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Time And Place As Factors In Calculation Of The Horoscope

A horoscope is simply a chart of the heavens showing a certain position of the planets and zodiacal signs relative to each other and the earth. The constellations remain in the same position one to another, and are therefore called fixed stars, but the earth and other planets constantly change. They do not return to the same relative position until after about twenty-six thousand years. Thus every scientifically calculated horoscope is absolutely individual and shows a stellar influence different from That exerted in any other life commenced at a different time. Because of the revolution of the earth upon its axis a new degree of the zodiac rises every four minutes and thus even the horoscopes of twins may differ considerably. The student will therefore realize the importance of time as a factor in casting a horoscope. There are, however, various methods of approximating the time and erecting a correct horoscope for those who do not know the hour of their birth, but That subject...

Your Own Horoscope

The horoscope of one-self is most important, since it affords a checking medium, as none other. The slightest ill-feelings can be traced therein. Sometimes a person may not feel quite up to date one day, though n.ot sufficiently unwell to mention the fact even to wife or parents. But, the horoscope will usually show such a temporary weak condition. It will indicate at the same time that the weakness will flow off in a few days and all will be well once more. Horoscopes of family members are next in importance. They should be worked up and followed conscientiously., checking how they compare, how the aspects therein operate. Notes should be joined to each aspect, defining its effect as soon as something definite happened. Later on I shall show on hand of a Table how to arrange a daily horoscopicil calendar for a person, allowing sufficient space to make notations for each aspect. After three or four years have rolled by, you will have gacheced enough material for interpretation of...

544 Jupiter in the Main Horoscope

On Figure 5.36, we show the representations of Jupiter in the main horoscope on different Egyptian zodiacs. We use the same convention as in the case of Saturn, namely, we mark with shaded labels those zodiacs where it was not possible to identify the symbol of Jupiter during the first stage (prior to calculations) and the identification was obtained only after the calculations. For the same reason as for Saturn, on Figure 5.36 the symbols representing Jupiter on the Petosiris zodiacs, as they are of different type, are not included. We will discuss them later in this chapter. Let us remind that there are three main horoscopes on Brugsch's zodiac, so there are also three representations of Jupiter indicated for the zodiac (BR) of Figure 5.36. We've already explained in the previous section that on Brugsch's zodiac the name of Jupiter in the Demotic Horoscope was inscribed together with the name of Saturn near Leo's head. This Demotic inscription was translated by H. Brugsch and we...

54Planetary Symbols of the Main Horoscope 541 Planetary Walking Stick

Sarcophagus Symbols

However, if we look at an Egyptian zodiac there may be more figures with planetary walking sticks than required. With a naked eye one can only distinguish five planets without counting the Sun and Moon. They are Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. Notice that on the Long Denderah zodiac, there are ten figures holding planetary walking sticks and on the Round Denderah zodiac there are nine such figures. Certainly, on the Egyptian zodiac some planets could be represented by several symbols with walking sticks arranged in a procession, but the number of such processions still could exceed required number five. The reasons for such large number of planetary symbols was already explained briefly in Chapter 4. In fact, there are usually additional partial horoscopes present in a zodiac, which could increase the number of planetary symbols. The previous researchers didn't realize the existence of such partial horoscopes. Therefore, they were forced to explain the additional planetary...

Babylonian Horoscopes

The dates of the nativities in the earliest horoscopes to survive are at the end of the fifth century. The earliest has only been published recently, and it shows a transitional stage in the casting of horoscopes. Instead of recording the positions of planets in relation to the zodiac on the day of the birth, it is constructed around the synodic appearances of the planets surrounding the birth, and even records calendaric and meteorological data. It thus simply applies the sort of data available in the Diaries to an individual's birth, in this case datable to 13 January 410 BCE. As is the case with most Greek horoscopes preserved on papyrus (as opposed to those found in astrological treatises), there is no interpretation. There is the bare minimum of interpretation in the other Babylonian horoscope cast for a birth only a short time later, on 29 April 410 BCE, but here we have for the first time the positions of the planets on the day Since the first horoscope had not been published,...

551 First Example Partial Horoscope of Autumn Equinox on the Long Zodiac

Zodiaque Denderah

On Figure 5.58, we show a fragment of the Long Denderah zodiac around the Virgo constellation. Recall that Virgo is the place for a partial horoscope of the autumn equinox, and indeed such a partial horoscope can be found there. In order to understand the astronomical symbolism shown on Figure 5.58, first of all we have to remember that on the Long Denderah zodiac every constellation is represented by three decans (see Section 5.2.1), one of each is the specific figure of the constellation, and two others are the female figures, which all look alike. The symbol of Virgo is a female figure holding a spike in her hand (see Figure 5.52) and the two decans are behind her (see Figure 5.21). In this way Virgo's symbol serves as her first decan. The partial horoscope of the autumn equinox is integrated into the second decan figure of Virgo, which on Figure 5.58 is shown enlarged. Immediately, one can notice that there is something different about this symbol. There are some planetary...

Horoscope In Egyptologists

Cool Old Sketch Books Medevel

Regarding the Horoscope in Boats, it is not difficult to recognize here Saturn, because it is represented exactly by the same symbol as on the Denderah zodiacs a male figure with an animal bull-like head and a crescent on the top of it, holding a planetary walking stick in his hand (see Figure 5.27 (BR)). The third horoscope on the Brugsch's zodiac is the Horoscope without Walking Sticks (see Figure 2.16). On this horoscope the situation with Saturn is more complicated, therefore, on Figure 5.27 (BR) there is a question mark placed under the presumed figure of Saturn. As a matter of fact, it is unclear which of the four figures standing together in this horoscope symbolizes Saturn the man, monkey, jackal or falcon (see Figure 5.30). Figure 5.30 Fragment of the Brugsch's zodiac containing the Horoscope without Walking Sticks. Figure 5.30 Fragment of the Brugsch's zodiac containing the Horoscope without Walking Sticks. The fact that the Horoscope without Walking Sticks escaped the...

Reading The Horoscope Introductory

When the student of Astrology has learned to cast the horoscope correctly, the next and most important part is to read its message. Astrology means Star Logic and we must seriously advise the student not to depend too much on authorities but to try to understand the basic nature of each planet, the influence of signs, houses and aspects then by a process of reasoning to combine these and thus develop his own intuition which will serve him far better than the ability to quote like a poll parrot what some one else has said. We would also advise the younger astrologer not to bother too much with the descriptions of physical appearance indicated in the horoscope. It is foolish to spend hours in studying over a phase of the subject which is of limited value. We give descriptions of the different physical types, but do so for the purpose of aiding the student to determine at sight the probable sign and planet rising when a person comes who does not know his birth hour. There are people for...

Idea Of Five Horoscopes In

In the meantime on account of all that reviewing, we have not started yet to cast our horoscope for March 17th, l 4l. the day a commodity was first traded in New York which horoscope nevertheless shall be worked out in due time. However, while we keep talking general rules, we now get off them for a while and say something about the improvements which I made to produce horoscopes that have real value, which can be tead and from which we can say this and that should happen on such and such a day. I spoke already abo-ut the small number of aspects that can be produced when we use only the radix horoscope and nothing else. This bothered me so much because I knew the market changed quite often and no aspects were available to account for any of these changes. Where to take the aspects, if apparently chere are none I set myself thinking and went straight away into optics in which field I felt 1 could find some sort of enlightenment. My first though was if thete is a light somewhere, and an...

How To Test The Horoscope

It sometimes happens that a momentary mental aberration causes even the best of mathematicians to make a mistake in his figures and if an error occurs when casting a horoscope an immense amount of labor may be wasted before it is discovered. There is an easy method of verifying the figure in the main points by a When you have calculated the place of the Sun and entered it in its proper house and sign, note at once if its position coincides with its actual place in the sky at the time of day when the child was born. If the birth occurred about sunrise, the Sun must be near the ascendant if in the middle of the forenoon the Sun should be somewhere in the eleventh house, if near noon the Sun will be found near the Midheaven in a correctly cast horoscope, and in the middle of the afternoon it is in the eighth house. A child born near sunset has its sun close to the cusp between the sixth and seventh houses, and if the birth occurs about 9 p.m., the Sun will be in or near the fifth house....

Rough And Ready Judgment Of Horoscope

A Horoscope having good aspects with very few evil ones (all this is visible from che Speculum) shows a person fortunate id with constant supply of money. What he touches usually turns to gold. Bad times are either completely unknown or they will do little harm in the event they do arrive. Speaking in. terms of market operations, with which we can better sec the results of aspects than on human beings, I would say that, if a person has a good speculum and a bad aspect strikes him, he may miss a move, but it won't cost him much money. He may get out of a position in the market too soon, whereas, had he held on to it, he would have realized so much more profits. ENTRY OF RADIX PLANETS INTO HOROSCOPE STEP No. 6 Our next step now is to enter the planets of the Radix Horoscope into the special ring provided for them in the Five-Ring Horoscope. After we have made up the chart with 5 rings which also his to contain the three-divisions of each House, together with the degrees and minutes and...

