Tke Progressed Horoscope

STEP No. 7

When something is started in a certain year, you have no Progressed Chart for that very first year, but only after one year has elapsed can you begin to make a Progressed Chart. It is always made for the return of the birth date. Thus, our Progressed Chan for the native of March 17, 1941, can only be made for 1942, 43, 44, etc., and for the date of March 17, 1942, 43, 44, etc., for the same hour and minute as the original one was raade. We rake for the construction of the Progressed Chart for our native during 1942 the second day of his life, or Match 18, 1941. For 1943 we would have to take his 3rd day of life, i.e. March 19, 1941. For 1944 we have to figure the planetary positions as of March 20, 1941. From any birth simply count forward how many days have passed, giving each day the value of one year. A man, 45 years old, would count 45 calendar days from his birth date. The day found requires to begin with, the same time as was used when the birth occurred.

The planets' places of March 18th and March 19th, 1941, are given in the Ephemeris as follows:

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