The Signs Of The Zodiac

Under ordinary astrological rules we have to divide a horoscope or the circle of the Universe into 12 equal parts, which are called houses. Therefore we get 12 houses or stalls. Each of these stalls must be 30* long, since the size of each equals the next, in that 12X30* gives 360", 360' represents the contcncs of a circle. The ancients had given each of such houses a name, which we shall call the Signr of the Zodiac. These signs have a definite rotation which never varies. "We have to learn the signs by heart as well is their abbreviations, because we have to operate with them constantly. It is best to memorize them by numbers, since I will show later that, by doing so, you can constantly and quickly measure angles between ibe various signs which is of great advanca^e {See Fig. S, page 45).

The rotation and abbreviation of the signs in their correct sequence is:

H cmst

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