821 Annotated Demotic Horoscope on the Brugschs Zodiac

There is nothing else that we could add to the Morozov's analysis of the Demotic horoscope. We have reproduced all his calculation and found out that his results were correct (see section 3.4 for more details). There were indeed only two solutions the year 1682 and 1861. We postpone our discussion of these solutions till we find the dates of all the other horoscopes on Brugsch's zodiac. We assume that these three horoscopes are connected to the tomb where they were found, so all the three dates should be close one to another. It is very interesting to find out which one of the two solutions 1682 or 1861 will turn out to be final. Clearly, getting the date of 1861 would be a rather unexpected and shocking. Nevertheless, we should be ready for all kinds of surprises resulting from the present version of the chronology, and based on its history. Figure 8.8 Color annotated Brugsch's zodiac BR . All the three horoscopes are marked in yellow. Figure 8.8 Color annotated Brugsch's zodiac BR ....

3 Motion For Stock Horoscope Of 1944

When all Planets are prepared for the Progressive Horoscope for 1944, we bikle the g daily motion (0'40'th, to 14*26'T1 ) which is 13 4S' divide by 3*55, because 1944 is not a Leap Year for us apply the resulting increment from day to day from May 17, 1944, forwards, to May 18, May 19, May, 20, 1944, over to iiay IS, 1945, -when a new progressed chart with a newly figured Moon is to be ciadc. La short, add for each day 2.26', beginning with May 17, 1944. Make also a planets' position table for the Stock Horoscope as was done for the Wool Horoscope (page 60) which is permanent and from which you see aspects as they are formed, measuring the angles, which belong to each position is shown in Ephemeris for the Noon Time, May 17, 1792.

Which Trends Can Be Forecast With The Stock Market Horoscope

The Stock Market Horoscope of 1792 does not forecast the trend of each indrvidml stock. We take the bulk of stocks, selecting a group that is frequently traded znd make some sort of arithmetical price average which you. may call your ova average. Other averages ace The Dow Jones Averages, the Tribune Average, the Times Avenges (the last two are used by New York newspapers), each oas selecting their own group of stocks to make a Mean. When such 1 daily Mean price for active stocks Is plotted on a graph, we find that this price line moves up and down, seemingly quite nonsensically, apparendy influenced by good or bad news reports, floods, strikes, politics, when, if and in what manner they happen. In such case out Horoscope will tell truth. The Dow Jones Averages are found in most papers throughout the country together with the Stock Tables of each day in which ate reported the stocks traded on the exchange, their high and low price of the day and the quantities sold.

62 Calculated Horoscopes on the Egyptian Zodiacs

Computing Planetary Positions

As we already explained, the ancient astronomers were able to determine by direct observations the positions of all the planets except the Sun. The position of the Sun was either calculated or roughly estimated. Consequently, the horoscopes on the old zodiacs could be created as a result of direct observations. On the other hand, there was nothing to prevent the ancient astronomers from actually computing a horoscope. For this purpose, they needed a kind of astronomical theory, which would allowed them to roughly compute positions of all the planets, not only just the Sun's position. High precision of such a theory was not really important, a margin of an error from 5o to 6o would be completely sufficient for the computation of the planetary positions. This precision would be high enough to determine the locations of the planets with respect to the zodiacal constellations. For example, the geocentric theory of Ptolemy, which was presented in the presumable ancient Almagest, was more...

553 Third Example Partial Horoscope of Summer Solstice on the Lower Athribis Zodiac

On Figure 5.60, we show a fragment of the Lower Athribis zodiac around the constellations of Libra, Virgo, Cancer, Gemini and Taurus. On Figure 5.60, one can easy recognize all the figures representing these constellations, which we colored in red for more clarity. They form the upper row of symbols, under which one can see two birds (in yellow) representing planets in the main horoscope, and further below them, there is another row of symbols (in blue), which is the partial horoscope of summer solstice. Let us notice that there is no partial horoscope of autumn equinox present on the Lower Athribis zodiac. It should be located under Virgo, but the whole space here is occupied by the symbols of the partial horoscope of summer solstice. In fact this is the only (nontrivial) partial horoscope on the both Athribis zodiacs (see Chapter 8 for more discussion). Let us look carefully at the row of the blue figures. Many of them are already familiar to us. Starting from the left of the...

5413 Moon in the Main Horoscope

Our identification of the Moon on the Denderah zodiacs was obtained after long computations involving several possible variants, but verification of the additional data showed that, in fact, there is only one possibility for the correct identification. The calculations were conducted independently for each of the Denderah zodiacs and the same figure turned out to represent the Moon in the both cases. This figure was somehow unexpected because previous investigators didn't even consider it as a planetary symbol. In their research the existence of the partial horoscopes wasn't realized and consequently some important symbols were disregarded. For example, on the Round zodiac there are three circles in the area of the zodiac constellations. Not surprisingly, one of these circles was dismissed by N.A. Morozov, who assumed that it was representing the goddess of justice or other divinity. This was the circle on Libra (see Figure 5.56). Morozov's explanation was accepted by several other...

There Are Disadvantages in Using Only Horoscope Charts

A horoscope chart is the type of astrological chart that is used today in virtually all astrology magazines and books. It still has the Babylonian circle with its 12 parts. But the 12 parts represent HOUSES and are usually not equally divided into 30-degree segments. The major problem with such charts is that you cannot look at them and easily pick out a symmetrical pattern of planets. You cannot easily visualize the important alignments and Planetary Geometry made by the planets, the way you can with a Babylonian Alignment Chart. It was the Babylonians themselves who also designed the original horoscope charts. They were meant to be used in addition to the alignment style of charts, but they are not as useful as the original alignment charts. To master the contents of this book, it is not necessary to understand what horoscope charts are. For those of you who want an example of one, please look at Figure 3K at the end of this chapter. We have provided you with a horoscope chart of...

542 Saturn in the Main Horoscope

On this zodiac instead of one, there are three main horoscopes. One of them, which was dated by N.A. Morozov, has Saturn indicated by a Demotic inscription. In the two other horoscopes, which were found by us, Saturn is shown in a symbolic way. These horoscopes were already discussed in section 3.4 (see Figure 2.16), where we also assigned to them the names Demotic Horoscope, Horoscope without Walking Sticks and Horoscope in Boats, which will be used throughout this book. Figure 5.28 Two figures of Saturn on the Round Denderah zodiac one (marked in yellow) in the main horoscope, another (marked in blue) in the partial horoscope of the autumn equinox (surrounded by a blue contour) Figure 5.28 Two figures of Saturn on the Round Denderah zodiac one (marked in yellow) in the main horoscope, another (marked in blue) in the partial horoscope of the autumn equinox (surrounded by a blue contour) Figure 5.27 Representations of Saturn in the main horoscope on different Egyptian zodiacs. Figure...

55 Planetary Symbols in Partial Horoscopes

The Egyptian symbols of planets in the partial horoscopes are usually very different from the planetary symbols in the main horoscopes, and that's exactlty how it should be. Otherwise, it would be impossible to extract the main horoscope, understand its meaning, and decode the date of the zodiac. Apparently, the ancient Egyptian astronomers and artists didn't want to create confusion and tried to avoid mixing up the symbols of the main and partial horoscopes. We have to acknowledge that they succeeded in achieving this goal. In most of the cases, it is hard to mistaken a planet from a partial horoscope for a symbol from the main horoscope. The partial horoscopes on the Egyptian zodiacs are associated with the solstice and equinox points. In particular, all of them are located around the symbols of the same four zodiac constellations, which contain these four points. Recall, that the equinox point is a position of the Sun, when day and night are of equal length, and a solstice point is...

Natal Chart Birth Chart Nativity

When most people talk about their astrological chart, they are usually referring to their natal (from the Latin word natus, meaning born ) chart. A natal or birth chart is a map of the solar system, with respect to Earth (in traditional, geocentric astrology) at the moment an individual was born. Because the planets and signs are usually represented by symbols (referred to by astrologers as glyphs) rather than by words, a natal chart appears confusing to anyone unfamiliar with astrological codes. To the experienced astrologer, however, a natal chart reveals a great deal about the person for whom it was constructed. The expression natal chart is used exclusively to refer to the birth chart of an individual. It is thus distinguished from such terms as horoscope and radix, which can refer to the chart of an event or to other nonpersonal phenomena. The natal chart is also distinguished from such secondary charts as progressed charts.

61 Seven Planets of Ancient Astronomy Zodiacs and Horoscopes

All these planets, except the Sun and Moon, can only be visible at night, when the overwhelming brightness of the Sun is absent. On the other hand, the Sun is visible only during the day, while Moon is visible by night, but sometimes also in the daylight. Moreover, at any moment of the time, each of the seven planets of antiquity is located in one of the zodiacal constellations. The arrangement of these seven planets among the zodiac constellations is called a horoscope. Egyptian zodiacs are old Egyptian representations of the zodiacal constellations on the sky, shown in a symbolic form. Often, beside the zodiacal constellations there were also shown the planets, which in such case, were describing a horoscope. Moreover, as we discussed it in the previous chapters, on an Egyptian zodiac other additional symbols could also be included. There is usually only one complete horoscope on an Egyptian zodiac, but sometimes there are more than one, or no horoscope at all.

