The Element Of Water

The three Water Signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Places. The Water Signs, like water, impart the ability to flow smoothly, or possibly with tremendous strength depending on the nature of the terrain, or the wind. The water element is sometimes noted for grace, or power. The Water Signs are signs of heavy emotion, psychic power, and soul development. The Water triplicity commences with the Cardinal Sign Cancer, hence, emotion is the keyword. In Cancer the emotion essentially concerns the domestic side of life, in Scorpio it is directed towards partner and in Pisces the emotional of the element is directed towards all people particularly those in distress. In Cancer this emotion provides the home with all its intricate needs. In Scorpio this emotion results in a strong desire to probe life itself and it may also express itself in spiritual longings.

The Water triplicity is intimately connected with the House of Endings, for Cancer governs old age, Scorpio death, and Pisces the sorrows or rewards that come as a direct result of our actions.

The Water Signs possess the distinct trend of returning back to the level from where they started. Just as flood waters will always return to a normal tide level so too the Water native who gives up in an emotional outburst will always come back down again to the level of quiescence. They are without desire, as a rule, for leverage. They are generally engulfed in an aura of complacency and tend to carry a burden rather than fight to solve its riddle. They are constantly digging themselves into ruts from which they need some Fire or Earth assistance to extricate themselves. However if these practical Earth types prove to be too dominant insisting upon their own solution, Water signs grow very moody and they might even resort to violence.

The elements assume momentous value when we try to discover whether or not two people have harmonious natures. You can see why Planets well distributed among the Signs of different elemental temperaments produce the well-rounded individuals.

When delineating any horoscope it is essential that we count the planets in the various elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. We should then count the planets according to their qualities - Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. The construction of a very simple diagram will simplify this process and undoubtedly clarify any confusion you might encounter. (See Illustration V111-B on page 22)

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