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The horoscope of one-self is most important, since it affords a checking medium, as none other. The slightest ill-feelings can be traced therein. Sometimes a person may not feel quite up to date one day, though n.ot sufficiently unwell to mention the fact even to wife or parents. But, the horoscope will usually show such a temporary weak condition. It will indicate at the same time that the weakness will flow off in a few days and all will be well once more. Horoscopes of family members are next in importance. They should be worked up and followed conscientiously., checking how they compare, how the aspects therein operate. Notes should be joined to each aspect, defining its effect as soon as something definite happened. Later on I shall show on hand of a Table how to arrange a daily horoscopicil calendar for a person, allowing sufficient space to make notations for each aspect. After three or four years have rolled by, you will have gacheced enough material for interpretation of aspects of any sort and description, as they act on your own person which no text could supply.

Those born at midnight or noon will auiomancally clasp their hands with the fingers interlocked. Their involuntary acrion is to sit â– with their fingers dovetailed.

With individuals we mn into great difficulties right from the start. Practically nobody keeps records of events when important things happen to them. Men even have to ask their wives when, they got married. How can an astrologer do any checking, to see ff the birth date and birth time can be adjusted? There are exceptions; like with everything else. There are people, who keep exact records of events, people who know their birth moment to the minute. It is a pleasure to work out horoscopes for them.

Tbe first thing for any student of astrology to learn is to recognize that everything in the Universe is constantly moving, nothing stands still, execpt it be but for a moment* Planets occasionally seem to stand still, when they go from- a forward morion into a backward or retrograde motion or from retrograde into, direct motion. From moment to moment the situation in the Universe changes and therefore, we are influenced ourselves differently from one moment to the next. One influence may cause us to be hungry, another to be thirsty, another may make vis sleepy, another makes as laugh, scratch our back, feel dirty so that wef want to wash ourselves, etc. That way, the days roll by, small events are intermingled. with bigger events. When we take a trip from New York to California, we are subject to a lot of small influences during such a trip as being hungry, thirsty, happy, sad, itchy, etc. The major travel aspect which is active in us does not exclude- the small aspects to work at the same time, too. In case a major influence of Mars becomes active, it would mean a major excitement (good or bad, depending upon its nature) at the same time minor influences remain active just the same.

In a little different way we may explain for a moment planetary influences, that prevail upon us, when we merely look ourselves over and watch closely our doing for one single day. Let's call for a moment the various parts of our body "individual planets," that influence us or operate in us. Sometimes we use our legs, ac other times they are in our way. Sometimes we need our hearing, at an other time we wish we would not hear certain words. The faculties, hiring, seeing, smelling, tasting etc arc not always used at one and the same time, although. constantly present with us. We may be so intent listening to a story that we don't notice Che cigar which fell off the ash tray and burns a hole into the table doth. At soma other time, we may be "walking" after a smell, stumble over something and fall, because our smelling apparatus is momentarily so excited and orershidows every other sense, that we just forget to look. More often senses or actions are dormint, until crudely awakened by an important accident that comes forth.

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