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Our considerations of the three main centers, Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, the houses and planetary aspects, is complete, and we must now consider our Gemini client's elemental chart to complete his nativity delineation.

Before we delineate the influence of the elemental chart it is essential that we review below the precepts behind each element which were covered in Lesson VIII.


It is significant that this triplicity has its beginning in the Cardinal Sign Aries, ruling the Eastern Hemisphere or sunrise, the beginning of self. Hence the keyword of the Fire Sign is self. Although the word self may denote a vain egotistical person, it can also refer to one who is very refined and knows his place. It sometimes indicates a person who has matured his intrinsic powers to such an advanced state that he is obviously a highly individualized person. He is not outrightly conceited nor is he ostentatious with his talents yet he knows within himself that he has certain powers under his control. All the plus and minus that concern the basic self of the native are postulated by this element of Fire.


This triplicity has its beginnings in the sign Taurus and it depicts life as seen by others and the knowledge that the public has concerning social activity. The keynotes of this triplicity are those of possessions, materials, property, goods, information, tools and servants. It is by such standards that the average person forms opinions concerning a person's basic substance. The Earth Signs determine the source of supply available to the native. Just as the Earth cannot produce vegetation or animal life, nor maintain life without water, so too Earth Signs demand the presence of Water Signs in order to insure proper functioning. By the same token that too much water on the earth causes floods and destruction, so too in the Zodiac too many Water Signs will tend to limit or nulify the positive qualities of the Earth Signs.

This triplicity has its beginnings in Gemini and it characterizes the influence of other people on the native. The keyword of the Air triplicity is others. The Air native will feel comfortably at home when in the company of other people where he is afforded the vital opportunity to execute his innate powers of communication. Included in those "other people"' are partners, friends, relatives and nearby acquaintances. The Air native will undoubtedly possess a precise talent for adaptability and will be able to modify himself to accommodate any changes on the social level. He is easily the most versatile person in the Zodiac and his true substance will emanate only as he performs in the company of others.


The Water triplicity commences with the Cardinal Sign Cancer, hence, emotion is the keyword. The Water Signs possess the distinct trend of returning back to the level from where they started. Just as flood waters will always return to a normal tide level, so too the Water native who gives up in an emotional outburst will always come back down again to the level of quiescence. They are generally digging themselves into ruts from which they need some Fire and Earth assistance to extricate themselves. However, if these practical Earth types prove to be too dominant insisting upon their own solution, water signs grow very moody and they might even resort to violence.

When delineating any horoscope it is essential that we study the planets in the various elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Referring to Diagram II, we can study and evaluate the elemental chart of our Gemini client. The diagram is of extreme value in recognizing the behavioral pattern of the native in respect to his outer man (the man he projects to the world) vs. his inner man (the man he feels within himself). Any Fire-Air combination describes the outer man whereas Earth and Water designate the constitution of the inner man. If the two complementing elements such as Fire-Air and Earth-Water are not in balance with each other, the atmosphere of the native and his behavior pattern will look unbalanced as well. It is relatively easy to discover a lack of one or another element. It is pure logic that under normal conditions you cannot mix Fire and Water, or Fire and Earth, or Earth and Air, or Air and Water and still maintain normal or natural conditions. The same holds true in astrology for cosmically you cannot mix contrasting elements either.

By referring to Diagram II, we note that our client has a balance between his Earth and Water planets and an imbalance between his Fire and Air planets. We can further note that he has a heavy concentration of Air planets (5) and this is of considerable significance. This cluster of Air planets provides our client with amazing powers of versatility and adaptability. He loves to communicate with people and can invariably be found where a lot of people are around conversing and expressing his intellectual capacity. It is very important that he keeps himself in close contact with friends because they can afford him very valuable outlets for expression. Changes and reversals are inconsequential to him as he can easily adapt to any new situation. Let us look a little deeper however and study the balance and imbalance within his nativity.

The imbalance between Fire and Air planets implies that he lacks the zeal or drive to utilize his intellectual capacities. Although his mind is sharp and his wits are quick sometimes he is just too lazy to capitalize on them. If not closely watched, this lack of drive can cause our Gemini client to miss numerous golden opportunities in life. If he is to be successful, he must cultivate a sense of drive and zeal which can incite him on the road towards accomplishment. Fundamentally his intense intellectual powers need to have outlets created for its expression.

Consequently, there is a balance between Earth and Water and this strengthens our client in numerous ways. This balance implies a basic emotional stability which must be maintained if Gemini is to be content. He is very realistic and can see things for what they are. He has an orderly logical, practical mind which can sustain him through the many downfalls of life.

Some Astrologers prefer to construct this diagram and study it prior to the actual delineation of the chart because they claim it is more enlightening. As far as we are concerned, the elemental diagram is just as enlightening whether it is considered before or after the heart of the delineation. This simple diagram, as we have already pointed out, can be incredibly accurate when determining compatibility between two people. You have to merely compare the balances and imbalances and you can discover where difficulties will arise in relationships. For instance, our Gemini native has a lack of Fire planets in his chart. If he can find a partner in business or marriage who possesses the Fire planets he lacks, then both stand a better chance for success. Correspondingly, if he should attempt to mate with someone with the same overabundance of Air planets, confusion only will follow. The exact same relationship holds true for Earth and Water. If one person has an abundance or a lack of planets in Earth or Water he must find someone who can balance this if he is to find contentment. Compatibility analysis can be extremely interesting and rewarding. The help and advice that you can afford people in this vital area of their lives is astounding. For instance if you find that two people have an imbalance between fire and air or earth and water you do not have to tell them that they can't make it. Rather you can make them aware that they have their problem and it is neither one's fault. You have to make them realize that their problem is simply a result of their Astrology. Something over which they had no control. If they can come to realize and accept this their relationship can grow and flourish so much better. Astrology as you see, can do so much to make people's lives happier and so much more rewarding.

Note: It is advisable that you reread the complete 8th Lesson to strengthen your command of the knowledge of the elements.

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