Tke Wkeat Horoscope of 1587

The Book of Orders wis issued on January 2nd, 15S7. This book gives all rules and regulations how trading in wheat was to be performed at that time. On this date we erect our Horoscope. DETAILS ABOUT THE WHEAT HOROSCOPE Tables were made for Venice Noon which is 49' East of Greenwich. Therefore, the Ascendant 17 24' , which we use here, must be of London, where the book originated. At Midnight, London, the Sid. Time for any January 2nd is between 6h42m and 6h44ra. Our Sid. Time used is 13hl4m to which belongs Asc. 17 24' . This necessarily gives the Birth Time as of 5h31m A.M. London. To this Time belongs

The Erection Of The Aries Horoscope

When this is done, we put our Signs on the Cusps, together with the proper Degrees and Minutes. When we make an Aries horoscope frame, however, we do not need any degrees since we place the 0* of each Sign on the Cusps in regular succession and begin at the First House with 0 T, followed by 0 y on the Cusp of the Second House, 0* 5 on the Cusp of the Third House, making the round until we finish with the 12th House as 0 See Fig. 12, page 48. The Ascendant Horoscope frame we have erected already, only we have nor carried it through completely and we had gone further already than I wished to go at the present moment, by having made the three divisions. In Fig. 13 I atn producing the Ascendant Horoscope frame which I suggest you would use for the moment and only later shall we use the more refined one with the Three Divisions. From now on we do not think anymore about the Sidereal Time. We have used it for the erection of the Horoscope frame, but we...

The Natal Chart Figure

Since Bonnie had an abnormal white blood cell count, I first checked out Pluto, which rules any type of abnormality, especially of the blood. Pluto has three hard aspects, the highest number of any of the planets in her natal chart. With Pluto in Leo with those hard aspects her heart murmur was no surprise. Neither was it a surprise that she had had cancer the few charts I have on this disease usually show fixed signs on the angles plus strongly accented Pluto and Saturn in the chart to characterize long-term, abnormal changes taking place in the body. Bonnie's chart shows Pluto square Saturn, a hard aspect that often signifies a potential ailment. more, bone is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is conjunct Jupiter and square Pluto in Bonnie's natal chart. If at any time Bonnie had told me that the doctors were going to remove her spleen, I would have argued strongly against the operation, instead urging her doctors to check out the bone marrow as the cause first fortunately, I never had to...

5411 The Sun in the Main Horoscope

On Figure 5.50, we show the representations of the Sun in the main horoscope on different Egyptian zodiacs. It is not difficult to notice that the Sun in the most cases was shown as a circle. Sometimes, there was a narrow crescent marked on the circle near the edge, maybe in order to indicate that the crescent of new Moon always appears near the Sun. Indeed, usually we can only observe a part of the illuminated Moon's hemisphere. The whole hemisphere, i.e. the full moon, can only be seen when the Sun and Moon are positioned on the opposite sides of the Earth. On the other hand, if the Sun and Moon are positioned on the same side of the Earth and are close one to another, we can only see a small part (or even nothing) of the illuminated hemisphere of Moon. This is why Moon dies or is reborn always near the Sun, where it appears as a narrow crescent. This particular representation of the Sun can be seen on the zodiacs (DL), (EM) and (P2) (see Figure 5.50). On some Egyptian zodiacs,...

812 Partial Horoscopes and Supplementary Scenes on the Athribis Zodiacs

On the Athribis zodiacs, the symbols of the partial horoscopes are located in a sequence of figures surrounding the zodiacs. The only exceptions are the supplementary scenes of the Full Paschal Moon. On the color annotated Athribis zodiacs (see Figure 8.3 and 8.4) this fringe of figures surrounding the zodiacs is marked in lightblue. The symbolism of these figures was already discussed in Chapter 5. In principle, this encircling arrangement of figures is composed mainly of the equinox and solstice symbols. On the Upper zodiac, in its right upper corner, over the symbol of Gemini, there is a figure with four faces holding a planetary walking stick. On the other Egyptian zodiacs, similar figures with four heads were used in connection to the solstice and equinox points, but not as planetary symbols in the partial horoscopes (see section 5.8). Nevertheless, there is one partial horoscope with planetary figures. It is the partial horoscope of the summer solstice on the Lower zodiac. This...

Astrological Practice Casting A Horoscope

Astrology is a technically complex discipline, and the exposition in the foregoing chapter may have seemed baffling to the uninitiated. As one way of showing how it actually worked, I am going to take an individual birth chart and illustrate how two ancient astrologers would have interpreted it, according to the generalised instructions given in their works. They are quite different sources, in that they are separated by several centuries, and that one was written in Greek and the other in Latin. However, they are remarkably similar, illustrating the tenacity of astrological tradition. The reason that they are ideal for such an experiment is that they present themselves as simple handbooks, and offer precise predictions corresponding to particular configurations. The first astrological work I use is the Mathesis, the Greek word meaning learning, which had come to connote astrological knowledge in particular. It was written by Firmicus Maternus, a Roman senator from Sicily who had been...

Understanding Themes in the Birth Chart

Another example might help to explain this mode of synthetic analysis, especially for beginning and intermediate students of astrology. Suppose a person has Mercury in Capricorn this person's attunement of the conscious mind will inevitably share some fundamental qualities with all others who have this Mercury placement. But suppose this particular person also has Saturn in close aspect to Mercury. This gives us two different emphases on the same theme an interchange of astrological letters (or principles) 3 and 10 (or between 6 and 10 if the Virgoan dimension of Mercury seems strong for this person). With such a double emphasis on the same fundamental dynamic, we know that this individual will have a strong propensity toward handling exacting detail, toward a serious and practical mode of thinking, toward nervous tension, and toward working hard to develop certainty about their ideas. If this person has other factors in the birth-chart which also represent interchanges between these...

We All Have A Second Birth Chart

Each of the planets move both horizontally and vertically in the sky, in other words the planets move both side to side in the sky, and they also each move up and down in the sky. But most astrologers have been taking into account only the side to side (horizontal) movement of the planets and have ignored the up and down (vertical) movement of each planet. When astrologers talk about what sign the Sun is in, they are talking about only the HORIZONTAL POSITION of the Sun. Astrologers have always believed that the horizontal positions and movement of the planets have an influence on life on Earth. They are correct on this point. But the VERTICAL movement and positions of the planets must also have an influence and should also be taken into consideration in any astrological analysis. A map always has two coordinates, the horizontal and the vertical coordinates. An astrological chart is just like a map. An astrological chart is a map of the sky. Everyday, each planet moves a little bit...

Casting And Interpreting A Horoscope

The intention of this chapter is to give the reader a simple method that will allow a horoscope to be quickly drawn up for analysis. Three types of horoscope can be cast in this way the natal horoscope, a horoscope for yearly predictions, and one for daily predictions. To cast these horoscopes, it is necessary first to calculate the data in Jungtsi astrology and then factor in the elements of Kartsi astrology. In the name of ease of understanding and learning of our method, we shall use a sample horoscope throughout the following explanation. Our example will be for a male bom in Paris, November 15, 1950, at 5 00 P.M. local time. . We have now established all the components of the natal horoscope in jungtsi astrology. We shall now consider the Kartsi iCmnpoJients.

What Creates Our Second Birth Chart

Astronomers refer to the horizontal locations of the planets as the LONGITUDES, and the vertical positions of the planets as the DECLINATIONS. Astrology has adapted the same terminology. In traditional astrology, the longitudes are used to create the circle of the birth charts. These charts include all horoscope charts and Babylonian-style alignment charts. It is the horizontal positions of the planets (the longitudes) that are drawn around the circumference of the circle. In Magi Astrology, we use the declinations to create our second birth chart. To help us to distinguish between the two different types of birth charts, we will refer to all horizontal position birth charts as ZODIAC SiGn CHARTS (standard Horoscope type of charts) the vertical-position chart is called the DECLINATIONS CHART. We all have two astrological charts. We all have both the Zodiac Sign Chart and also the Declination Chart. This is good news for all of us because we all have a chance for more planetary aspects...

Drawing a birth chart

By following these simple instructions, you will be able to produce a reasonably accurate birth chart. If you do not know your birth time, you cannot calculate your Ascendant or Midheaven signs. If this is the case, either set your chart for noon on the day you were born and ignore the interpretations for the Ascendant and Midheaven, or put your Sun sign in the white segment of the chart at the nine o'clock position. This will set your chart for sunrise on your day of birth.

