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Sun in the Fourth House

The Sun in the Fourth House intensifies all the matters concerning the domestic side of the native's life, whether they are bad or good. He will become more deeply involved in important matters concerning his family. The Sun here assists the native in matters concerning his property and it's welfare.

The Sun here demonstrates the alternate outcome of previous efforts and how they can effect the latter years of life. This position should enable the native to maintain his vitality and energy during these later years of his life.

Moon in the Fourth House

When the Moon is in the Fourth House it indicates that the native will be strongly bonded with his mother. He will feel very close to her and hold her in high esteem. The home ties, in general, are very important to the native and he has an intense desire to have his domestic life comfortable, peaceful and tranquil. When this does not happen, he can become very emotionally depressed.

The position indicates that the latter part of life will be very important to the native and that he will be very active up until his death.

Mercury in the Fourth House

When Mercury is in the Fourth House the powers of imagination are intensified and the native will also have a strong mind. The direction of the domestic affairs and the actions of others in the environment will effect the prevailing line of thought. When there is harmony in the domestic affairs then the native will have a comfortable mental outlook. He will make substantial progress in the general handling of affairs of both a private and a business nature. However, disharmony on the home front will cause him endless troubles.

Venus in the Fourth House

This is a good position for Venus as it will bring harmony and peace to the native's family life. He can expect to gain monetarily and socially through domestic and family affairs. It affords the native the capacity for making the home a center from which to regulate external affairs. Benefits arc derived in various ways through other members of the family, particularly the female members.

There is ample opportunity available to the native to create a harmonious marital life.

Mars in the Fourth House

This is not a good position for Mars, as it will tend to cause the native some turmoil and strife as far as the domestic scene goes. Trouble will occur at times with, or through the parents, particularly if one of them is highly excitable or of a high strung nature. At the same time, despite the friction, there will be a desire for home comforts and for having the home as a base from which to direct external affairs. The native will have to use discretion and patience if he is to blend his home life with his ideals.

Jupiter in the Fourth House

Jupiter is well placed in the Fourth House and it usually brings family surroundings of a congenial nature, showing that benefit will come through the parents and other members of the family. The native will also derive some benefit through the actions, influence and support of certain people who either play some part in the family or whom circumstances bring into the family.

As long as there are no bad aspects to Jupiter, the last part of the native's life will bring many benefits and the material and financial side of affairs will be good.

Saturn in the Fourth House

When Saturn is in this House there is an indication of family life problems being hard. Difficulties or restrictions will operate during the early part of life, followed by family responsibilities, sometimes of an arduous nature as life progresses. Duties towards the parents may even interfere with marriage. If marriage does take place, home life will not be too happy because of work and financial problems. The end of the native's life will not be too happy either, as it will also bring it's quota of trials and tribulations.

Uranus in the Fourth House

When Uranus is in the Fourth House sudden unexpected changes will tend to disrupt the family life. At one point, all will be going fine and there will be an aura of tranquility, then without warning turmoil will set in. Even in childhood sudden severe changes may occur, sometimes through the separation, divorce or death of the parents. Later in life residential changes will be compelled by circumstances. The end of life will bring even further sudden upsets.

Neptune in the Fourth House

When Neptune is posited in the Fourth House it indicates that the domestic side of the native's life will be clouded by some peculiar or mysterious conditions. Past events affecting parents or other members of the family may be covered by a degree of secrecy and it is also possible for incidents to do with the personal life to occur which one may not desire to be made public. However, sometimes this Planet gives an interest in psychic matters and this will have an influence on how the native will deal with the domestic side of his nature.

Pluto in the Fourth House

Pluto in the Fourth House indicates very unusual domestic and environmental conditions. It is a position which indicates that the native may be an orphan or he may lose his parents very early in life through a natural calamity. There is also an indication that the parents may very well perish through some form of violence.

Pluto in the Fourth House inevitably causes a breaking up of the domestic side of the native's life. This breakup will come either in the early or middle stages of his life and it may happen more than once.


The Sun in the Fifth House is a good position and it invariably will assist in the forming of favorable attachments. It indicates male offspring will be predominate as a rule. It is an excellent position for artistic pursuits, especially for acting and is usually helpful for both speculation and investment.

In early life the desire for children will be strong. In middle life and in old age the interests and general welfare of young people will be foremost in the native's mind. He will sometimes find himself with a position which deals directly with helping young people spiritually and materialistically.

