2nd House

The 2nd House of the Zodiac defines an individual's personal financial interests. It specifies an individual's attitude towards money and typifies the sources from which money can be obtained through personal effort. Remember the profession is indicated in the 10th House.

It is imperative to stress here that when we talk about money gained or lost we do not mean as a result of speculation or investment, for that comes under the influence of the 5th House. When it is gained or lost through legacy or an inheritance it is through the influence of the 8th House. In the 2nd House we are concerned only with the gain or loss of money through personal efforts. Individual physical labor and any other similar means.

Neptune in the 2nd House implies that the native has a strong urge to make money easily and quickly. He must exert extreme caution so that this urge does not interfere with his natural sense of discrimination between right and wrong. If matters are not going smoothly the temptation of crime and dishonesty may be too great for him to ignore. The prospects of easy money will always attract him and he has to watch himself.

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