Nimrud Dagh Horoscope

In this chapter we have seen what would happen if the treatises were taken at face value and used to interpret a particular horoscope. What emerged was that the treatises could not teach anyone how to cast and interpret a horoscope. To any one question, a large number of contradictory responses was available, and there were no clues as to how to choose between them. This finding demanded an explanation. Rather than assume that this was the result of corrupt texts or the stupidity of the astrologers, the normal explanations for apparent confusion in astrological texts, I looked to the contemporary intellectual context. I suggested that different ideals and methods of education were operating. The process of learning was an apprenticeship, and it was akin to a process of initiation, like the mystery cults which were so important in the Greek world. The stages of initiation, in which each new level displaced the last, could explain the apparent reduplication of methods for finding out...

822Horoscope Without Walking Sticks on Brugschs Zodiac

The horoscope Without Walking Sticks is located in the sector on the left from the goddess Nut (see Figure 3.15), right behind the zodiacal symbols annotated with Demotic inscriptions. An enlargement of this fragment is presented on Figure 8.7 (see also the color annotated Brugsch's zodiac on Figure 8.8, where it is placed on a light purple background). All the planetary symbols in this horoscope were already discussed in section 5.4, which was devoted to the symbolism of the main horoscope. Let us recall the results of this analysis. In the sector of Brugsch's zodiac occupied by the horoscope Without Walking Sticks, there are shown the following scenes and symbols of the main horoscope (starting from the far left) By looking at the locations of these figures with respect to the symbols of the zodiacal constellations shown on the right in the central sector of the zodiac (see Figure 8.7), we obtain the following decoding of the horoscope Without Walking Sticks The Horoscope Without...

The Stock Market Horoscope As Used By George Bayer For Many Years To Forecast Trends

In Part 1 we learn how to construct a Five-Fold Horoscope. When you first began it appeared rather complicated and difficult. As you plodded through one ruie after the other, you gradually should have caught on to the method, especially, since I took great pains to clarify doubly and threefold spots which from my own experience were known to be hard to grasp. The rules of interpreting Aspects also have been explained which should bring forth the desired results. It is but a matter of getting experienced, the same as it was with me back in 1912, when coming into France, after having1 studied in school fot nine full years the French language, I could not say in French I want a glass of beer . The reason was thac all the French taught us was purely academic and nothing practical whatever. It took about nine months thereafter, that matters went easy. This applies to you right here. It takes experience to size up angles, to measure in your mind their distance, not only from one to another,...

Fignre 5 Todds Natal Chart

Reloj Did Ctico Para Imprimir

The Natal Chart (Tropical Placidian). (Figure 5) Then I examined Jupiter, which also has three hard aspects to it. In Todd's natal chart Jupiter is in Aries. This placement usually indicates excess blood in the head, causing stress on the vessels and suggesting the potential for aneurysms if the veins or arteries do not remain flexible and elastic. But these possibilities did not fit the baby's symptoms. After examining the progressed chart and seeing how often Neptune was involved I was convinced that Todd had been misdiagnosed and that there was poison in his body. At first I thought the lymph system was affected because it handles poisons in the body with so much Pisces in the natal chart this was a logical assumption. Another possibility was that the thymus was not manufacturing lymphocytes to help ward off infection and was badly backlogged from fighting allergies. Thus the thymus could also be implicated in a type of poisoning.

The Natal Chart Key to Transits

My teacher, Richard Idemon stressed that you cannot understand transits unless you have a deep knowledge of the natal chart. The natal chart is the cosmic plan for our development, complete at birth but unfolding through transits. Different parts of us, different abilities and strengths, are developed at different times of our lives through our experiences. One part may not be able to develop meaningfully until another has reached a certain level of strength. We may get tired of waiting for something we want or think the timing of an event was bad, but we can't see far enough ahead to grasp the whole plan. It is not our timing that is being followed but God's. It is a perfectly choreographed dance Saturn waiting in the wings until Neptune has done its work, and so on. To understand a transit and its potentialities, we have to go deeply into the natal chart and examine the natal-chart function of both the transiting planet and the planet being transited. This would be an example of...

The First Step To Erect A Horoscope Sidereal Time Computations

To the Sidereal Time of the day on' which a horoscope is to be erected we have to add the number of hours, minutes and seconds that elapsed from the preceding noon. This means, if a birth occurred at 3 00 P.M., we would take the Sid. Time of that day and add the 3 hours, which had elapsed from the previous Noon. If, however, the birth occurred at 7 a.m., we would take the Sid. Time of the preceding Noon from the Ephemeris and add to it, first 12 hours to get us to midnight and then 7 more hours to bring us to the following (actual) morning of the birth.

About Mutual Aspects In Stock Horoscope

All the mutual aspects from progressed planets, progressed ascendant and progressed midheaven to radix position in the new Five-Fold Horoscope must be reckoned carefully to minutes, whenever possible, to find when the aspects hit, i.e. so many days away from January lsc of each year. The angles are the same as with moon aspects, viir 0*, 15', 30 4V, 60', 75 , 90*, 105*, 120*, 135*,150*. 16J*. 180.

Individual Stock Horoscopes

We are forced to judge individual stocks individually with the aid of their Birth Charts , some dates have been given on page 25. This brings about complications, as you easily can see. The gist for good results is Follow stocks chat more in harmony or in near harmony with the Averages . A stock can get gradually into harmony with the general market, and after a few years gets again out of harmony. The cause you can now comprehend. The Moon, progressed for each stode gradually changes its speeds' and, periodically, can have the same or nearly die same speed. Then this stock's movement will agree closely with that of the Market as a whole, while at other times it will be limping, or even work contrary to the whole. Therefore, when stocks become leaders in t ie Market the Progressed Moon of their.own Horoscope moves at about the same speed (same increase or decrease), as the Progressed Moon of the Market Horoscope of 1792.

Birth Chart Calculation

Before a horoscope can be set up for the place of birth, the latitude and longitude of the birth place must be fmind. Latitude shows how far in degrees the birth place is north or south from the equator, and longitude how far in degrees the birth place is east or west of Greenwich Observatory, England. If the person for whom the horoscope is being set up was born previous to 12 00 o'clock noon, November 18,1888, no such correction is necessary for previous to that date all time was true local time and the following calculation may be omitted.

Tke Vilindane Horoscope

We now can go over and begin the construction of a new but very important horoscope, which we shall call the Mundane Horoscope, The principle' upon which it is erected is as follows There seems to be some relation between the Horoscope made fot the Moment of Birth with an Ascendant which may carry any degree and minute of the Zodiac, compared co the one which begins with 0* T 2C the Ascendant. However, the way astrologers make their Aries horoscopes is not the satisfactory solution as will be presently shown. It took me a long time to think up a possible proportion between an Aries Horoscope and an Ascendant Horoscope. However, when we consider that Planets' Positions should be effective in the same proportion as their effect is in a Natural Aries Horoscope, you can understand that my idea was right. Of course, we cannot begin with an Aries Horoscope and work that one over into an Ascendant Horoscope, but we have to go the other way from our Ascendant Horoscope back into the Aries...

The Speculm For Horoscope Of Wool Tops

51mtle ajue5 horoscope t*t mjrih 17, RADIX HOROSCOPE lot Miith II. 19*1 Fot illustration's sake 1 shall bring and develop fully a horoscope together with all the side calculations that have to be made for a certain commodity in which trading began recently, ro be more ex-act on March 17th, 1941. The time obtained from the floor of the Exchange was at 12 01 Noon, the location of the Exchange is at New York City. On hand of this example, you then can work up any horoscope you like, provided you have the proper ephemerides for it and provided you follow step by step the way this example shows and explains. Of course, be it known, that we ace starting in at this time with the so-called radix horoscope. We cannot speak immediately about the four other horoscopes that have to be worked into this radix h-oroscope, but shall gradually lead towards them. When all is finished we have a combination of five single horoscopes which have to work hand in hand together all are needed and not one can...

Tke Mirrored Horoscopes

This completes the Mundane Horoscope. Now we shall proceed to produce the Mirrored Charts, of which we have to make two. Both are made the same way, on the same principle. We construct one Mirrored Horoscope out of the Radix Horoscope and another Mirrored Horoscope out of the Mundane. We will not make a Mirrored Chart of the Progressed Horoscope which, as tests revealed to me is not useful. The principle used to erect mirrored horoscopes is the reflex law, such as may be recognized when looking into a lake wherein we see an inverted picture. What is to your left appears to your right in the picture. We may also think of echoes. The sound comes back after a while. Many years ago J visited a Museum of Science. In one of the rooms I found a hollowed contraption on the wall similar to a reflector of a lamp on an automobile. At the opposite side of the room was a similar bowl on the wall. In one of these bowls hung a watch which was ticking. People had to go to the empty bowl whose...

671Step 1 Identification of the Planets in the Main Horoscope with All Possible Variants Considered

For a given Egyptian zodiac, we recognize with the help of the comparative tables of Egyptian astronomical symbols (see section 5.4), all the possible variants of identification of the planetary symbols in the main horoscope, i.e. the variants of decoding of its main horoscope.