Moon in the Fifth House

When the Moon is in the Fifth House it intensifies the emotions and it is conducive to love affairs and flirtations. However a lot will depend upon the Sign on the House cusp. It indicates female offspring will be predominate as a rule. It indicates that the native has potential artistic ability which can become highly developed with the proper training. The position indicates that the native possesses many aspects of good judgement regarding investments, but as far as speculation goes the native should use extreme caution. The enterprising side of the native's nature will be quite apparent and if taken advantage of many benefits will follow. In love affairs, however discretion is advisable and the emotional side of the nature should not be permitted to get out of control.

Mercury in the Fifth House

This position affords the native an optimistic mental outlook with the capacity for blending intellectual matters with those of an artistic and educational nature. The native can assimilate knowledge with relative ease and then pass it on to others in the form of teaching and instruction for adults as well as children. In many respects, this position provides the native with a natural psychological understanding of children, their temperaments, likes and dislikes. It also affords the talent to make quick appraisals of their character and future possibilities.

This locality of Mercury indicates quite a variety of love affairs and attachments and this can cause a duplication of associations with the subsequent emotional difficulties.

Venus in the Fifth House

This is a good position for Venus as it gives strength and vitally to the native's depth of affection. The desire for love and companionship is strong, but if not properly controlled it can he productive of very unpleasant conditions. It is favorable to produce female children and is especially favorable for artistic interests. It indicates gain through speculation and investment if wisely handled. The artistic side of the nature is enhanced and there is usually a strong attraction towards acting and the theater arts. Some interest can also be taken in educational matters as well as those of a social, and pleasurable character.

Mars in the Fifth House

When Mars is in the Fifth House it intensifies the inclination towards flirtation. The passionate side of the nature will not be easy to keep under control. The position can be productive of some trouble and difficulty showing sudden attachments, discords and breaks. Sometimes it indicates the birth of children out of wedlock. It favors the birth of male children who will sometimes cause problems. Mars here is favorable for the pursuit of sculpture. There is an indication that the native will have a strong attraction to gambling and if he is not careful this will cause him many problems in life. There is a tendency to speculate in investments and careful analysis should be made in this area.

Jupiter in the Fifth House

Jupiter is well placed in this House and it's radiations are mainly favorable. It assists the native in the formation of helpful love attachments and will bring benefit through them. It indicates that in some instances love affairs can originate through interests of a religious or sporting nature. It denotes a good influence over children and it indicates chiefly male children. It's also a good influence for speculation and investment, signifying many benefits providing reasonable judgement is applied.

There is a definite indication of considerable gain through speculation and investment.

Saturn in the Fifth House

Saturn in the Fifth House indicates difficulty in love affairs and it interferes in the forming of friendship associations. More often then not, these problems will originate through a personal difficulty of the native to express himself freely. Because of this difficulty, delays and awkward circumstances will surround the native. Saturn here restricts the family circle and a small family is depicted. Difficulty in the rearing of children is indicated here, but the native can rise above his problems and have a successful life. It is not a good position for speculation, but it does show a very good capacity for investment.

Uranus in the Fifth House

Uranus in the Fifth House intensifies the desire for romance and it denotes more than one love affair surrounded by sudden upheavals. It indicates a flirtatious nature and the native would do well to use discrimination. It is not a good position for children, as it shows anxieties connected with actual birth as well as their subsequent interests. Indication are they can be of either sex. From an artistic standpoint, it is good for theatrical, radio and literary interests. In speculation it shows unexpected gains through various sweepstakes types of gambling but the stock market.

Neptune in the Fifth House

When Neptune is posited in the Fifth House there is an inclination to participating in secret love affairs. Through such affairs, the native will gain some pleasure, although it can also cause some strife and unhappiness. There will be a trend towards deceit. It signifies a fairly large family with a predominance of female children.

The artistic side of the native is enhanced and there will be a great deal of capacity for acting and singing. Speculation and investment will require some thought, as there is a distinct danger of loss due to the intrigue and deception of others. The personal inclination to take risks, or even to become involved in deals of a shady nature is indicated.

Pluto in the Fifth House

When Pluto is in the Fifth House it has a peculiar influence over the native's love nature. There is a strong desire for love, however this is tempered by fickleness thereby bringing disappointment and unhappiness. The native will learn that he should not place too much trust in the promises of others. It is not such a good influence for children, as the position sometimes denies them or causes miscarriage or deformity. It is somewhat helpful for artistic matters and it gives an excellent capacity for the expression of emotion.

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