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TEST HOROSCOPE OF MARCH 17, 1?41 STEP No. 1 ASSEMBLAGE OF DATA The Planets' Places for Noon London of March 17th and of March ISth, 1941, as taken from the Ephemeris are:

3/17 26 >f 30'; 22 TTI. 5'; 0^29'; 18 9"; 18 W 57'; 14 » 1/;

,3/18 27 X 30'; 6 jf IX 2'; 19x24'; 19V3 38'; '14 « 28';

3/17 11 y 43'; 23 Ö 4'; 26 m. 19' ^ ; 2 iL 10' ^ ; 2 at 11';

3/18 11 B 49'; 23 » 6'; 26 n\, 18' ^ ; 2 a 9'^; 2 8';

The Sidereal Time of March 17th, 1941, is given in the Ephenteris of Raphael as 23h38'41";

The Place of the Event was New York City, N. Y.;

The Time the Event occurred was at 12:01 P.M., Standard Time;

This equals 1 London Time of 4:56 P.M. or about 1/5 of a daily moctori past Noon.


Stderal Time 23h33m4ls (of March 17, 1941)

Adjustment A + Oh (from Table III, Increment of 4h5<5')

Adjustment B 4- Oh 48" (from Table IX-D, Reduction from

- Greenwich to Local Sid. Time)

Total 23h 4l' IS" is the Final Sidereal Time on which the House Cusps are to be erected, the values of which are taken from the Table of Houses for New York City, Latitude, 40*43' North of Equator.

The closest value shown in the Table of Houses for New York is 23h4l'35>". The immediate previous value shows 2jh37'53".

The difference between these two values amounts to 4ml9s=259s.

From the lowest Sid. Time value given in the Ephemeris we have a space of 3m20s (from 23h37m5Ss up to 23h41ml8s) equalling just 200s.

Now we have co examine [he Time differentials that belong to the Ascendant or 1st House Cusp, since we always begin with figuring the first House Cusp first. Next, we figure the Mid-Heaven exactly. After that we enter the remaining House Cusps, copied from the Table of Houses for the same Sid. Time.

To the Sid. Time value of 23h37\58" belongs an Ascendant of 14*22'^, and to the Sid. Time value of 23h41'39" belongs an Ascendant of 15'8'S;. The space differential between these two Ascendant Points is 46'.

We have to use now the proportions explained on Page 36 "How to adjust the Ascendant and the Mid Heaven", ihe latter with the aid of Table XI on page 51.

The Ascendant Calculation says:

As the difference in time of the Sid, Time given in the Ephemeris (which we express in seconds for easier working: i.e. 2 3h37'58" to 23h-41'39" or 221") is to the difference of the ascendant values (that belong to out example)

So is the distance between the lower value (23h37J53") to the final Sid. Time (23h38'4lJ') which distance amounts in this case to 43'.

The proportion in algebraic terms is:

To solve this equation we say:

Use the difference of ascendant values (46') multiplied by the difference of distance between the lower value and the actual Sid. Time (43') ■ The result obtained is to be divided by the difference of the Sid. Time as given in the Ephemeris (221"). The value obtained (9') must be added to the lowest value of the Sid. Time in the Ephemeris (14*22'55) which represents the cusp of the Ascendant for the Horoscope erected for that time.

In numbers we obtain: 4fo43-i-22l=lS»7e:221=9.

This value means 9 minutes.

The actual ascendant is therefore $)' fuither than the lower value of the ascendant found in the Ephemeris: 14*2 2'S + 9'

This is the corrected Ascendant. It must be entered into the prepared Horoscope Chart for the first House Cusp (ascendanr).


The next point co locate exactly is the Mid-Heaven or MC, which is called the 10th House Cusp. It is always given in the Table of Houses in full degrees only, which is unsatisfactory for our work. We have to rectify this value with the aid of our Mid-Heaven Table No. XI, page 31, as follows:

The nearest value for our required Sidereal Time of 23h38m4ls is 23h35m, while the next value above it is 2}h40'. The MC points belonging to these moments are: 23'12' * for 23h35* and 2Am 35'M for 23h40\

Therefore the MC point during the 5 minute motion in Sidereal Time makes a movement of l'2l' in the MC motion.

To obtain our exact value for 23h58'41" of Sid, Time we proceed aa follows: Our Sid. Time is 3'41" = 221" \mther thm our Table value of 23h35'.

Question: When the MC motion is 1*21' or SI' in 5 minutes (motion of Sid. Time), how much is this motion in 221" of Sid. Time? 5 min. equals 300 seconds. Then we sap:

300" Sid. Time brings an 81' MC motion.

221" Sid. Time brings x' motion foe MC.

Calculation: 81:300x221—81x221:300=17901:300=<SO.

Therefore 60' is the motion in MC. during which time the Sid. Time advances from 23h35" to 23h38'41". This value we add to the MC place given in the Table for 23h35'35" and we get as MC place for the Sid. Time of 23h38'4l": 24*12' This value we set into the Horoscope Chart as Cusp of the 10th House or at the MC.

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