Aspect Interpretation Chart

1) The Aspecting Planets

The Moon defines our emotional make-up and our reactions to the different situations with which we must deal during the course of our lives. Whereas the Sun is the giver of life, the Moon is considered to be the soul which takes care of that life. The Sun is the authority of our Solar System. It provides existence and energy for everything and without it we would not function. The Sun represents the creative energy and the will to lead.

II) The Sign Position of the Planets

The Progressed Moon is posited in the Earth Sign Virgo, while Radix Sun occupies the Air Sign Gemini. Earth and Air do not mix cosmically, and therefore the aspect is permeated by elemental discord. The Radix Sun is well placed in Gemini, while the Progressed Moon is not too well placed in Virgo.

III) The Nature of the Aspect

The vital characteristics of the aspect imply a troublesome period. There is basic elemental disagreement and one of the two planets involved in the aspect also has some singular positional difficulty. However, let us continue our investigation and estimate the significance of the two houses involved in the aspect.

IV) House Influence

Radix Sun is in the 10th House, and the Progressed Moon is in the 12th House. Referring to Lesson VII we can recall the concepts which fall under the domain of each House.

The 10th House begins at the point of noon. This House is assigned to all the ways through which our nature is revealed to the world. It signifies things such as parentage, social status, and most essentially the profession which our client will follow.

The 12th House defines our foundations, together with the subconscious and all that hampers and restricts the power of expression. This is the most unfortunate House of the Zodiac and contains some of the difficulties which one can expect to encounter, particularly as a result of the enmity and unfair competition of others.

Radix Sun in the 10th House strengthens the overall character development and indicates a tremendous capacity for organization and leadership, indicating that our client possesses a natural ability to successfully handle his own affairs.

The Progressed Moon in the 12th House indicates that the native's life will be full of limitations and restrictions whenever the Moon transits this House.

Hence, the Sun is well placed as far as House position is concerned. However, the Moon is not.

V) Influence of Other Aspects

The Progressed Moon forms one other major aspect with a Radix Planet and two minor ones. First, it forms a major square aspect with Radix Mercury in 17 degrees of Gemini in the 1 0th House, then it forms two minor semi sextile aspects with Radix Neptune in 13 degrees of Libra in the 2nd House. We are only concerned with the major square aspect which reads P

11o R 17o. As you can note very simply, this aspect is very close to the one which we have just considered for Progressed Moon to Radix Sun. The only difference now is that we are discussing Radix Mercury in 17 degrees Gemini. Here we are simply interested in the basic harmony or disharmony of the aspect, and the effect it renders on the present aspect of our study, Once again, the Progressed Moon is posited in 11 degrees of Virgo which is a Sign of the Water triplicity. Radix Mercury is posited in 17 degrees of Gemini, one degree away from the Radix Sun, which is a Sign of the Air triplicity. Hence, there is a basic elemental discord present within the aspect which further weakens the strength of an already drained Progressed Moon within the major square aspect with the Radix Sun. However, we also make note that Mercury is dignified in Gemini and that this contests the elemental disagreement and affords the Moon a much-needed outlet from the pressure of its present location in 11 degrees Virgo in the 12th House. Essentially it weakens the potential of the Progressed Moon, however, it is not as bad as was originally feared because of the dignification of Radix Mercury.

The next point we must consider is the position of the Radix Sun, as far as aspect is concerned, within the natal chart. On pp. 10 and 11 in Lesson XVIII we can review the strength provided by the Sun within the scope of the nativity. Fortunately, the overall Radix Sun Sign positional structure is excellent. The complete picture surrounding this beneficial position of the Radix Sun can be easily re-studied, yet for our present purposes we need only note the positiveness of the position.

VI) Duration of Transiting Moon Within the Aspect

Transits of the Moon are of considerable consequence in deciding fortunate and unfortunate days during the year. It moves quickly and its direct influence determines the daily benefits and problems which our client can expect within his heavenly pattern. When the Moon is passing through any Sign of the Zodiac it incites the prominent and important affairs which come under the rulership of that respective Sign. The result of the transit, on this precept, depends on the condition of that particular Sign in the Radix. If the Ephemeris dictates that the Moon receives adverse aspects, on the day in question, it is pure logic to assume that the tendencies toward the misfortune of that Sign increase on such a day. Thus, if a Sign contained adverse planetary aspect at the time of birth, the Moon transiting through it will always tend to be more or less unfortunate.

As far as the present transit of the Moon under our consideration, (namely the transit of the Progressed Moon in Virgo through the Arc of Influence, of the square aspect with Radix Sun in Gemini) is concerned, it ignites a number of the negative Virgo characteristics. It causes our client some basic confusion as to when it is prudent to employ his critical faculties and when it is not. The overall strength of the Radix Sun in Gemini provides a substantial outlet for understanding and minimizing the problem. Our client need only employ the services of his fortified Radix Sun to overcome the inherent difficulties caused by the aspect.

Based on the progression of our client's chart we may assume that this is a short-coming in his character. However, a chart never ceases its progression, and the realization of this incredible astrological phenomenon is a beautiful experience for you. (Since the transit of the Progressed Moon is so significant, it is imperative that you purchase a Moon Ephemeris. No serious astrologer can function without one. It renders the study of the Progressed Moon and its transits so much more illuminating. I recommends McCraig's Moon Ephemeris. It corresponds to the 200 Year Ephemeris and we hold high regard for its simplicity and comprehensiveness. With it you can study the present position of the Moon not only in relationship to the present Progression but also, more importantly, in light of the Radix.)

