As we leave Mars behind and beam in on Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, we must pass through the asteroid belt which occupies 150,000,000 miles of space. The belt has no known yet astrological influence on us hence it is mainly study for astronomers. As we approach the mammoth orb two striking phenomena catch the eye. A great red spot, one of the most curious objects of the entire solar system, stands out like a blemish on the southern hemisphere. Its elliptical area, seeming to float among the clouds is larger than earth's surface. The most likely theory yet proposed suggests that it is a kind of eddy in the atmosphere caused by a depression on a high spot far below. A crisp black circle marks the shadow of 1 0, one of Jupiter's 12 moons. Unexplainably, this shadow has been known to emit more radiant heat than the cloud layer around it. 11 additional and smaller satellites give Jupiter a family larger than the sun's. Astronomers and scientists know very little about Jupiter and yet what they do know and what they surmise make it in many ways the most exciting, the most provocative, body in the solar system.

The symbol of Jupiter is composed of the crescent moon of the soul consciousness and the cross of matter. The moon elevated signifies the instinctive consciousness. It also signifies a consciousness which has learned all its lessons and is now perfected. It has become a moon, or soul, of what we might term the super-conscious rather than the subconscious. The emotions have been purified and become beautiful through the play of the imaginative faculty which, having seen a vision of something lovely, has worked to attain it.

The emotions can become beautiful under Jupiter, but they are always expanded in scope. The moon and Venus may express tenderness to one, but Jupiter may express benevolence, kindness, and generosity to everyone.

Jupiter transforms the imagination of the moon into vision and identity. It seeks the cause and basis of actions leaving all traces of instinct behind. It is basically the planet of the judge and the lawmaker continually inquiring into motives and purposes. The morality, inherent in man, begins its development when the rays of Jupiter are favorable. There is nothing petty or small about Jupiter as it cultivates a broad outlook standing for soul growth, expansion and magnanimity.

Jupiter is of the fire element, masculine or positive. It rules two signs and two houses -Sagittarius and the ninth house and Pisces and the twelfth house.

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