Tke Wkeat Horoscope of 1587

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Gras, Evolution of the British Corn Market, located in the N. Y. library. Index number TLH, says on page 236:

The Book of Orders wis issued on January 2nd, 15S7. This book gives all rules and regulations how trading in wheat was to be performed at that time. On this date we erect our Horoscope.

Since we are related to England as a former British Colony, these laws, no doubt, applied also to us and therefore, our grain markets, if any had been available in those times here, would have been subject to these laws. This was my original drift of thought. It turned out to be right.

EPHEMERJS OF 1587 The Ephemeris for the year 1587 could only be had in Latin, made for Veoice, Italy. Title found in N.Y. Library in reserve room where rare books are kept. The name is: Magini, Joh. Antonio, Almanacs, Italy 1531-1600, Venetijs, 1581. See page 104.

The late November and all of December 1587 Ephemeris are found in this book, also the one for January 15S7. All of January 15S8 of Gregorian Calendar is contained in the Aimi Veteris December 1587 month. We have to use "Atini Veceris", old years, since the Gregorian Calendar was then .only used by Catholic countries, while England adopted it only in 1752. Do not get these dates mixed! 1944 corresponds to December 24th 1587, December 23rd equals 1943, always for January 2nd of the year.

DETAILS ABOUT THE WHEAT HOROSCOPE Tables were made for Venice Noon which is 49' East of Greenwich. Therefore, the Ascendant 17"24'/", which we use here, must be of London, where the book originated. At Midnight, London, the Sid. Time for any January 2nd is between 6h42m and 6h44ra. Our Sid. Time used is 13hl4m to which belongs Asc. 17"24' ^. This necessarily gives the Birth Time as of 5h31m A.M. London. To this Time belongs <5h20m A.M. Venice (49m apart). This 6h20m time we have to use in the Ephemeris for Wheat. This time is 3h40m before. Noon of the Day. The Ephemerides are figured for Noon for Venice, Italy, and used for Venice. In short, it is !/, of the day before Noon, Venice.

In otder to arrive at such an Ascendant, many different horoscopes had to be made and tested on hand of current Wheat Charrs to make events hit the aspects of the Horoscope. I don't want to tell you how long it took, but my notes tell of it.

The Horoscope has been completely worked one on page 154. Only the rotation of Aspecc positions you. have io make yourself, taking the values out of the Horoscope one after the other, put them in rotation with all details attached to each value, such' as sign, R, M, MM, RM, net or + 15*. The Progressed Horoscope is made for January 2, 1944. Make the calendar for the Progressed Moon. Enter the Aspects after it is completed and make the forecast of what is to be expected for 1944.

The slow moving planets which had not been discovered back in 1587 were figured this way:

takes 84.015 years to make one round through the Zodiac; start with 15S7, January 2nd:

+84.015=1671, .015; continue adding this value gives: 1755, .030, 1339, .045, 1923, .060. Therefore ijt is ac the same place as on January 2nd, 1537, when we add to Jajauary 2nd, 1923, -060 year which is expressed in days 21.90 days or 22 days. "Therefore, ¥ is cm January 24, 1923, ai the same place where it was on January 2nd, 1857. (1/100 of a year is 3.65 days!) : iff 11*21'^.

V : 1587 + 164.788 years gives 1751, .788, and again gives 1916, .576. This .576 equals 210.4 days which, If added to January 2nd gives July 30, 1916. was'then at 2'37'fl dircct.

Q 1587 + 247.696 years equals LS 34.696 years, thus in 1834. .696 equals 254 days or Sept. 12th. Since I have no available foe 1834, we have to go up to 1840 for which year I have a Table. From Sept. 12th, 1834, to Sept. 12th, 1840, ^ moved 6*41' and the table shows that was on that day 19*27'T". Taking off these 6*4' again, (this was just done to obtain a value), we get ^ on January 2, 1588 at 13*23' V (which value was also on Sept. 12, 1834.

The Progressed Positions were, obtained as follows:

Dec. 24, 1587, is equal to Jan. 2, 1944, at 5h40m before Noon, Venice. This is 9 days less than one exact year (not a Leap Year).

Therefore, Jan. 24th, 1923 becomes Jan. 14, 1924 and is by progressed position at 14*46'H- July 21, 1917, takes the place of July 30, 1916, for sp and ip is on that day at 4'22'si. For we say: Sept. 3, 1841, takes the place of Sept. 12, 1840, -which shows 29*33'T- Deduct 6*4' as was done before, gives us 14*29'T for Progressed. Do it this way for each progressed year: Dec. 25, Dec. 26, etc., 1857.

For later ty progressed positions note, that my Tables for 1B40 show: Sept. 10, 1840 19*27"T 3 Oct. 10, 1840 18'55'TIJ which gives yoti 28 years of progression for Wheat.

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