The Shifting Of The Letters

In order to fully understand the explanations which follow it is not only necessary that you acquire somewhere a German dictionary, even a used copy as well as a Greek-English dictionary aside of a good English dictionary such is Webster's Academic Dictionary which gives aside of rhe meaning of the words also its correct pronounciation. You will be pleasantly surprised to find chat many of the seldom used words you probably pronounce wrong.

The whole matter may appear trivial to -you, good enough for scholars bite not for the average man. But, remember that many things in life are incomprehensible just for this very way of thinking on the part of the average man. The avenues of life are trodden by millions of people like herds of sheep grazing, over a hill side. You want to be an exception to rhe rule and there/ore, you have to delve into matters which, on the surface ate of little import, interiorly, though, they produce and bring to daylight matters which forever are hidden to the masses. Four or five years of work, fifteen or rwency minutes each day, persisrently, in the direction shown in this work will perform wonders within you. You will gradually look at the world in a much different way; you will recognize the big theatre we are in, the pawns and clowns, how they jump at the planets' bidding, thinking of themselves as the doers, because they know no better and never will. Martial ill his Epigrams brings this situation so nicely into light. Thus make up your mind right now to follow, through, to patiently wade through the ideas, one after the other, as I represent' them for you. These ideas did not grow all on one tree. Myself, yourself, the stock market or the grain market are but little dirt spots on the big polished Table called Universe. But it is in you to see things with new eyes, else you never would have bought this work.

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The Self Assessment Test

The Self Assessment Test

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