldly evolution. The high respect for law and order gained through Capricorn becomes in Aquarius a highly developed conscience or integrity that enables men to live together peacefully. The individual who has succeeded in his struggle through Capricorn stands alone on the mountaintop of success or authority. But Aquarius wants to share his good fortune, and extends a helping hand so that others can join him.

Aquarius has most of his business success when dealing in any line paralleling the affairs of his birth sign, or the interests of the house in which the sun finds itself in his horoscope. In alliances such as business, fraternal and marriage, he gets along well with those born under his own sign or one that is opposite, trine to it or sextile. The Sun-Moon relationship has shown the highest degree of success in marriage.

Decanate division shows that those born when the sun was in the first ten degrees (decan) of Aquarius show a great deal of originality, a remarkable knowledge of human nature and its progressive tendencies and a profound ability to get along with others. Those of the second decan possess, an inspirational ability, a talent to gain constructive thoughts from the invisible world, often psychic, dramatic, and convincing, those in the third decan feel a definitive inward repression, do their best work when teamed with a member of the opposite sex; rather than being self-employed, he gets along best when working with and for other people.

The dignities of Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius, are that it governs Aquarius and is exalted in Scorpio. Its debilities are that it is in its detriment when in Leo and in its fall when in Taurus.

In mundane astrology Aquarius rules the Parliamentary bodies, all legally instituted legislative halls, congresses, senates, assemblies, and debates concerning civic affairs.

XII. PISCES is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, its symbol is known as the fishes. It takes the form of two fishes swimming in opposite directions. The fish are sometimes shown with their tails tied together. The symbol is the shape of two crescents joined in the middle by a bar. It implies the double nature in man, the physical and spiritual, the spiritual being the most active in natives of Pisces. Some of our most renowned psychics and researchers in occultism were born under this sign; Eileen J. Garrett, Edgar Cayce, John Boone Romises and Manly Palmer Hall, just to mention a few. The Pisces native is spiritually inclined and constantly striving to solve the problems of mankind and initiate improvements wherever feasible. Pisces is frequently referred to as the Red Cross of the Zodiac, it is the sign of the refugee whether in hospitals, asylums, or other places of human distress. The sun usually enters this sign on February 20.

In popular mythology the fishes legend, one swimming upstream and one swimming downstream, involves the goddess Venus and her son Cupid. These were the deities who glamorized love, beauty and pleasure. Upon completion of one of their delightful yet faitguing tasks, the fascinating mother and her charming son were taking a well deserved siesta on the banks of the Euphrates River. Suddenly the monstrous typhon burst from the shining sea and confronted them on the shore. Horrified Venus and Cupid dove into the river in a frantic effort to escape the appalling creature. Instantaneously their bodies were transformed into fishes, so that they might take refuge among the reeds. Venus, fearing the loss of her son, fastened herself to him with a piece of twine. (This accounts for the fact that the fishes are sometimes shown bound together.)

The great goddess Minerva was so astounded by this act of courage that she created a special place in the firmament, studded it with stars in the form of fishes one swimming against and the other with the current, this great memorial has been a celestial record ever since in the water sign Pisces.

That these zodiacal incarnations were of great significance among the ancients is attested by the fact that the Greeks and Romans regard all fish as sacred. The planet Venus still shines in unequaled splendor in the sky, and the two fishes still adorn the sign Pisces.

Pisces is of the water element, mutable in quality and serving in trinity. Some of the keywords for Pisces are appreciation, peace and sympathy. Again before proceeding please review your characteristic chart for Pisces in Lesson III.

This sign is feminine and open minded, quiet, dormant and passive. Some of Pisces favorable qualities are: helpful, just, kind, intuitive and modest. Some unfavorable are: misunderstood, worrying, stubborn and too affectionate. Pisces are meditative, psychic and reliable.