546 Venus in the Main Horoscope

Concerning Brugsch's zodiac, there are three different representations of Venus shown on Figure 5.40 (BR). An inscription in the Demotic Horoscope, which was translated by H. Brugsch, clearly identifies Venus. N.A. Moro-zov, who adopted Brugsch's identification of all planets in this horoscope, writes the following In between Scorpio and Sagittarius, there is a Demotic inscription bending towards Sagittarius' head, which reads Pe-Neter-Tau (i.e. Morning Planet) Venus. 32 On the other horoscopes in the Brugsch's zodiac, Venus is shown by figures. In the case of the Horoscope in Boats, Venus is easy to recognize as the only female figure on a boat. But, in the Horoscope without Walking Sticks, the representation of Venus, as a lioness, is more complicated, but still agrees with the convention used in the Egyptian symbolism. We will discuss this symbol in more details later in this section.

The Fivefold Horoscope

Only once a year, on the day of the birth's recurrence. Otherwise -we leave them intact. But should an aspect fall due in the progressed horoscope, we have to make side calculations and adjust them that way. The four tings contain the radix, the mundane and the two mirrored horoscopes. They remain permanent and 2re never changed or shifted. The inner four arc to be considered the birth picture of the person analyzed, while the 3J of the outer horoscope, the 5th, called the progressed horoscope, is the actor. It causes by its progressed motion from day to day aspects to be formed towards the other planets. The angles used were described previously. The progressed is the culprit in all cases. All other progressed planets are ignored except when they get aspects themselves from the progressed 5 . ARTIFICIAL AND NATURAL DECANS Each parr of the three-part division, which we have made for each house of the horoscope we shall call an Artificial Decan Division , although the name Decan. does...

Custom Horoscope Report Trader Know Thyself

One's own horoscope is perhaps the most potent tool for improving investment performance. Every professional trader knows that trading psychology is the most important and by far the most difficult piece of the trading puzzle to master. Evidence abounds that perfectly good trading signals are often botched because either the signals are not taken or are overridden by the trader. Custom research, based on an individual horoscope, historical transits and a recent track record, can help isolate timing influences that are both beneficial and detrimental to trading performance. This is a great tool for any trader to identify room for improvement in the entire trading approach.

About The Progressed Horoscope

This horoscope must be renewed and made each year. All orhers remain as they arc produced for the birth moment. The procedure of how to remake the progressed horoscope is the very same as when you make your original radix horoscope. Only it is made for so many days later as years have elapsed in the native's life. In out sample horoscope it would be made each year for 12 01 P.M., York Time, figured over into London Time and planets pro The tabic for progressed planets is only good on the actual birth day and not for the whole year. Whenever we strike a progressed aspect of out table we have to adjust it, explained already, by measuring its speed over the year (the progressed day) and figure for it also its daily motion. Add to the position of the day, when the aspect becomes operative according to the progressed chart, the extra motion which the planet made from the birth day to the day the aspect becomes operative. This may sound complicated but it is quite simple in actual...

673 Step 3 Validation of Dates Based on the Precise Planetary Positions Visibility Attributes and Partial Horoscopes

A Exact Correspondence to the Main Horoscope At this point, we verified if there is exact correspondence between the real (computed) configuration of the planets on the zodiacal belt, and the initial data, i.e. the main horoscope according to the considered decoding. The necessity of such a verification is dictated by the fact that in our computations we have significantly weaken the requirements related to the acceptable locations of planets on the zodiacal belt. Let us recall that we did it in order to avoid the impact of undefined boundaries between the zodiacal constellations and other inevitable imprecisions.

547 Mercury in the Main Horoscope

On Figure 5.45, we show the representations of Mercury in the main horoscope on different Egyptian zodiacs. The representation of Mercury on the Inner Petosiris zodiac (P2) is given on Figure 5.46. Unfortunately, Mercury on the Outer Petosiris zodiac was badly damaged (see Chapter 8). As before, there are three different representations of Mercury shown on Figure 5.45 (BR), which correspond to three main horoscopes on Brugsch's zodiac. In the Demotic Horoscope on this zodiac, Mercury's name was inscribed in demotic between Scorpio and Libra (see Figure 5.45 (BR)). Henry Brugsch deciphered it as Sebek and translated it as Mercury.

545 Mars in the Main Horoscope

On Figure 5.37, we show the representations of Mars in the main horoscope on different Egyptian zodiacs. Again we use the same convention we mark with shaded labels the zodiacs, for which it was not possible to identify the symbol of Mars during the first stage, and the identification was obtained only after the computations were completed. On Figure 5.37, we skipped the symbols representing Mars on the Petosiris zodiacs. They are of different type and we will discuss them later in this chapter. For Brugsch's zodiac, there are three representations of Mars shown of Figure 5.37 (BR). In the Demotic Horoscope, Mars is indicated by an inscription, which was translated by H. Brugsch as On the majority of the other horoscopes, except the Big Esna and the Athribis zodiacs, Mars is shown as a male figure with a falcon head. On the Big Esna zodiac, there is no figure with a falcon head present at all. The identification of Mars with a falcon-headed male figure was first suggested by Henry...

Lesson 6 Putting Astro to Use Looking at a Personal Horoscope

Now that you have gone through the first 5 lessons you should have some idea what you are looking at The best way to show you how to look at a personal horoscope is to briefly go through a few. In this case we will look at the charts of the two candidates for president in 2000. This quick read is not a full delineation only an attempt to show you how basic interpretive work is done.

Practical Application Of The Fivefold Horoscope In Markets

We erect a Five-Fold Horoscope for human beings always for the time of their birth, Business Horoscopes, erect for the Time of Incorporation, Partnerships for the time when agreement is signed, for unlisted stocks, erect Horoscope for the time the first stock certificate is issued. If listed on an exchange erect it for cbe first day of listing on the exchange. In case a stock first listed on the Curb or at some other Exchange and later transferred to the Big Board , make a new Horoscope for the Big Board and forget about the old listing. That horo-

How to Interpret a Birth Chart

During the 1970s, Sun-Sign Astrology became very popular even though it left all such questions completely unanswered. Together with Horoscope Astrology, Sun-Sign Astrology comprises the basic tools of traditional astrology. But even the entirety of traditional astrology lacks the ability to adequately help us in matters of love and money. In this book, we will teach the parts of Magi Astrology that help you accurately answer many important questions about the people in your life-for example

552 Second Example Partial Horoscope of Winter Solstice on the Round Zodiac

Let us recall that on the Egyptian zodiacs, Sagittarius is the location for the partial horoscope of the winter solstice. Here, similarly as it is on other Egyptian zodiacs, the figure of Sagittarius has incorporated additional symbols of Mercury and Venus. They are shown by a two-faced head of Sagittarius. One face is human (Mercury) but another one is of a lioness (Venus). These is the standard Egyptian symbol of Sagittarius with a minimal partial horoscope incorporated in it. We will discuss this symbol in more details in Section 5.8. Notice that one half of the horse-tail of Sagittarius is standing up and on its top there is a goose, which on Egyptian zodiacs is associated with Mars. That means, Mars is present in this partial horoscope. The presence of additional attributes incorporated into the figure of Sagittarius is indicated by a special Egyptian pull-out symbol, which is here a small boat under the front legs of Sagittarius. We will explain later in more detail, why the...

823Horoscope in Boats on Brugschs Zodiac

The planets belonging to the horoscope in Boats are located in the sector on the right from the goddess Nut (see Figure 3.15). An enlargement of this fragment is presented on Figure 8.9. On the color annotated Brugsch's zodiac (see Figure 8.8), they are marked in yellow. On Figure 8.8. the Horoscope without Walking Sticks Julian day (JD) 2393762.00 Year Month Day 1841 10 6 Horoscope without Walking Sticks Julian day (JD) 2393762.00 Year Month Day 1841 10 6

Dianas Life and Her Birth Chart

Princess Diana was well known for her Cancer Sun's emotional vulnerability, and for her tremendous compassion. Notice that Diana's birth chart has a trine, a beneficial aspect, between her Sun and Neptune, the planets of love and compassion. Neptune is also found in her Tenth House, the area of one's career and reputation, symbolizing that Diana would be known for her compassionate works. The Sun in her Seventh House shows that she wanted to share herself with others, which she certainly did. Princess Diana's Moon, representing her emotional nature, is in Aquarius, the sign of the humanitarian. So, we know from this that she always concerned herself with all classes of people, not just the upper crust. Her ascendant, or rising sign, Sagittarius, shows her spirit and questing nature. Diana certainly fulfilled the potentials shown in her birth chart in a magnificent way. Together, all four symbols in her birth chart's Eighth House suggest a royal person surrounded and besieged by men,...

754 Partial Horoscopes and Supplementary Scenes on the Small Esna Zodiac

A Partial Horoscope of the Autumn Equinox On the Egyptian zodiacs the partial horoscope of the autumn equinox is located in Virgo and in the neighboring constellations of Leo and Libra (see section 5.8). The fragment of the Small zodiac containing Virgo and Libra was destroyed, however the part with Leo and the secondary Virgo standing on its tail was well preserved (see subsections 5.1.5 and 5.1.6 for more details on representations of Leo and Virgo on the Egyptian zodiacs). Therefore, the partial horoscope of the autumn equinox on the Small zodiac seems to be incomplete (see Figures 7.41 and 7.42). In the upper row, at the left end of the zodiac, there are six figures standing on the both sides of the symbol of the autumn equinox, which is the podium with a diagonal cross and a heron standing on it. There is only one male figure there. It has a small disc on its head. These female figures ought to represent Venus, while the male figure is most probably Mercury. Indeed, this male...

