Two Major Religions

Now, since we can distinguish only two majot religions, the Jewish and the Christian it is a question to put them into one system on our piano, figuratively to make the illustration easier. This'we do by calling one music played on the piano the sharp and the other the flat; one expects, the other has already—their Messiah. Therefore, the basis, the piano is the same, only the modulation is different.

Going into the question "what is religion," we can say that both, the Jewish as well is the Christian religion have end thing in common: they believe. Believing means to take something for granted without knowing the cause or, the truth. It is said of the ancient Egyptians that they took the San as their God, calling him the guide through life, the creator of life and, when we look into textbooks on botany or into medical books, we can have no "doubt" that much, if not all al life of piants is due to the action of rhe Sue. Plants that get no sunlight,* such as sprouting your cellar do not produce chlorophyll, matter that gives the plant their green color. Physicians suggest for certain cures "sun" baths; they try to imitate the effect of the Sun rays with strong lamps.

Of course, the Bible tells us that God is a ghost, invisible, everywhere, i.e. Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Ocnniscent. This we hive to believe, 1 do know just that, roo, but 1 always asked myself: is there not something that is visible in any other form like was Jesus, his son, two thousands years ago?

*So;ry, I don't mean the Sun which you and others mean!

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