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The horoscope of one-self is most important, since it affords a checking medium, as none other. The slightest ill-feelings can be traced therein. Sometimes a person may not feel quite up to date one day, though not sufficiently unwell to mention the fact even to wife or parents. But, the horoscope will usually show such a temporary weak condition. It will indicate at the same time that the weakness will flow off in a few days and all will be well once more. Horoscopes of family members are next in importance. They should be worked up and followed conscientiously., checking how they compare, how the aspects therein operate. Notes should be joined to each aspect, defining its effect as soon as something definite happened. Later on I shall show on hand of a Table how to arrange a daily horoscopica! calendar for a person, allowing sufficient space to make nocations for each aspect. After three or four years have rolled by, you will have gathered enough material foe interpretation of aspects of any sort and description, as they act on your own person which no text could supply.

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