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STEP No. 9

We now can go over and begin the construction of a new but very important horoscope, which we shall call the Mundane Horoscope, The principle' upon which it is erected is as follows:

There seems to be some relation between the Horoscope made fot the Moment of Birth with an Ascendant which may carry any degree and minute of the Zodiac, compared co the one which begins with 0* T 2C the Ascendant. However, the way astrologers make their Aries horoscopes is not the satisfactory solution as will be presently shown.

It took me a long time to think up a possible proportion between an Aries Horoscope and an Ascendant Horoscope. However, when we consider that Planets' Positions should be effective in the same proportion as their effect is in a Natural Aries Horoscope, you can understand that my idea was right. Of course, we cannot begin with an Aries Horoscope and work that one over into an Ascendant Horoscope, but we have to go the other way: from our Ascendant Horoscope back into the Aries Horoscope, If we do this, we get our Mundane Horoscope.

We have made our Three-Divisions of the Houses already and in Fig. 20 I give for each House its Third-Division (outside I have written the size of the whole House) which we call an Artificial Decan. We also have to remember and use separately the Natural Decans which are always 10" in any House.

In this Horoscope

Each Artificial Decan 1st House has a length 2nd House has a length 3rd House has a length 4th House has a length 5th House has a length 6th House has a length 7th House has a length 8th House has a length i?th House has a length 10th House has a length 11th House has a length I2th House has a length of the of 6*25'

of 13"20'

Each Natural Decan of the 1st House has a length of 10" 2nd House has a length of 10* 3rd House has s. length of 10* -4th House has a length of 10* 3th House has a length of 10" 6ch House has a length of 10" 7th House has a length of 10" 3th House has a length of 10* <>ch House has a length of 10" 10th House has a length of 10* 11th House has a length of 10" 12th House has a length of 10*

Note; The size of Artificial Decans varies with every horoscope!

Note: Sue of Natural Decans is at all times 10'Q' in lengch in any Horoscope!

Before going further, we cast a glance at our Fig. 14 which! represents an Aries Horoscope. This type of Horoscope we cannot use since we have to work it into the .Ascendant Horoscope. When we have done it we have made our Mundane Horoscope which is really the same as an Aries Horoscope. The only difference between an average astrologer's Aries Horoscope and our own Aties Horoscope is: ours works and gives results. (See page 49) .

In an Aries Horoscope the

1st House always belongs to Aries f 2nd Taurus «

3rd Gemini H

4th Cancer £3

5th Leo it

6th Virgo Tig

7th house always belongs to Libra <es Sth Scorpio l7t

9th Sagittarius J1

10th Gapcicorn V2?

lLth Aquarius

12th Pisces yi

When we now try to place our radix planets into Mundane Positions, we must first of all realize into which house they belong. We check Fig. 14 and 15. f) in the Ascendant Horoscope of Fig. 15 is in the 5th House, while in rhc Arie4 Horoscope of Fig. 14 it is in the 8th House. The only question thac remains open is; where, in this Sth House exactly is the ® located?

We have to proportion the place into the right Artificial Decan and do so by measuring from the proper house Decan Cusp.

When we have the Moon by radix position at 25"2' IT^ we may say it is 2 Natural Decans + 5*2' from the beginning of m. (0*rT(_), the Sth house. But, our Ascendant Horoscope does not begin with 0* tt\ ; it begins with This actual 8th House is 22*0' long and not like in a regular Aries Horoscope 30*0' and its Third Division is therefore 7*20' and not 10*0'!

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