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This completes the Mundane Horoscope. Now we shall proceed to produce the Mirrored Charts, of which we have to make two. Both are made the same way, on the same principle. "We construct one Mirrored Horoscope out of the Radix Horoscope and another Mirrored Horoscope out of the Mundane. We will not make a Mirrored Chart of the Progressed Horoscope which, as tests revealed to me is not useful.

The principle used to erect mirrored horoscopes is the reflex; law, such as may be recognized when looking into a lake wherein we see an inverted picture. What is to your left appears to your right in the picture. We may also think of echoes. The sound comes back after a while. Many years ago J visited a Museum of Science. In one of the rooms I found a hollowed contraption on the wall similar to a reflector of a lamp on an automobile. At the opposite side of the room was a similar bowl on the wall. In one of these bowls hung a watch which was ticking. People had to go to the empty bowl whose distance was about 25 feet from the other and, when listening attentively, one could hear the ticking of the watch placed in the other bowl, although the room was full of people, walking and talking, crossing the line between the bowl containing the watch and the listening bowl.

On these principles I made the reflexed horoscopes, which we shall call Mirrored Horoscopes.

The two bowls spoken of above must be thought for our purpose to represent the two halves of our horoscope or of the Zodiac in Heaven. Fig. 21 shows rwo bowls. The place where the watch is to hang we shall call the Ascendant of the Horoscope, the point where the listener stands we shait call the Descendant. Note carefully, how and where the sound reflects, that it is in a straight line and even though we can draw several lines, they are always parallel to each ocher and not crossing each other to reach the other side. The effect is not like that of a ray going through a big lense, but

Point A reflects in point A'; point B reflects on the other side in point B'. In Fig. 22 the reflexes are illustrated as they operate in the Zodiac. The left half of the horoscope reflects in the right half.

The sign of T reflects in TTJ The sign of reflects in X

The sign of tf reflects in ¿L The sign of TTL reflects in ~

The sign of X[ reflects in The sign of f reflects in V3

The sign of ££ reflect in n The sign of V3 reflects in

The sign of reflects in tf The sign of reflects in rq.

The sign of nj> reflects in <p The sign of X reflects in

However, while the signs reflect that way, the degrees and minutes reflect the opposite way, meaning that they reflect in the complements to 30". In other words, 3 degrees reflect in 27* of the other side's sign and 25*14' reflect in 4'46' of the other side's sign, whatever its name might be.


It is advisable for you to make a copy of this Tabic which you can lay next to your horoscope when reflecting positions. We now shall find the Radix Mirrored Positions of our Horoscope for March 17, 19*41.

Take the Radix Horoscope, copy all the positions including that of MC and of Asc. and produce the reflexes according to rule given.

Radix Places of -out Horoscope Radix mirrored positions.

These latter values represent the planets of our Radix- Mirrored Horoscope. They are entered into the third ring of the five-fold Horoscope, called the Radix-Mirrored Horoscope and marked on the Chart as RM (on Asc. line). * See speci»! note on pigc 9i.

TABLE OF REFLECTIONS See Fig, 21 and 22 and page 57

REFLECTIONS FOR SIGNS First Value reflects always in Second Value

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