Recapitulation Of Several Details Which We Have To Recall To Lead Us Over To The Other Types Of Horoscopes

In Fig. 17 the Radix Horoscope of March 17, 1941 made for 12h 01' P.M. at New York, N.Y. is carried out completely together with che Thirjd-DLvisions of which we spoke before. The divisions have to be made carefully. The units (The Thirds) found are entered into the final complete five-fold Horoscope on the inside of che ring as shown in Fig. 23, The constant need of the length of these Thirds to make proper proportions made me place them at prominent spots (See Fig. 11, page 48) In the Third House I show that the First Division is called the First Decan, the Second Division the 2nd Decan and the Third Division the Third Decan, These arc Artificial Decans since their size var es, depending upon the size of the House they are in. In our example the Decans (the Artificial Decans) of the First House are 5*35' long, while the Artificial Decans of the 4th House show 12*1' for each. The Decans of che 2nd House have again their own lengths, so have the Decans of the Third etc. There must be...

817 Validation of Solutions According to the Partial Horoscope of the Summer Solstice

Let us analyze the first date June 12, 1268. In Table 8.6, we present for this date the positions of the planets on the ecliptic J2000 using degrees, as well as, the coordinates on the constellation scale (see section 6.10). In addition, for each of the listed planets we indicate the corresponding zodiacal constellation. Just by looking at these numbers, we can already say that our astronomical solution fits quite well the partial horoscope of the summer solstice on the Lower zodiac. On the summer solstice day, all the planets gathered indeed around the Sun in Gemini. Nevertheless, this correspondence with the partial horoscope is not perfect. The planetary configuration on that day was clearly different than the one depicted on the partial horoscope of the summer solstice on the Lower zodiac. Recall that on the Lower zodiac, there were three planets shown on one side of the Sun, while there were two more on the other side. But, on the June 12, 1268, there were four planets on the one...

853 Planets in the Main Horoscope on the Ramses VI Zodiac

All the planets of the main horoscope on the Ramses VI zodiac can be identified directly from Figures 8.32 and 8.33, where the zodiac is truncated after Capricorn. Notice that interchanging the symbols of Mars and Sturn does not affect the decoding of the main horoscope on the zodiac (RS) both planets are located in Pisces. Since all the other planets were uniquely identified by their planetary attributes, we can say that the main horoscope on the Ramses VI zodiac is decoded.

Horoscope Astrological Chart

Among contemporary astrologers, the term horoscope (from the Greek hora, meaning hour, and skopos, meaning watcher ) is used to refer to any astrological chart. Because of the popularity of newspaper astrology, which often presents itself as a horoscope, the word has become synonymous with daily prediction in the minds of the general public. Prior to the eighteenth century, however, a horoscope was applied only to the ascendant, which is the sign on the eastern horizon at the moment for which the chart is constructed.

Tine Erection of the Horoscope

TEST HOROSCOPE OF MARCH 17, 1 41 STEP No. 1 ASSEMBLAGE OF DATA The Planets' Places for Noon London of March 17th and of March ISth, 1941, as taken from the Ephemeris are Use the difference of ascendant values (46') multiplied by the difference of distance between the lower value and the actual Sid. Time (43') The result obtained is to be divided by the difference of the Sid. Time as given in the Ephemeris (221 ). The value obtained (9') must be added to the lowest value of the Sid. Time in the Ephemeris (14*22'55) which represents the cusp of the Ascendant for the Horoscope erected for that time. This is the corrected Ascendant. It must be entered into the prepared Horoscope Chart for the first House Cusp (ascendanr). Therefore 60' is the motion in MC. during which time the Sid. Time advances from 23h35 to 23h38'41 . This value we add to the MC place given in the Table for 23h35'35 and we get as MC place for the Sid. Time of 23h38'4l 24*12' This value we set into the Horoscope Chart...

Estimating Your Horoscope Using the Tables in This Book

Locating your planets Guestimating your Ascendant Discovering your houses Putting it all together to get your birth chart But what if you're outside the reach of a computer What if you're all alone on that mythical desert island, leaning against that palm tree, reading this book Using only the information contained here, you can construct a rough version of your horoscope (or anyone else's) and for most purposes, that approximation will do just fine. First, copy the blank chart form on the Cheat Sheet, either by machine or if that desert island doesn't happen to have a Kinko's by hand. Next, follow the instructions in this chapter. For instance, consider the horoscope of rocker Bruce Springsteen, born September 23, 1949. On that day, the Sun moved from analytical Virgo to Libra, the sign of relationships. Which one is he According to the table at the back of this book, the Sun made its move that day at 4 06 a.m. eastern standard time (EST). (All the tables in this book are EST.)...

549 Representation of Mercury in Two Locations on One Horoscope

Mercury is moving on the sky much faster than all the other planets (except the Sun and Moon). In one or two days it can noticeably change its position on the ecliptic. We should mention that a typical horoscope shows a date with an accuracy from one to several days and sometimes even more than one week. We are not sure about the intentional accuracy of the dates encoded in the Egyptian zodiacs, but it is likely that it was up to several days. As in the old epochs the time was sometimes measured in weeks not in days, it is probable that the Egyptian zodiacs were intended to show the astronomical picture for the whole week when some important events related to this zodiac took place. If it was indeed the truth, then a horoscope was a perfectly sufficient tool to commemorate an important date with such accuracy. However, in order to keep up with the fast changing position of Mercury, which within one week could move from a visible to invisible position (or vice versa), sometimes it was...

Insertion Of The Planets Into Radix Horoscope

We have now arrived at the point where we can erect the frame of a horoscope for an time of a day, for any placd in the world. We can say to have graduated from first grade of grammar school in astrological knowledge. With the next step we insert the planets into their places, together with their proper degrees. As stated some time ago, we know the planets are constantly moving in space, forward but also sometimes backwards or Retrograde (I )-We have to fasten them into our horoscope at the moment of a birth and remember, even though they arc going to be tied down to the moment fixed at birth, they keep on moving right along, forming aspects to one another.


It is clear that in thus dividing the heavens into twelve equal sectors, since the belt of the Zodiac runs across the sky from East to West, we shall have some one particular degree on the edge or cusp of each house. When these have been inserted, the positions of the planets, according to the houses and also according to the signs that they occupy are Mien added, and the horoscope is complete. Such, in brief, is the method of casting a horoscope. In ancient times the planets' places, cusps of the houses, etc., were no doubt determined by direct observation but no such labour is now necessary, for the Astronomical Ephemeris* supplies us with the zodiacal places of the planets for noon each day, so that it is merely a matter of simple proportion to find them for any given moment.

Horoscope Junkies

Do you read your horoscope (And do you remember it, if you do ) Millions of people in the United States don't leave home without it without reading it, that is. Are they horoscope junkies A daily horoscope for a Sun sign may read A good day for fishing. And we don't just mean for fish Pay attention to possible catches, but throw back the little stuff. A horoscope junkie who pays attention to this forecast will pay attention to anything that they catch that day, from fish to advice and probably for good reason. What about the rest of us, who read our horoscopes sometimes or never Are we heading for possible ruination, or worse Of course not. But it might not hurt us to check our horoscopes a little more often. After all, you listen to the weather report before you go outside, don't you C'mon, we know you do. A sample daily horoscope. Who writes horoscopes, anyway The answer is, usually, astrologers do. Astrologers are people who have spent many years studying what the planets in the...

Early Horoscopes

Individual horoscopes were very basic at first. A horoscope of 225BCE, for example, records that in year 77, the fourth day, in the last part of the night, Aristokrates was born. That day Moon in Leo, Sun in 12 of Gemini, Jupiter in 18 Sagittarius. The place of Jupiter means his life will be regular, he will become rich, he will grow old, his days will be numerous. Venus in 4 Taurus. The place of Venus means wherever he may go it will be favourable to him

The Birth Chart

The most fundamental tool in astrology is what is known as a BIRTH CHART, which is also called an ASTROLOGICAL CHART. This is the chart with a circle and the 12 zodiac signs drawn around the circle it also includes the positions of the planets. A sample birth chart used in traditional astrology can be found at the end of this chapter. It is what all astrologers use. We will begin by teaching you what a birth chart is and how to construct it. Then we will teach you how to interpret and evaluate it, and how to use it to better your life. To some people, the birth chart looks complicated. It Is not. In fact, it becomes very simple once you know the history of its origins. The Babylonian astrologers of over 4,000 years ago invented the first birth charts. In this chapter, we will explain how and why these Babylonian astrologers designed the birth chart as they did.

