Counterclockwise Motion Of The Planets

Since the Planets move in a counterclockwise motion, this motion must be inserted in order of their increasing degrees. Referring to DIAGRAM IV, although we have three planets in Libra, they are all less than 25 degrees, which is the degree of the Seventh House cusp, hence they are all placed in the Sixth House in order of increasing degrees. We also have three planets in Capricorn occupying from 10-22 degrees of the Sign, hence they are all placed in the Tenth House and not in the Ninth House. Uranus is less than 10 degrees, Cancer, hence it is placed in the Third House and not in the Fourth. The cusp degree acts as a dividing point. As you can see, this is a critical concept for delineation. A Planet in a Sign is not necessarily in the same House as the Sign, and the effect of this concept is critical for a delineation.


In order to understand the parallel, we must understand how we define the position of a Planet. We do it very much like we do a town on a map, that is to say, how far it is east or west of Greenwich, and also how far it is north or south of the equator. So we give:

1. The Planet's position on either side of the Sun's path, is celestial longitude, being measured in the heavens and not on earth, as on an ordinary geographical map.

2. The Planet's position north or south of the equator. This is its declination, and is comparable to the latitude lines on a map of the earth.

When we say two planets are conjunct, we do not mean that they have really touched one another, for they are all moving along their own orbits which never meet. We mean that they are each at the same angle, or number of degrees in the zodiacal Signs. When, however, two Planets are the same angle north or south of the equator, we do not say they are conjunct, we say they are parallel. We have, therefore, when making the index of the aspects, to see if there are any parallels. For example (see chart on next page):

Declination of all planets on July 4, 1872.

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