Which Trends Can Be Forecast With The Stock Market Horoscope

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The Stock Market Horoscope of 1792 does not forecast the trend of each indrvidml stock. We take the bulk of stocks, selecting a group that is frequently traded znd make some sort of arithmetical price average which you. may call your ova average. Other averages ace: The Dow Jones Averages, the Tribune Average, the Times Avenges (the last two are used by New York newspapers), each oas selecting their own group of stocks to make a Mean. When such 1 daily Mean price for active stocks Is plotted on a graph, we find that this price line moves up and down, seemingly quite nonsensically, apparendy influenced by good or bad news reports, floods, strikes, politics, when, if and in what manner they happen. In such case out Horoscope will tell truth. The Dow Jones Averages are found in most papers throughout the country together with the Stock Tables of each day in which ate reported the stocks traded on the exchange, their high and low price of the day and the quantities sold.

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