The cardinal signs are placed at the four points of the astrological compass, corresponding to the directions North, South, East and West. They are said to represent the initiative or active temperament and to partake of the nature of the Ascendant.

The fixed signs are the powerhouse signs and have been known by various names throughout the centuries. All the names, however, have referred to the executive, unchanging or foundation qualities of an individual. The fixed signs tend to balance and stabilize the other leading signs.

The mutable signs are the versatile, mediator signs. They represent the ability to bend and to adapt to circumstances. They have been called "Dual" signs because of their ability to reconcile conflicts. Note for example, that Sagittarius is half-man, half-horse, that Gemini includes the twins, and Pisces two fish. Virgo is a female who may bear male offspring.

Since there are four signs in each of the above groupings, they are known as the Quadruplicities. Another tripart division represents the four seasons, and this grouping is called the Trinities. This grouping divides the zodiac into four sectors of 90 degrees each:

Spring or Intellectual Autumn or


Aries Libra

Taurus Scorpio

Gemini Sagittarius

Summer or maternal Winter or Serving

Cancer Capricorn

Leo Aquarius

Virgo Pisces

* Character Traits *

The following character traits are commonly associated with each of the twelve signs:

























* Summary of Signs and Their Aspects *

A brief summary of the significant characteristics of each of the Sun signs is listed on the following pages. Other common relationships are also listed. This is introductory. In the next two lessons we go into considerable detail.

ARIES The Ram March 21 - April 20

• Sign of the warrior and pioneer. An Aries is generally energetic, enthusiastic, positive, enterprising and impulsive.

• Sagittarius and Leo are harmonious signs for marriage, friendship or business.

• Gems are amethyst and diamond.

TAURUS The Bull April 21 - May 21

• Sign of the builder or producer. A Taurus is steadfast, systematic and stubborn. He is also kind hearted, persevering and sometimes quite musical.

• Capricorn and Virgo are harmonious signs for marriage, friendship or business.

• Gems are emerald and moss-agate.

GEMINI The Twins May 22 - lune 21

• Sign of the inventor or artist. A Gemini is creative, clever, expressive and versatile. He is also restless and exuberant.

• Aquarius and Libra are harmonious signs for marriage, friendship or business.

• Gems are beryl and aquamarine.

• Metal is quicksilver.

CANCER The Crab lune 22 - luly 22

• Sign of the prophet or teacher. A Cancer is sympathetic, sensitive, protective, changeable and easily influenced. At the same time, Cancer is tenacious and patient.

• Scorpio and Pisces are harmonious signs for marriage, friendship or business.

• Gems are emerald and moss-agate.

LEO The Lion luly 23 - August 23

• Sign of presidents and kings. A Leo is proud, energetic, authoritative, domineering, generous and trusting.

• Sagittarius and Aries are harmonious signs for marriage, friendship and business.

• Gems are diamond and ruby.

VIRGO The Virgin August 24 - September 23

• Sign of craftsmen and critics. A Virgo is generally methodical, exact, discriminating, industrious, intelligent and chaste.

• Taurus and Capricorn are harmonious signs for marriage, friendship or business.

• Gems are pink jasper and hyacinth.

• Colors are navy blue and gray.

• Metal is quicksilver.

LIBRA The Balance September 24 - October 23

• Sign of the statesman and manager. A Libra is generally well-balanced, honorable, sympathetic, artistic, alert, just, affectionate and painstaking.

• Aquarius and Gemini are harmonious signs for marriage, friendship or business.

• Gems are diamond and opal.

SCORPIO The Scorpion October 24 - November 22

• Sign of the governor or inspector. A Scorpio is generally independent, passionate, determined and energetic. Scorpio has strong likes and dislikes.

• Cancer and Pisces are harmonious signs for marriage, friendship or business.

• Gems are topaz and malachite.

SAGITTARIUS The Archer November 23 - December 21

• Sign of the sage and counselor. A Sagittarius is restless, impatient, impulsive, candid, generous and extremely curious. Sagittarius loves nature and sports.

• Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are harmonious signs for marriage, friendship or business.

• Gems are turquoise and carbuncle.

CAPRICORN The Goat December 23 - lanuary 20

• Sign of the ambassador, scientist or priest. Capricorn is quiet, reserved, persevering, ambitious and diplomatic.

• Taurus and Virgo are harmonious signs for marriage, friendship and business.

• Gems are white onyx and moonstone.

AQUARIUS The Water Bearer lanuary 21 - February 1 9

• Sign of the scientist or seeker of truth.

• Libra and Gemini are harmonious signs for marriage, friendship or business.

• Gems are sapphire and opal.

PISCES The Fish February 20 - March 20

• Sign of the poet or interpreter. A Pisces is kind and gentle. Pisces is also sensitive, retiring, often unlucky and melancholy.

• Cancer and Scorpio are harmonious for marriage, friendship or business.

• Gems are moonstone and chrysolite.

• Color is aquamarine.

* Significance of the Houses *

As discussed above, the houses are divided into twelve celestial segments, beginning with the First House just below the eastern horizon, and progressing counter clockwise to the Twelfth House, which is just above the eastern horizon. The First House corresponds with Aries on the zodiac, and the Twelfth House with Pisces. But remember the houses remain stationary and the signs move through them. When discussing the houses, we must locate the Midheaven, which is the point in the sky directly above the observer. It is called the "Medium Coeli" in Latin but we only mention that so you will understand the abbreviation for it M. C. The "Imum Coeli" (also Latin) which is directly opposite the Midheaven is abbreviated I. C. The M. C., located on the cusp (or dividing line) of the Ninth and Tenth Houses is the highest spot on the horoscope chart. (To go back to our clock analogy, the Midheaven would be at 12:00 o'clock, the I. C. would be at 6:00 o'clock.

The influence of the planets on the houses has been observed by astrologers to follow the general pattern below:

First House:: The early environment, shape and condition of the body, home and childhood.

Second House: Finance and other material conditions.

Third House: Travel, literature, useful and practical arts, brothers and sisters.

Fourth House: Old age, conditions in the home during later years.

Fifth House: Children, amusement, courtship, speculation.

Sixth House: Health, labor, servants.

Seventh House: Marriage, the fine arts, partnership and relations with the public.

Eighth House: Death and inheritance.

Ninth House: Intellect, religion, philanthrophy, justice, idealism.

Tenth House: Social position, ambition, livelihood.

Eleventh House: Friends, hopes and wishes.

Twelfth House: Sorrow, troubles, hospitals, prison.

* Conclusion *

The signs of the zodiac and the houses of the heavens are two separate and distinct concepts. The zodiac is in motion as it travels around the earth, as seen by the astrologer's eyes from a fixed earth point of reference. The houses are the fixed man designed sections of the sky through which the signs of the zodiac move. This combination has an immediate effect on an individual at his birth time and a continuing one throughout his life. Some astrologers hold that this initial effect is at the moment of conception, however medicine has demonstrated the tremendous protection of the unborn baby in the mother's womb from all outside influences. As a result the great majority of competent astrologers work with the time of birth when the person is first exposed to the effects of all external things in the universe.

Understand that you have now only been introduced to some general concepts about the meanings of the houses and signs. In the next two lessons you will be taken through considerable details on the vital principles of the signs.

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