The Element Of Earth

The Three Earth Signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The Earth Signs emit a tremendous degree of stability. They, like the very earth itself, are dependable, reliable and possess a determined power to gather and collect, to discriminate and to build. The Earth Signs form the basis for supply in the world. The triplicity has its beginnings in the sign Taurus and it depicts life as seen by others and knowledge that the public has concerning public activities. The keynotes of this triplicity are those of possessions, materials, property, goods, information, tools, and servants. It is by such standards that the average person forms opinions concerning a person's basic substance.

The Earth Signs signal the source of supply available to the native. Just as the earth cannot produce vegetation or animal life, nor maintain life without water, so too Earth Signs demand the presence of Water Signs in order to insure proper functioning. By the same token that too much water on the earth causes floods and destruction, so too in the Zodiac too many Water Signs will tend to limit or nullify the positive qualities of the Earth Signs. Since air is also very necessary to all life on earth we find that Earth-Air Sign combination will produce positive effects for the native. Fire which can be so destructive to the earth stands in direct opposition to the Earth. The Earth-Fire Sign relationships can be as dangerous as forest fires for those people who have not learned to control their various qualities.

The "earthiness" of the materialistic or practical Earth Sign group is represented by a thick-necked bull. (Not to be confused with the symbol of the bull for the sign Taurus)

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