As previously mentioned Pisces is the most mystical and occult sign of all. The Pisces native is compassionate almost to a fault, he cannot bear to watch others suffer. Pisces is kind and sympathetic to animals, children and generally anybody in distress. He can tolerate much adversity in his life and he tends to suffer inwardly. He is usually modest, possibly timid and lacking in self-confidence but he has a certain faith in the unknown. He has a great desire, to care for the sick and the needy, and to overcome the illusion of religious and social barriers of conformity and to share the feelings of others. Being born under such a sensitive water sign he has a weakness for alcohol and a love for the sea. Pisces is the most unworldly of all the twelve signs. He has a creative imagination and he is intuitive, impressionable and receptive to what goes on around him. He is intensely emotional and submissive, just as likely to delude himself about reality as to be fooled by the unscrupulous. He has a tendency to become despondent or over-emotional. This can create a detrimental negativism and a lack of that vital spark of life and energy. Pisces should try to cultivate a more positive attitude and be less subjective and emotional. Chances are he may be too gullible, temperamental and indecisive for his own good. He is uncertain and changeable and perhaps too reserved or secretive.

In business the great obstacle to the Pisces success is his indecision. If he can control this and refrain from being overemotional he can expect success in affairs parallel to his birth sign in the interests of the house in which the sun finds itself in his horoscope. In business, fraternal and marital relationships he gets along well with those born under his own sign or one that is opposite, trine to it or sextile; Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, or

Capricorn. Research has demonstrated the Sun-Moon relationship to be excellent for marriage.

Decanate division shows that if born in the first ten degrees (decan) he has the full influence of Pisces and is very apt to be psychic and impressionable, and a great truth seeker with a distinctive flair for psychic rather than exact sciences. If born in the second decanate proneness to living a life hemmed in by restraint and restrictions, self-sacrifice, often voluntarily assumed as the price demanded by the world for the sake of assisting in its progress. Pisces gets the most out of life through alleviating the distress of others. Born in the third decan life will be hampered by vicissitudes and temptations of the flesh. The native may lead an eventful life with a wide choice of careers and reach the highest level of expression through psychic research.

The dignities of Neptune, the planetary ruler of Pisces, are that it governs Pisces and is exalted in Cancer. The debilities of Neptune are that it is in its detriment when in Virgo and in its fall when in Capricorn.

In mundane astrology Pisces rules hospitals, prisons, asylums and other places of confinement and everything pertaining to them.

* Conclusion *

You now have your general portrait for each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. If there is any doubt regarding your understanding of each sign, now is the time to strengthen your confidence. Review each sign regularly and carefully commit the basic principals to memory. Remember the confidence of your clients in your wisdom will hinge on your knowledgeability of these signs. Most important we are only dealing with broad terms here. Each persons horoscope is as peculiar to him as his finger print. A total analysis is essential and when you graduate you will be able to do this.

You now have only some of the basic knowledge required to erect a horoscope chart. You are also acquiring a sound basis necessary for the delineation of an erected chart. Erection of a chart is a mechanical and relatively simple concept to learn. The delineation is much more complex and it is extremely vital for any practicing astrologer.

Up until this point we have talked mainly about signs and houses. Now we will be going into the planets and their effect on the earth and everything on it including human life. We must now get a clear picture of the size and movement of each planet and the different influences it exerts as it orbits the sun.

Keep in mind as you now study the planets this basic concept which is a cornerstone argument that astrology is true. We all know that the sun affects the earth and life because you only have to feel the water of a small lake before sunlight and after the sun has shone on it for a few hours, to know that the sun's radiation has raised the waters temperature. The moon and all the planets have no light of their own, they only reflect light from the sun. We know the moon affects water, namely the tides.

What you must bear in mind is the biological fact that each cell in the human body is 70% water. This is one of the prime reasons the sun and planets have the profound effect on human behavior and existence which all sincere astrologers understand. For this reason it is very important that you have a clear knowledge of the planets.

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