The Stock Market Horoscope As Used By George Bayer For Many Years To Forecast Trends

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In Part 1 we learn how to construct a Five-Fold Horoscope. When you first began it appeared rather complicated and difficult. As you plodded through one ruie after the other, you gradually should have caught on to the method, especially, since I took great pains to clarify doubly and threefold spots which from my own experience were known to be hard to grasp. The rules of interpreting Aspects also have been explained which should bring forth the desired results. It is but a matter of getting experienced, the same as it was with me back in 1912, when coming into France, after having1 studied in school fot nine full years the French language, I could not say in French: ""I want a glass of beer". The reason was thac all the French taught us was purely academic and nothing practical whatever. It took about nine months thereafter, that matters ■went easy. This applies to you right here. It takes experience to size up angles, to measure in your mind their distance, not only from one to another, but all, within a minute, especially to she up the Progressed Moon immediately, to which planets it tonnes into aspects and the quality of those aspects. Mencally, tor ■quick measuring you must know that by Progression ® makes 1*0' to 1*10' each month. Remembering this, you often can say: (example) Next July that "Trine to Mars direct" is going to make matters lively, or next May, I don't like that "Square of Moon to that Mundane Saturn so well." Some outside event is going to give that fellow a kick.

You ought to read Gulliver's Travels now and see how he lets the Lilliputians play on his handkerchief! You ought to know by now, that the Lilliputians are ourselves, all of us. Gulliver, well, call hi/n the Progressed Moon so as to stay in line with out thoughts.

The stock horoscope caused me a lot of headaches. I shall briefly show the reason: When we make merely a horoscope for stocks as of May" 17, J7p2, we soon find it won't work. Many an astrologer must have used that date, cast a horoscope of it, probably only an Aries Horoscope, and, when ir did not work, he dropped it and went back to making horoscopes for people where it docs not matter whether things come out so close or not.

Since this horoscope just simply refused to work irrespective of the times used as beginning, ] concluded this: Many heads had to stick together to create that "Association of Brokers" to trade stocks. There must have been meetings to this effect, rhus it was possible that a day, or even two diys previous started the horoscope going. That way I happened to find Sun's place for the hot oscope.

It is of no use to tire you giving all the details of how I passed about two years of my life to get the right positions needed. The final result is what you want and you shall have it here:


Id the Stock Market Horoscope the planers individually began acting at the following times and dates, all of which ate between May l6th and May 19th,

Constant comparisons of Aspects with the actual Stock Market made me find these positions. But, as you will note in the Five-Fold Horoscope for Stocks of May 17th, 179>2, New York, 23"20'£t rising, corresponds ro a Sid. Time of 23h54m7s, which equals llh 15m A.M.

I have inserted four additional signs in the radix horoscope. They were carried out into the M, RM & MM horoscope also. I gave them special symbols; one, an anchor, another, a stick with a triangle on top; the third, a line, which has a fork on each side; and a fourth, which has a ball with a line and half Moon above. These places bring forth changes in the trend of Stocks, just as if planets would be there. The question is: Are these unknown planets or not? For our part we don't care, as long as they bring changes in the trend.

When figuring the recently discovered planet back to where it was supposed to have been, we know that its round through the Zodiac takes 247.696 years. One half of this motion should be 123.84B years. In that the decimal of .848 years equals 309 days. (refer to Table VI) we obtain, when adding the 123 848 years to May 17, 1792J the 22nd of March, 1916. At that time £ must have traveled 180*. This day shows a position of 1*16'the original position would, therefore, have been 1*16'2£.

Here is where we have to do » little "juggling" of figures: Since, my tests show no changes 0/ trends for 1*16', and in that our "DR ty Table" is only approximate, it seems to me that the value is hidden in some other value close ' ' --------j that ¡t ¡s hidden right in the MC

The Plutonian action of the Market fits as the King of Kings therein and we put § into the MC. We have no as you will see, neither any other "assistant" planers in the Wheat Horoscope, just the same we fare well.

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