Tke Production of Tables for Practical Work

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We now have erected the complete horoscope in its 5 tings. When all planets have been entered, togechex with the degrees and signs, we have to undertake a sort o£ systematic arrangement of their positions so that we can size tip individual situations.

The first step is to write out all the positions of the planets found in Radix position. The next table should show all positions of the Mundane planets, followed by a Table for the Radix Mirrored positions, then a table for the Mundane Mirrored positions and finally a last table to produce all the progressed planets places. See Table on page 94.

On the same sheet we reproduce these positions in rotation as to degrees, so that the lower degrees of the planets' places come first, continuing wich the gradually higher ones, until the highest degrees of the planets arrf reached which completes the new arrangement.

Thereafter we combine the four tables, excepting the progressed table, using only those planets which are in radix, mundane, radix-mitrored and mundane mirrored positions. These we try to place immediately in degree' rotation because our final purpose for making these tables is to find the aspects which ^ casts toward the other planets as it rotates through the Zodiac.

Because we have to locate aspects of 15* and 30* or multiples of these values, our table spoken, of above, when completed gives us only rhe 30* values or multiples thereof. In order to have also the 15" values, we make another table (a temporary table) on which we mark all planets' places but deduct or add, as the case may be, 15" each time.

For example, assuming we have a planer at 5"23' in some sign it would be written into the temporary table as 20*2 3'+, with a plus sign attached, denoting that 15"had been added for convenience sake Co help us loeate aspects easier from the table. Another case would show the other side: assuming we have a planet at 25*9' of some sign, it would be marked in rhe temporary table as 10*9'+ which means that the planet marked next to this value and sign is actually 15* further. This way we never leave the sign.

Step No, 7; Assuming now that we found an aspect in our first trial. Let us assume thai at lS'23'Y3 we see i in radix position (as of London). In this case we have to do with 3 5 R is the cause of the event. It is now child's play to figure the exact Ascendant and all the rest of the paraphernalia we require to erect a correct horoscope. The procedure is as follows and please do not attempt any "short cuts":

Step No. 8: Question: When the Moon's motion of the day is 131' and the Noon position at place of birth is 19*245;. at which time is the Moon at 16 '23' 25?

Solution: Morion to be gone backward is: 19*24' less 16*23' or 3*1'. Thus: log. of 3*1' — log. of 13*31' equals the time between Noon backward to the time of event.

log. 3*01' 9031 In this case we do not add, but deduct!

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