It is assumed that by now you have completed and basically delineated your own chart, and that you are enjoying the beauty within your own astrological pattern. When you have your Moon Ephemeris note the Moon's current longitude for any day you wish. Find that place in your own Radix chart and then note what aspects it forms for you. (Remember then, that the transiting Moon moves at the rate of approximately one degree every two hours.)

Do not confuse the transit of the Moon with the progression of the Moon which encompasses 2 1/2 years in each sign. This concept may seem a little confusing at first, but in actuality it is quite simple. Within the real motion of the Moon there are two separate movements to be considered. The Progressed Moon, which travels through the entire Zodiac once every 29 years spending 2 1/2 years in each sign, and the transiting Moon which takes roughly 2 1/2 days to travel each sign, or approximately 29 days through the entire Zodiac. (The reasons for this difference in motion are the subject of Astronomy. For your purposes just remember that the Moon has two motions - transiting and progressed.)

When we speak of our client's Radix Moon having progressed into the Sign Virgo, we are talking about the Progressed Moon. The same principle holds true for the Progression of the Sun, Planets, and the Signs. A Progression of this type should be computed at least twice a year to define the major trends and changes within the scope of the Zodiac. The transit of the Sun, Moon, and Planets, however, is a different story and can be studied daily as they, especially the Moon, determine the fortunate or unfortunate days of the year, depending on the aspects.

It is of no small consequence that you now can fathom the difference between progression and transit. We have expressed the reality of the concept to you very carefully so as not to confuse you. Just remember that there are two separate motions: 1. The progression, describing major changes in a horoscope, i.e. changing of Ascendant, or Sun and Moon Signs; 2. The transits which describe specific events or tendencies, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. A progression, as we mentioned before, should be computed at least twice a year, while the transits should be studied daily.

Before we move on to a consideration of the progressed Ascendant, let us briefly analyze the major square aspect between the Progressed Moon and Radix Mercury. Remember that this aspect is very similar to the square between the Progressed Moon and Radix Sun, as Radix Mercury is only 1 degree away from Radix Sun in Gemini in the 10th House in the Natal Chart. This shortens our work within the Aspect Interpretation Chart as we have already determined the positional strength, Sign and House of the Progressed Moon in 11 degrees Virgo. It is only briefly mentioned this time in our aspect consideration.

I) Aspecting Planets

Since we have already described the basic tenets of the Moon, in the preceding aspect consideration, it is not necessary to repeat it again. The Progressed Moon is in 11 degrees Virgo.

As to Aspecting Mercury, by referring back to Lesson VI, pp. 17, we can review the major precepts of the planet Mercury. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and also the fastest moving of all the planets, as it takes only 88 days to pass through the entire Zodiac. Mercury is the planet of mind, reason, and intellect - it implies intellectual movement and progress.

II) Elemental Sign Position of the Aspecting Planets

The Moon, once again, is posited in Virgo which is a Sign of the Earth element, whereas Mercury occupies the Air Sign, Gemini. Cosmically, Earth and Air do not mix and hence the aspect creates some elemental problems. The Moon is not too well placed in Virgo whereas, once again, Mercury is in its position of dignification in Gemini.

III) Nature of the Aspect

Elemental disharmony is structured by the contrasting elemental Sign position of each planet. The Moon is posited in the Earth Sign, Virgo, while Mercury occupies the Air Sign, Gemini. Cosmically, Earth and Air do not mix and thus the resulting disharmony.

IV) House Influence

The influence of the 12th House, occupied by the Progressed Moon, has already been considered in the preceding aspect and the appraisal need not be duplicated.

The I0th House, which is the home of Radix Mercury, fundamentally is the House of Profession. (It would do you no harm whatsoever to go back to Lesson VII and reread the entire section dealing with each House!)

The effect of the Moon in the 12th House has previously been considered. Mercury in the 10th House merely implies that the profession best suited for our client would be one where he can exercise his endowed intellect.

V. Consideration of Other Aspects

The Progressed Moon is weakened by the square aspect with Radix Sun which we have just considered. The Moon also forms two semi sextile aspects with Pluto in Leo and Neptune in Libra, but the effect of their minor aspects is too slight to affect the potential of the Moon within our present considerations.

Not only is Radix Mercury in the sign of its dignification, but its plausible capacity is doubly augmented by the harmonious conjunction with Radix Sun in the Nativity.

It is interesting to note that both of the square aspects formed by the Progressed Moon with Radix Sun and Radix Mercury (even though both have the same essential elemental difficulty) are challenged by the beneficial natal position of both Radix planets involved in the aspects. This shows us that, regardless of the fact that both aspects within the progression create problems for our client, he is most definitely afforded the character to minimize any adverse effects.

For instance, within the present square aspect under our consideration, it appears that the aspect incites our client not only to misuse his critical faculties, but also to employ his intellectual capacity facetiously to thwart others on the professional level. Yet because of the dignification of Radix Mercury and the positive conjunction uniting Radix Sun and Radix Mercury he possesses the potential to modify and understand these tendencies. Whenever the transiting Moon passes through this aspect with these two Radix Planets this tendency intensifies and must be carefully watched. With your Moon Ephemeris the calculation for the precise days when this aspect occurs becomes a simple yet revealing task.

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