The Practical Value Of Astrology

There is a side of the Moon which we never see, but that hidden half is as potent a factor in causing the ebb and flow of the earth's tide, as the part of the Moon which is visible. Similarly, there is an invisible part of man which exerts a powerful influence in life, and as the tides are measured by the motion of the Sun and Moon, so also the eventualities of existence are measured by the circling stars, which may therefore be called the Clock of Destiny, and knowledge of their import is an immense power, for to the competent astrologer the horoscope reveals every secret of life. To the medical man Astrology is invaluable in diagnosing diseases and prescribing a remedy, for it reveals the hidden cause of all ailments. If you are a parent the horoscope will aid you to detect the evil latent in your child and teach you how to apply the ounce of prevention. It will show you the good points also, that you may make the better man or woman of the soul entrusted to your care. It will...

Ephemeris plural Ephemerides

An ephemeris is a twin sister of the Almanac, and gives the geocentric Longitudes and Declinations for the current year. It is absolutely necessary in astrological calculations. But just as it is necessary to get a new almanac for each year to see when the Moon is new and full, when it is Easter or Christmas, etc., so also is it necessary to have an ephemeris for every year when we want to cast horoscopes for people. True, the planets circle about the Sun, but each has its own specific speed, and they do not come into the same position relative to one another that they have while you are reading this, until a period which is called the Great Sidereal Year (25,868 ordinary years), has elapsed. Therefore all horoscopes, even the horoscopes of twins differ, and it is necessary to have an ephemeris for the birth year of any person before you can cast his horoscope. Equator

About Retrograde Planets

Whenever a planet is retrograde IJ, we must mark it as such into the horoscope. The simple fact moving contrary () has as effect that they also act the opposite way compared to planets which move direct. A trine to a retrograde planet is evil and hurtful whereas a trine to a direct planet is usually favorable. Therefore so-called evil aspects, such as squares are favorable when made to a IJ planet. With the method I am reaching, do not attempt to use helio-centric planets' positions or aspects or try to erect horoscopes for heliocentric views.

Books To Keep Calender

For personal horoscopes I have found in stationery stores books which ate used to make double entry bookkeeping which hive 6 columns on a page or 12 columns on a double page. Use the first column to encex the Moon's progression from day to day, the second column to enter the aspects next to the proper values as taken from the fixed permanent aspect table. Each column is long enough for one month, since the lines amount to 32 or 34 downward, allowing one month for one column, or three months for one single page. THE PROGRESSED MOON FOR OUR HOROSCOPE OF MARCH 17, 1941 Note 3 Increment is 2.367', which is to be added each day. Table below is for calendar year 1941 All aspects as due are taken from the final rotation table of planets' positions.

Additional Information About Aspects

Unless an. aspect is actually full ro the exact degree and minute nothing happens on account of this aspect. Something will only happen when the aspect is full. This aspect will last until some other aspect comes into the picture and the person or object for whonr the horoscope was made will be guided by the new aspect and follows its effect, whether good or bad. When you follow markets of commodities you can sec the effect of aspects very nicely, in fact from these markets I made my deductions throughout.

Mars The Planet Of Action

People who have Mars prominent in their horoscopes are eminently practical and play an important part in the world's work. They are especially proficient in occupations where iron and fire are used for constructive purposes or where sharp instruments are handled. Soldiers, surgeons and butchers, machine workers and iron founders, engineers and man in kindred occupations are of the martial nature. They also excel in other positions where courage and intrepidity are necessary qualities.

Lesson 5 Delineating a Chart

Brujulas Antiguas

In lessons 1 to 4, you have learned the most basic principles of astrology the signs of the zodiac, the planets, the houses, and how all are grouped together by similarities. If you understand these principles, and the keywords have become a part of your subconscious, you will have little trouble learning the other techniques and additional refinements that are a part of delineating (interpreting) a horoscope. Logic, common sense and a knowledge of human nature will aid you in interpreting a horoscope if you have grasped the significance of these basic principles. You will remember from lesson 4 that we drew an analogy between the planets and the cast for a play. The cast does not change the Sun, for example, is always the inner personality, the heart of the horoscope and the life-giver. The signs are the roles that this cast plays, and they do not change either Taurus is always Taurus and retains the basic character of this sign. However, the houses are the various settings in which...

The Housesinterpretive Guidelines

The houses represent the fields of experience wherein the energies of the signs and planets operate. Rather than symbolizing just the outward experiences and environmental circumstances specified by most traditional astrology, the houses are also revealing of the inner state and of one's personal subjective experience and attitudes. By noting the planets' placements in the natal chart, an astrologer can tell which levels and areas of experience will be strongly emphasized in a person's life. The keyword system discussed on the following pages is meant to clarify interpretation and understanding primarily of the psychological and inner significance of the houses. It is an attempt to perceive the essential meanings of the fields of experience known as the houses. If the essential meanings are understood, they can then be applied to and illuminate all the diverse activities and experiences traditionally symbolized by the houses.

The Social World Of The Astrologers

There are frequent references to kings in the plural, sometimes paired with tyrants, the Greek name for rulers who had seized power for themselves. This might suggest a period before the Roman Empire had completely subjugated the Greek world. However, there are cases in individual horoscopes of the imperial period where updating has taken place, and 'king' is clearly used to mean emperor.6 Furthermore, in the Later Roman Empire the term reges (kings) is used widely it is used of Prankish chiefs for instance in the Panegyric of Constantine. In addition, the term 'king of kings' may have its origin in Babylon, but could also refer to the Late Empire Constantine created a kingdom in Asia for his nephew Hannibalianus, and at least one source states that he was given the title 'king of kings'.7 As for tyrants, we find this term used for would-be emperors who did not succeed in gaining full recognition in the Late Empire.8

The Doctrine Of Delineation In A Nutshell

Students of the Stellar Science will find the following Table very useful in delineating horoscopes for though the planets confer many more characteristics When the student has mastered the meaning of the positions and aspects of the various planets as given in the preceding chapters he may with the greatest of ease give a good delineation of the effect of each aspect by combining the keywords in this Table and elaborating upon them. For instance, if reading a horoscope where the Sun is trine Saturn, put down the description given in the Table as follows In a similar manner students may combine the key-words of all the other planets and aspects from this Table and elaborate on them as they can. This will enable them to give a good reading of any horoscope with a little practice. For further practical demonstration of this method students are advised to study the children's horoscopes in Rays from the Rose Cross, where the writer makes use of it every month. These horoscopes are a mine...

Locating The Exact Moments The Planets Became Active

The position of the sun in the horoscope is 2 '30' g. The Ephenveris shows this position occurred on May 16th, 1792, on which day the sun was at Noon, London, at 26.12'30 a. The sun moved on this day 57'54 . The difference between the Noon position of May 19th, 1792, and the actual position in the horoscope, is therefore 4 min. 5 position in horoscope 18*45'nj . This means 3 was at the spot indicated in the horoscope on May 17th, 1792, at 3 26 P.M., London, which brings it to 10 30 A.M., in New York on that day, but this phase does not interest us for our purpose. In as much as it is -easier to figure for our purpose in the progressed horoscope when we start the year with January 1st, we have to change the progressed values back to January 1st 137 days, and 13S days if it should be a leap year.

Mind And The Ruling Planet

Thus it is not sufficient to determine the quality of the mentality we must also ascertain what is the channel of its expression. To judge that or any other matter thoroughly really involves consideration of the horoscope as a whole, separately and apart from its bearing upon all other matters. But in a general way the character and disposition may be learned fro the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Ascendant and the ruling planets. It has become the custom of many astrologers to take the lord of the rising sign as the ruler of the horoscope. That is correct in Medical Astrology because the Ascendant represents the body, but when we want to judge the character which is the combination of all the forces focused through the horoscopical wheel of life the matter is different. Then we must find what planet has the most dominant influence in the life and that is then the life ruler regardless of whether or not it is the ruler of the Ascendant. To find that planet look...

Death Varieties Of Violence

Violent death was against nature it occurred before term. Part of the fascination with it was perhaps because it appeared to challenge notions of a fixed fate. Critics of astrology cited cases of mass deaths, such as by war or shipwreck, as evidence against astrologers' ability to predict surely all those who died in the same way did not share the same horoscope. Possibly, astrologers' careful explanations were designed to counter any such crude version of astrology. But another cause of the focus on violent death was doubtless its sensational interest. Here was perhaps the ancient equivalent of tabloid journalism, in its concentration on the bizarre and dramatic.

Venus As Ruling Planet

When the slovenly, slothful and lazy afflicted Venus is ruler of the horoscope the persons are sensual and profligate, untidy and slatternly, of depraved, perverted tastes and utterly disreputable in their conduct they are social parasites. They use loud and obscene language and are fond of music of a clanging, jarring nature. They love revelry and debauch, their affection expresses itself in coarse lusts, unbridled passion, free love and moral perversion. They revel in spangles and tinsel, loud, clashing colors and cheap imitations of beauty and worth.

