The Speculm For Horoscope Of Wool Tops

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Another purpose to which these charts can be put is to check business events. For example, a grocer starts a store nearby. Use the time he opens his store the first lime for business and erect a hotoscope for that moment.

A trader in Stocks can use the day of listing of a stock as the moment of the beginning. By listing I do not mean the time when the Board of Governors of the Stock Exchange allows the stock to be traded at some later date, but the 10 A.M. time of the day when it is possible for the first time to trade that stock Do not take the moment of the first trade which mi^ht occur at 10:41 A.M. or at 12:12 P.M. of that specific day, but use the 10 A.M. moment. If some one wanted to trade, i.e. to buy or sell that stock, he could have done so- at 10 A.M. already. Watch, whether at the time such trades are begun, we have Daylight Savings Time or Standard Time or War Time. The World Almanac on page 165 gives full information.

Traders who trade commodities can use charts made for the moment a commodity was first traded. These charts work very fme, especially if they are worked out right without errors in the calculations.

Fot illustration's sake 1 shall bring and develop fully a horoscope together with all the side calculations that have to be made for a certain commodity in which trading began recently, ro be more ex-act on March 17th, 1941. The time obtained from the floor of the Exchange was at 12:01 Noon, the location of the Exchange is at New York City.

On hand of this example, you then can work up any horoscope you like, provided you have the proper ephemerides for it and provided you follow step by step the way this example shows and explains.

Of course, be it known, that we ace starting in at this time with the so-called radix horoscope. We cannot speak immediately about the four other horoscopes that have to be worked into this radix h-oroscope, but shall gradually lead towards them. When all is finished we have a combination of five single horoscopes which have to work hand in hand together; all are needed and not one can be dispensed with. If we fail to figure all the five, the building produced may be compared to a house with only two-or three walls standing.

The big trouble with astrologers is that they can only work one or at the most two horoscopes because they don't know anything bur a radix horoscope with transits or a radix with a progressed Moon. The average man n<Sver understands why events occur in his life which do not show jn such horoscopes. The anwer lies in what I said above. I never would have found out about it either, had it not been for my special interest in the movements of stocks and commodities, where so many ups and downs occur each month that, unless we can account for these ups and downs by actual planetary aspects we might as well give up astrology altogether. There are things in this world and especially in astrology which, when once known, being about such an upheaval of views formerly held and my work here which 1 fully explain, i.e. the use and application of the five-fold Horoscope should be one of then*. This five-fold idea has been worked up by me patiently over a number of years, after having looked into all sorts of sciences, especially physics, in order to find some clues to create more aspects than can be had by the use of a radix horoscope only.

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