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This series of eBooks teaches you everything about the way that a man's mind works, and how to spark attraction with him that will lead to more than just hot sex; you will unlock a way that shows him that he wants to have a married relationship with you. Once you learn the secrets in this book, your man will be falling all over himself to have a life with your forever. All it takes are a few key pushes in the right direction, and your man will want nothing but to marry you and settle down into a happy, bliss-filled life. You will get bonus packages such as the training CDs to give you further training, an interview with Carlos Cavallo to teach you more about your relationship, and 99 Dirty Talk Scripts that make him want to have a future with you, and only you, as long as you both shall live. Continue reading...

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Monogamy and Nonmonogamy

The Virgo Woman tends to stay faithfully married, though hers is a mutable sign, and she often marries more than once (serial monogamy). She is capable of being fulfilled by a monogamous lifestyle, but because the world is offering her more options, and because the times seem to require a growing awareness, she has begun to question her lifestyle more than ever before. And because she has a compulsively inquisitive nature, she is apt to investigate thoroughly. Monogamy is a lifestyle of sexual exclusivity with one's mate by the strict definition, it includes emotional exclusivity as well. The Virgo Woman is totally in favor of monogamy, both in principle and in practice. If she discontinues the practice, it is often against her better judgment and deeply conservative values. Nonmonogamy is apt to create tremendous emotional tensions that she must learn to master and resolve creatively. The following represent typical situations which could influence the Virgo Woman to become...

Cancer The Sign Of Dizzy Heights And Profound Depths

Troubles of such persons often come from their marriage. Ordinarily, they do not derive common marital felicity. Not sexual incompetence but psychological complexities come in the way. Mentally the Cancer ascendants are dynamic despite their seeming tranquillity on the surface. But they are unable to stick to 3 point. For this reason they often feel miserable in monogamous marital relations. Fidelity is not necessarily al stake but deep rooted dissatisfaction with common routine

Sexually Broadminded Erotically Inhibited

One of her most attractive traits is her nonjudgmental friendliness. She is capable of coexisting with people whose belief systems are vastly different from hers, and though she is a natural teacher and an often autocratic lecturer, she is not apt to try to convert everyone around her. If her best friend is having a different man every night while she herself is monogamous, the difference in sexual values and behavior will not affect the friendship. The Aquarius Woman is able to give people a lot of space, and she expects similar treatment.

Inquisitive Experimental Unbiased

She tends to be ideologically experimental. She may believe in astrological birth control, UFOs, nudity in families, life after death. But her conservative, approval-sensitive instincts restrain her in practice. She may believe, for example, that divorce laws must be made fairer to men that monogamy is pass and that alternative lifestyles are necessary that new technology can produce miraculous medical cures. However, she will probably fight to have the law on her side if she herself gets divorced have serious misgivings if she strays or decides to try a far-out lifestyle and refuse to be a guinea pig for any medical miracle or breakthrough drug.

Aries Lifestyles

Monogamy and Nonmonogamy Monogamy is defined as sexual and emotional exclusivity. Stricdy speaking, this makes most Americans, married or not, nonmonogamous, for few people today are emotionally monogamous. But here I will use monogamy in the loose sense, meaning only sexual exclusivity.

Cancer Lifestyles

Monogamy and Nonmonogamy The Cancer Woman is apt to be highly family-oriented, to want and need family love in her life. At the same time, she is able to use sex simply as a source of pleasure, and she leads an alternative or secret life more often than appearances might suggest. She has some hedonistic tendencies, and they conflict with, but are not always checked by, her self-image as a good mother and wife. Still, the Cancer Woman is apt to be inherently loyal above all to her brood. She may not be sexually faithful to her husband, but if there is such a thing as monogamy with a family (nothing is more important to her), then we can say she is almost always monogamous. She is apt to wish to remain monogamous all her life, for monogamy appeals to her value system. She was probably raised traditionally and has come to regard monogamous marriage as the way of life. But the maturing Cancer Woman often discovers sexual urges she never dreamed of, a lush sensuality and a need for...

Capricorn Lifestyles

In her early years, usually through her twenties and perhaps even into the thirties, she is bound to experience multiple love affairs she may then experiment with varied lifestyles, or she may be married and monogamous. Her life is apt to break into definite cycles during which her entire sexual behavior changes. 1. Early adulthood, from twenty to twenty-eight, but sometimes as late as twenty-five to thirty-two. She is apt to be immature and insecure. She may either withdraw into a totally monogamous relationship that makes her feel safe or go to the other extreme and spend years running experiments to broaden her skills and horizons. If she marries young and is of the old school, she is most likely to stay monogamous all her life. I have, however, seen an increasing number of Capricorn types who break out of a stagnant marriage in their fifties and start to live again.

Early Adulthood

The Pisces Woman tends to marry young and to marry several times. She needs much emotional assurance, but since she seldom asks for it she seldom receives it. Instead of confronting this problem, she buzzes like a bee from one source of honey to the next. She is a good candidate for serial monogamy a la Liz Taylor. She makes an ideal mate as long as a man protects her appreciatively and as long as she thinks he is her best source of honey.

Virgo Lifestyles

There are women who are content with monogamous marriage and never seriously consider taking a lover. There are women who fantasize about an affair but don't wish to bring the fantasy to fruition. Some women are so bound by their upbringing and the need to conform to societal sanctions that they do not admit, even to themselves, that they are bored, frustrated, and unfulfilled by unswerving, full-time physical and emotional exclusivity with their mates. Some women may cheat on their husbands and feel guilty others may commit adultery and live happily. Many women practice serial monogamy. A few have an open marriage for some months or years, freely pursuing sexual and nonsexual friendships, supposedly without guilt or fear of disease.

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