The Solilunar Combinations Extended

It has been before pointed out (pp. 7, 72) that there are three points of chief significance in any horoscope, viz., the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, their relative importance being indicated by comparing them to pounds, shillings and pence respectively. For the reasons just stated, only the soli-lunar combinations (corresponding to the ' pounds' and' shillings' in the above simile) have been given in the body of this work, but students who are sufficiently interested may elaborate the idea according to their f Uniform with this volume part i., dealing with the Horoscope, 7 6 part U, giving in great detail the characteristics of the Planets, jl6.

Final Remarks About Grain Trading

We should have a horoscope not only for Wheat, but for Rye, Oats, and Corn as well. You might find one if you think along the lines as I did with Wheat and go through the experimental stage with grcar patience. Each of the commodities moves its own way, though their general trend be similar for lone periods. However, Wtieac can be stronger or weaker and its moves bigger for a while compared to rye or corn and visa versa. There arc methods to find die differences. But these ice produced with astrological Saws somewhat different from those laid down here and we have to pass them up. Suffice to say thac grains as a whole can be traded with the aid of the Wheat Horoscope and good results obtained.

Data On Other Works Of Bayer

In 1932 my first definite findings of hidden cycles were published in Time Factors, of which the first book was sold on. June 20, 1932, tight at the Bottom of the Bear Market 1929 to 1932. 1935 saw the original work of the Five-fold Horoscope, but not a word was then said about necessary corrections that had to be made on the Stock Horoscope, neither* was there anything said about the Wheat Horoscope.

Progressed Lunar Directions

The Moon travels through the Zodiac at an average rate of between twelve and thirteen degrees a day, and as the day in the art of progression is 9aken as a time measure equivalent to a year, we may say that the Moon by progression from birth to death travels at the rate of between twelve and thirteen degrees a year, or about one degree per month. Thus in the course of about twenty- eight years she circles the whole horoscope and forms all the aspects that can be formed to all the planets in the radical figure, and she may thus travel two or three times around the horoscope in the life of the average man or woman. It is her passage around the horoscope that makes the life fruitful of events for the aspects of the planets themselves which indicate the year when a certain influence is ready to be reaped as ripe destiny and produce events in the life, do not of themselves cause either

Orbs Planetary Interactions

The aspects, of course, do not consist solely of mathematical angles. The planets and signs involved in an aspect describe the energies that are interacting within a person. Planets involved in close aspects represent dimensions of experience that are rarely expressed or felt in isolation. They always affect each other, no matter which specific major aspect they are making in the natal chart. In many respects, the type of aspect between two or more planets is less significant in interpretation than is the fact that those two specific energies are constantly interacting. The evaluation of any specific aspect in a birth chart also has to take into consideration not only the intrinsic nature of the planets involved, but also whether each planet is in a congenial sign that is, a sign through which it can freely express its essential nature. If the sign position of a planet alone represents a built-in conflict, even a harmonious aspect might manifest less harmoniously. Whereas, if the sign...

Aspects Of Uranus To The Other Planets

Venus conjunction or parallel to Uranus. As in the case of Mars conjunction to Venus, so also in the case of Uranus conjunction to Venus, there is a doubt as to whether this aspect should be classed as good or evil. This must be settled in the individual horoscope where it occurs, for it may work either way, depending upon the other planetary configurations and the student will therefore have to use his judgment as to how he classes it. If Venus is otherwise afflicted in the horoscope, for instance, the conjunction or parallel will further accentuate her evil qualities and act like the square or opposition, but if she is well placed or aspected, Uranus will bring out the nobler side, the same as the sextile or trine. The Moon square or opposition to Uranus makes the person erratic and touchy to a degree, walking powder magazine ready to explode at any moment, overbearing, conceited and intolerant, shunned by all who can possibly get out of his way. If such people are employers nobody...

Pluto In The Twelfth House

Sacred Contract Chart

Here's one more chart for you, the horoscope of Muhammad Ali, so you can practice all you've learned so far. While you delineate Ali's chart review all the lessons once more. Figure 12 The Natal Horoscope of Muhammad Ali Born January 17,1942 at 6 35 p.m. Central Standard Time in Louisville, Kentucky. Longitude 38 N 15', latitude 85 W 45'. Figure 12 The Natal Horoscope of Muhammad Ali Born January 17,1942 at 6 35 p.m. Central Standard Time in Louisville, Kentucky. Longitude 38 N 15', latitude 85 W 45'.

The Ruler of the Ascendant

The planet that is associated with the Rising Sign is so important that it has been known traditionally as the Ruler of the Chart * or the birth chart's Ruling Planet. By its sign and house position, it invariably colors the individual's entire approach to life. Once you have tuned in on and accepted the field of experience and the type of energy represented by the ruling planet and its house and sign, you begin to feel more alive, more motivated to express yourself, and more inwardly secure and true to yourself.

Astrological Literature Under The Christian Empire

Characteristics from each planet on its way down through the spheres to join the body. He also gives the thema mundi, the birth chart of the world, and cites Plotinus as saying that the stars are signs rather than causes. We do know from Sidonius Apollinaris of textbooks' being used in Gaul at this period, but nothing remains. The evidence of Isidore of Seville, writing at the beginning of the seventh century, suggests that astrology has little contemporary meaning in the West. Dorotheus for his third book, on horary astrology. Indeed, he was clearly more of a compiler than a creative astrologer. The work contains only one horoscope which is contemporary, but it does preserve the horoscopes of the emperor Hadrian and two others related to it from the second-century Antigonus of Nicaea. His own horoscope is calculated for Clima 3, of Lower Egypt, using tables which agree with Theon's. It was also in the sixth century that the writer identified as 'Rhetorius the Egyptian' put together a...

Introduction Astronomy And Astrology

Celestial Sphere

Each day the Sun is seen to rise in the East at dawn, and to move upwards until it is directly overhead at noon, and then downwards until it sets in the West (Figure 6). It can be deduced that it continues to describe this circle during the night on the other side of the Earth. The planets too are moving in an East-West direction, and so is the whole sphere in which the stars are fixed. During the night, a new zodiac sign can be seen to rise in the East about once every two hours. However, the starry sphere moves round slightly faster than the Sun, achieving a full revolution in about 23 hours and 56 minutes. This is why given constellations will not always be visible in the night-time, but for part of the year are only above the horizon in day-time. To go back to our initial observation of the night-sky over a year, it is the stars' greater speed which means that the Sun gradually falls behind the point in the zodiac from which it started. So the Sun can be seen to move very slowly...

The Four Elements The Twelve Signs

The four elements of astrological tradition refer to the vital forces (or energies) that make up the entire creation that is commonly perceived by human beings. The four elements in a birth chart reveal the ability to participate in certain realms of being and to tune in to specific fields of life experience. These elements have nothing to do with the elements of chemistry and in fact transcend them completely. The astrological birth chart is drawn for the moment of first breath, that instant when we immediately establish our lifelong attunement with cosmic energy sources. The birth chart therefore reveals your energy pattern or cosmic attunement to the four elements. In other words, the chart symbolizes the pattern of the various vibratory manifestations that comprise the individual's expression in this plane of creation. *See Chapters 11, 12, and 14 of Astrology, Psychology Sr the Four Elements for a comprehensive discussion of how to understand and measure which elements are...

Jupiter In The Twelve Houses

It also gives a sociable disposition and fondness for pleasure. In a man's horoscope it signifies that the marriage will be fruitful and that his children will be a credit and a help to him, but before judgment is rendered in this respect the wife's horoscope should also be examined to see whether it concurs, for if not then the judgment must be modified. When Jupiter is afflicted in the Eleventh House either the person meets friends who are good and sincere in their desire to help him but lack the ability or less the friends whom he attracts come to him to be benefited. In either case he will not be helped much by friends but must depend upon his own resources to attain his desires.

The Influence Of The Twelve Signs When Rising

The Sun rising in Cancer brings out and accentuates all the good qualities mentioned above, giving more ambition and pride it also increases the vitality, and is a particular boon in that respect to people with Cancer rising on account of their very low life force. Cancer, with its rule the Moon, governs the stomach and hence alimentation Leo and its ruler, the Sun, have charge of the heart and circulation. If these signs and planets are well placed in the horoscope, they counteract most other afflictions and a long lease of life is assured, but if they are afflicted, much sickness results unless intelligent care is applied to modify the omen.

Venus In Aspect With Other Planets

The Moon conjunction, parallel, sextile or trine to Venus. The Moon is significator of marriage for a man and therefore the good aspects between Venus, the planet of love, and the Moon are good indications of a happy marriage when they occur in a man's horoscope. But in a woman's horoscope these aspects operate upon the health, for the Moon is the planet of fecundity and has rule over the female functions in particular which are so large a factor in the health of a woman this latter is much strengthened by the good aspects of the Moon and Venus. These aspects make the person an orator with a fruitful imagination give love of pleasure, music and art, and an engaging personality, very attractive to the opposite sex, because kindly, affectionate and sympathetic. They tend to general success in life and the person usually has sufficient for the day and the way. dissolute habits which will destroy domestic happiness. In a woman's horoscope it indicates disturbance of the female functions...

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